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20 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Web Tools

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You may not be aware of it, but artificial intelligence web tools have been leaping forward in recent years. There’s a huge number of different tools out there that are able to automatically help you in a huge range of different ways. Whether you’re looking for a way to improve your markets, analyse data or create content, there’s a great option out there for you. We’re going to have a quick rundown of some of the most useful tools on offer at the moment, covering a wide range of industries including:


  • Content creation
  • Software development
  • Web development

1. Talla


Talla is an AI powered platform that has a huge amount of potential for many different people. The ideas behind it are backed by a new form of knowledge creation, and a different approach to organisation and sharing. It makes use of machine learning to bring to light relevant information within a certain context.

There Are Tons of Useful AI Tools Available

2. Octane AI


Octane AI is a building platform for chatbots which enable users to move content around, add to current content, and change customer service and discussions. It is also an efficient way to fill in forms, and to showcase a selection of merchandise. All in all, it’s the perfect AI app for use with a chatbot.

3. Inforobo

Inforobo is a one of a kind, offering an assistant platform with automated information, alongside AI response system, that works in Software as a Service (SaaS). This makes it the ideal all in one solution for live chat, website assistance, customer service, lead generation, sales, and natural language interface for knowledge-base.

4. Automated Insights


Automated Insights is an AI tool made by Wordsmith. It functions as a tool for natural language generation, meaning that it can turn a selection of data into narratives that are both useful and insightful. It has found a wide variety of applications and has been taken on by many different industries. Whether you’re creating large scale targeted content, or looking to enhance business intelligence dashboards, this has everything you need.

5. Tact AI


Tact AI is the ideal AI sales platform. It can turn a salesperson’s device, once connected, into the perfect artificially intelligent smart assistant. It’s a hand device-native system that has been taken on by a large number of businesses and found a wide variety of great uses, and promises to find more and more applications in the near future.

Site Design Is Being Changed in a Massive Way

6. CognitiveScale


Cognitive Scale is a way of putting together industry-specific products featuring augmented intelligence, which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Already they’ve shown great promise in a selection of different markets. For instance, digital commerce, healthcare and financial services have all found extensive use for CognitiveScale. These are all areas that depend on emulating and extending cognitive functions, and this tool is the perfect choice.

7. Nova Software


Nova Software is a Microsoft .NET expert, and aimed at small and medium enterprises. The company provides a wide range of different services, from web development to app development, and pretty much anything in between. So long as a solution is based around .NET, Nova are able to provide a great range of different options for delivering reliable solutions.

8. GetResponse


GetResponse is a great marketing platform that makes use of AI for the marketing automation module is uses. By doing this, it’s able to optimise the delivery. It already has over 350,000 customers around the world, and they make use of it for a wide variety of uses. CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages and webinars are all popular choices. It’s a great solution for a number of problems.

9. Trapica

Trapica is a handy AI-powered software that is able to autonomously locate the most valuable audience for you, and effectively target it. The software incorporates a wide variety of different features, including analytics, proprietary algorithms, and machine learning. It’s an ideal tool for targeting an audience in real-time, and for understanding consumers. It’s already the tool of choice for many marketing people.

AI Offers the Fastest Possible Analysis

10. Acrolinx


Arolinx is a unique AI platform that makes use of a linguistics analytics engine in order to analyse a broad spread of content and advise on how to improve it. The technology is already being adopted by a range of major brand and used in order to create top content. The engine is able to work alongside major content tools, offering real-time advice on a wide range of aspects.

11. Can I Rank

Can I Rank allows you to use a selection of ranking models to put together useful conclusions. It’s a great way to improve your SEO and has been adopted by many people as an ideal way to improve search engine rankings.

12. MatrixSEO


MatrixSEO is a fantastic out of the box solution, which can be quickly installed on any WordPress site. It’s a handy plugin that uses a selection of different SEO methods which can be used by people with limited understanding of IT.

13. Wordlift

Wordlift is another plugin that is able to function for SEO purposes and point you in the right directions. It offers information to give more meaning to your work, and also helps enrich your online content with a selection of images and data visualisation.

14. Adobe Sensei


Adobe Sensei can potentially offer some pretty impressive changes to business. It makes use of AI to speed up a variety of processes and uncover previously unseen opportunities. It makes use of a large amount of content to quickly and effectively carry out analyses.

15. Symphony

Symphony is a work platform that organizes people and tech in order to provide effective solutions for both clients and teams. It is open sources, so anyone can adapt the technology to suit their own needs.

16. Firedrop


Firedrop changes the way that small and medium business work online. Automatic web design that is carried out intelligently can make a huge difference to the way people advertise online.

17. Sentient Ascend

Sentient Ascend is a conversion rate solution that can optimize a number of different elements on a number of different pages. And it can do this all simultaneously.

18. The Grid

The Grid is an AI powered builder that can put together websites with the use of artificial intelligence. It can work with a selection of different data and reshape it into a custom made website that is fully operational.

19. WixADI


WixADI is able to design tailor made sites depending on the needs of your business. There are a huge number of different combinations, and it combines the best designs for an unbeatable final result.

20. Emotient

Emotient is an effective way of analyzing emotions based around facial expressions. It’s able to do what we all do every day, but on a massive scale, to get an unfiltered response to content and ads. Nightmarish? Maybe, but extremely effective.

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