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15 Art Instagram Pages Successfully Changed the Art World

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The presence of art in Instagram interests a lot of people. It is useful for artists because they can express their inner word in this application. It is useful for galleries too because other people buy and sell different pieces of art, which appeared on Instagram. Instagram serves as some kind of advertising. This kind of communication has an ability to unite people.


Instagram users follow different artists who dispose their masterpieces on this application. Here is a list of 15 intriguing and captivating Instagram pages, which you might get interested in:

1. @museummammy


Kimberly Drew gained fame displaying different pictures on various topics and she enjoys a tremendous success. There are lots of galleries, which are thankful for an impressive advertising of their exhibitions.

2. @paulfuentes_design


Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer who is enchanted by pop-art and all sort of fun. People follow his account just to get relaxed and entertaining.

3. @abovesecond


This account features rare art styles, which are displayed in Hong Kong. The photos show life and travels.

4. @paceprints


Some art directions are pretty weird and uncommon. Nevertheless, some people find satisfaction of their aesthetical tastes in viewing the uncommonness. This account shows excellent art prints, which are pretty rare and rather intriguing. Probably, you will be interested in them as well.

5. @showntoscale


It’s a brand based in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn store. It is created and designed by Silke Labson. The artist displays pictures of herself, her dog, friends, and different pieces of art and everyday life that inspire.

6. @joshualiner


This gallery exhibits contemporary works of famous and emerging artists from different parts of the world. In most cases, the photos of this account feature pictures of food, and of some random topics, and information on upcoming shows.

7. @ohwowgallery


This is an interesting account to follow. This is a great mix of the gallery, a project and a publisher that include an extended progress and all kinds of innovations in art. You may change your attitude to the art when checking the photos here. All those innovations are actually impressive.

8. @jonathanlevinegallery


This very page gives support for art. You will receive an incredible opportunity to travel behind the scene and discover something new and special. Thus, you will probably discover something more for yourself.

9. @fecal_face


You may likewise follow this attractive account, which features a gallery with different wall pieces. It includes murals of all kinds, giant faces and something of the kind. This gallery is impressive and may have a strong impact on your imagination.

10. @whitewallssf


This Instagram account shows the masterpieces of a famous gallery, which is located in San Francisco. Its main focus is targeted at the promotion of urban art. You will see multiple pictures of street graffiti. The street art is an essential part of the culture in every country and this exhibition with constant updates will get your attention.

11. @theholeshop


The Hole is a very interesting gallery, which will impress you with a rich variety of different pieces of art. Its motto is to “fill a hole in the downtown community”. This gallery exhibits all kinds of books, posters and other products of art. They have different style and origin. The topics represent different styles and preferences.

12. @spoke_art


This gallery exhibits contemporary painting, sculpture, and illustration. The exhibitions posted on Instagram will entertain you with different artworks, images of people and cats and so on.

13. @ggalleryla


Under the condition, you like animals you should follow gGallery, which was established by Gabor Csupo. It contains artful compositions, snapshots of animal and human guests. You will be pleased with the rich choice of these topics.

14. @wallspacegallery


What about Canadian art? Each nation is interesting and unique and probably, you will find pleasure in marveling at the works of contemporary Canadian artists. This is important and will widen your horizons.

15. @galleries1988


This Instagram account features pop culture art. This is another place to see art behind-the-scenes. You will be pleasantly surprised by a great variety of topics and art directions.

These examples show a rich world of Instagram. There can be various topics on the weirdest and really intriguing topics. Therefore, it can meet the preferences of all people.

Instagram contributes to the development of interaction and socializing. It brings people together. Art unites people. Accordingly, posting fine pictures of different art directions creates real communities who have the same goals and interests. If you are not interested in photos of people who wish to show up and take pictures of every single move, you might like the photos of art pieces. This is not a dressing window, but contemporary art, which is important for all of us.

Author: Petra Mainer

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