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30 Most Impressive MS Paint Artworks & Drawings You Can’t Miss

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After Microsoft released Windows 10, creatives all over the world began to panic that the software giant is going to kill its Paint app in the next Windows’ update. Fortunately Windows’ managers had announced to the public that Paint won’t go anywhere, it’ll co-exist alongside its latest version Paint 3D. If you think no-one is using MS Paint, you may be surprised to discover a great number of artists relying on MS Paint for their creations. The 39-year old tool has a long way to go before it becomes obsolete. The art world loves Paint.


Yet, for many of us, Paint is a distant childhood memory. The simple colour palette, the minimalist layout, and the easy user interface made Paint the favourite tool for kids. But, you don’t have to be a kid to draw with your mouse. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these impressive drawings.

1. Pat Hines is an American illustrator. He uses only Paint for his creations, the results speak for themselves. He refused to switch to Photoshop and Illustrator mainly because he couldn’t learn his way around those tools.

And he’s done well, he has built an impressive body of work in a career that spans more than 10 years. His latest work “Camp Redblood and the Essential Revenge” a graphic novel of a gang of teenagers in a summer camp, was all made with Paint.






2. Miranda Lorikeet is another great visual artist who started using Paint at her office job during the lunch breaks. Her curiosity quickly grew and now she is a very well-known artist. Based in Australia, she used to draw with Paint from an early age, then a boring job in an office gave her the chance to dig into Paint just to kill some time. She loves the fact that Paint is widely accessible to almost any computer in the world, that’s how she got into this programme. Her paintings are quirky portraits with lots of pink, red, and soft lines.






3. Jim is a guy from Bristol. His site has a section where people can request for his next painting free of charge. His fans suggest ideas and he paints them. This project has a big number of followers in Patreon. Fans and enthusiasts love his work. He also has an apparel shop where he sells t-shirts with the coolest drawings. So, he can focus on doing what he does best, bringing surreal pictures to life.






4. This is one of a long series of drawings by a user of the Russian site Uber sites. The entire painting was made with Paint. The original version comprises of a long stream of drawings, with various sections. The user explains how you can identify when a painting is made with Paint. He shows close-ups of the pixel quality feature of Paint, to get outstanding results, considering Paint is a basic tool.


5. Diamonster a Deviant Art user made this awesome drawing after 500 hours. The still waters of Venice are so realistic almost like a photograph. He explains the process step by step, in a detailed post.

At the end, he has retouched the image slightly with Photoshop, but overall everything was made in Paint. He said when he was about 5 years old, his teachers found he had a special talent for drawing. A few years later, he ended up studying graphic design.



6. If you think Paint is only used to make surrealist drawings, you’re wrong. These artists mastered portrait art with such precision that you wouldn’t think it’s a computer Program which made it. No wonder they have so many shares over the internet. They probably have used several brushes to come out with these hipper-realist portraits.


In addition, a great deal of attention is required to make such drawings. The contours and facial expressions are beautifully done, you can easily tell these drawings took an incredible amount of time. Patience and passion can get you this far.

Portrait of Luke Skywalker and Morgan Freeman




7. Anime drawings are also very popular in the art world. They require an extensive knowledge of the characters or at least some background knowledge on how to make this kind of drawings. As anime comics is a category in itself, the number of fans turning to Paint to represent their favourite characters is huge. The collection of anime drawings made with Paint is impressive, many of them require great talent. Definitely, people are ready to spend hours to refine their skills.




8. Black and white portraits are also a big hit in the Microsoft Paint world. You can’t think these images were made using such a simple software. Artists skilfully use Paint like a photograph camera.

In the absence of colour, the artist must know how to apply the different shades of grey. The results are incredible, the brushes, the shapes and the facial expressions, you wouldn’t think this was made pixel by pixel with a mouse and a simple program.




9. Architecture, houses, city landscapes or anything that has a building on it, is a good chance to use Paint. The lines are straight, yet, painting houses require extreme precision. There are many examples of amazing constructed cities all made with Paint. The lines, the depth, and the colours resemble sophisticated video games. Paint allows you to create depth, like a 3D program but without the fuzz. The results are outstanding city landscapes.






Paint is still relevant for many artists. People around the world rely on this software to create their art. Accessibility is key, as we said before, Paint can be found on any PC so you don’t need an expensive programme to start making art.

Yet, as times change, the chances of people using Paint in the near future are very thin. With the introduction of 3D Paint and other sophisticated programs, Paint may end in an obscure corner of the internet. It’ll exist next to them according to Microsoft managers, but with no more updates, chances are it will depreciate over time.

Still, artists all over the world, are creating amazing artworks, thanks to Paint. Presently, Paint has no sign of stopping, however, only the future can tell.

Author: Maricel Dragan

Maricel Dragan is a photographer/blogger/maker currently working for a young start-up When she is not working, she wanders the city with her camera.

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