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How 15 Big Tech Companies Solve Global Problems

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During the past a few decades, the whole world has been the witness of some extraordinary concepts, innovations and creative ideas which not only have revolutionized the global tech industry but also eased up the lives of the citizens living in all the continents.


Now, we have some institutions and individuals around us who have the potential to convert anything into a reality. A number of firms and the minds driving them towards achieving excellence have been behind the revolution, which is transforming the life of the people dynamically. Of course, they are the masters of their arenas, but how did they do it? What inspires them day and day out? What if they fail? These organizations constantly find out the answers of such questions and this is the energy behind the characteristic to never give up. This further lets them taste novelty.

Below listed are a few big giants of the IT industry across the world and these giants have touched the pinnacle for making life of the masses convenient in some or the other way.

1. Alphabet


Started scratching your head! Please don’t confuse yourself with the name Alphabet. Since 2015 Google and its other products, services, etc have been assembled under this parent title. If we specifically talk about Google, it revolutionized our lives by introducing Google Search Engine, which has now become the most convenient destination for addressing any small or big query people have. In addition, Google Maps have accurately guided us through roads and streets while Gmail has provided a convenient platform to communicate professionally.

2. Apple


When Apple introduced Steve Jobs’ brain child iPhone in 2007, it not only got an instant and a smashing hit across the globe but also rekindle the life into the dying Apple. iPhone stole the show by featuring a radical design, metal body, dynamic camera, long battery life, and many more. Its Mac revolutionized the experience of personal computing, iTunes covers all the apps you look for and iOS maps let you conveniently drive home. This was just a beginning; Apple now carries the total value of more than 600 billion dollars.

3. Meta (Facebook)


The credit of connecting the world goes to Facebook in a very small time span. Emerged as a social media platform, Facebook not only revolutionized our life but also changed the way we look at privacy. It also influenced politics in America and in many other countries. Across all the industries, FB changes the way business interact with customers.

4. Amazon


Amazon, the large and unstoppable ecommerce giant, proved its share in affecting the lives of the masses big time by making everything available online. This really surprised people, and later become a huge hit worldwide. Buyers now get what they want at their doorstep without stepping out from their homes.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft is considered to be a company, which put a PC in every home and on every desk. It revolutionized the life of the masses across the globe with its dynamic products like computer software, consumer electronics, Internet Explorer, edge web browser and many more. However, it made history by creating the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems.

6. LinkedIn


A few years ago, candidates would have to take different and arduous routes to find a job than today. Thanks to LinkedIn for helping its users out with an appealing job seeking system. LinkedIn comes with the potential to fundamentally change the way the world establishes a connection with opportunities. On this platform, knowledge and experience by experts are also shared on regular basis to inspire the talent.

7. IBM

IBM made its global mark with its first personal computer launch more than three decades ago. The whole IT industry is revolutionized by IBM as it manufactures and sells computer hardware and software. It also deals hosting services, in IT infrastructure services and in consulting services, thus influenced the world by giving it the edge of advanced technology.

8. Wikipedia


This unique platform has completely revolutionized the way we all access information for reference; therefore, Wikipedia is proved to be the most convenient platform for the users. Also, the encyclopedia allows users to edit near all accessible content. It provides information to its users in more than 250 different languages.

9. PayPal

Money exchange, making payments and online purchasing becomes an easy job with the genesis of Paypal. It offers online money transfers and frees you from checks and money orders. Paypal Holdings, Inc operates as a payment processor for online sellers, auction websites and other commercial users. Now, it enjoys the tag of one of the largest Internet payment companies in the World.

10. Cisco

Cisco Systems, Inc. deals in designing and manufacturing. It also sells networking equipment worldwide. Cisco earned name and fame by simplifying security on and off network. With this dynamic platform, the whole world takes analytics to the edge. Cisco Consulting Services assists CXOs and the leaders of public-sector provide solution to their most intricate business challenges.

11. EMC

This American multinational influenced our lives by providing an edge to data storage, virtualization information security, cloud computing, analytics and other services as well as products. These products enable enterprises to store, protect, analyze, manage and protect data. By market share, EMC Corporation is the world’s biggest data storage systems provider.

12. Airbnb


Traveling has been made super exciting by Airbnb, which is an online marketplace enabling travelers list, find and rent vacation homes. Offering features like convenient room finding, safe rental rooms, reliable payment system, variety of accommodation, automatic translations of listings, text alerts on your mobile, free listing, etc makes Airbnb an instant hit among travelers.

13. Uber


Uber was the first of its kind concept which offered taxi services through an app. It played a significant role in resolving the global transportation issues. No matter where you are, Uber picks you up within a couple of minutes and drive you safely to your desired destination and that too at a very affordable price.

14. SAP

Originally SAP was conceptualized to provide customers with the ability to communicate with a general corporate database for an extensive range of applications. Now, the applications have been complied and several organizations like Microsoft, IBM etc are using the products of SAP to run their own enterprises.

15. WhatsApp

Today, we can’t imagine the world without this amazing social, message sharing, chat app. The reason behind its instant hit was its user-friendly interface, convenient operating and availability at no cost. Users love it as it enables them share documents, videos, audios, images and many more by making a few taps.

Author: Jitendra Jain

Jitendra Jain is marketing and sales head at Octal Info Solution, a leading mobile app development company, offering platform to hire android app developer for your own app development project.

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