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Top 10 Emerging Technologies That You Must Know

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Technology is the word that has been ingrained into our lives. Your reading this is a sign that at this moment you are using perhaps a desktop, tablet or mobile. The surge in the technology has transformed our way of life. From acquiring products of $10 million to obtain, it has changed how the world operated. We usually hear that the technological advances are occurring all over the world, but what technological advancement can be used by us for our benefit or in simple words what are the emerging technologies that we must know to better gear up on them and utilize them for our personal gain such as to improve lives, transform industries and protect the planet.


Here are top ten technologies that will help you keep up with the technologies that are to erupt in 2018:

1. Internet of things (IoT)


The internet of things is expected to boom more. It is a more intelligent way of interacting that is expected to be ubiquitous in 2018. As digital technologies are becoming an integral part of everyday life and its evolvement is going to advance to a variety of objects dealing with smart healthcare and equipment. A shift is expected to take place from stand-alone intelligent things to joint intelligent things. These devices are expected to operate independently or with less human input.

2. Green Vehicle Technologies


To all the automobile lovers out there, be ready to witness a change in the industry. Since there is limited range available in the electric car, to overcome this working is taking place on hydrogen fuel cells that offer zero emission and diverse range. However, since these basically utilize platinum different experiments are conducted to involve other catalysts that cost less.

3. Autonomous Cars


Another technological advancement that you must know is the development of autonomous vehicles. These cars are progressing because of their potential for safeguarding lives, reducing pollution and offering ease to senior citizens in traveling. It is set that they will eliminate the accidents caused by the humans as computers are better drivers than humans. The major advantage is the safety and decongestion associated with it. So be ready to invest in this cool car that is set to replace the manual one.

4. Face Recognition


The advancement in technology has raised concerns regarding the security and privacy of the elements. To eradicate or solve this issue the technological world has introduced face recognition which is not new but is now observed in every device we use. Recently the introduction of face cognition in iPhone X has further boosted it in the world. The trend of face recognition in technology is said to become a mainstream in the nearby future, so be ready to witness an era where payments will be made with just your face.

5. Blockchain


The blockchain is a technology that is gaining significant recognition is the business. It is a business ledger which the businesses are adopting it due to its feature of no human intervention. It is a technology that helps business solves complex business problems. Although at the present moment the conversations that surround it concern business but it is said to play a great role in the healthcare, supply chain, government and various other sectors too. It allows commercial transactions with skeptical parties. Be cautious of its technology when conducting business with vendors. Therefore, if you are thinking of utilizing this technology in your business ensure that you proper nurturance on its integration point and its evolution with time.

6. Liquid biopsies


An amazing emergence of technology is occurring in the medical sector too. Cancer is one of the diseases that are the cause of huge loss of human life as well as cost along with the trauma faced by the families. The technological advancement has introduced a new method called liquid biopsies to identify and formulate a cancer diagnosis essential for its treatment. The process is set to make use of genetic screening to pick cancer traces from the blood. It also tells at which stage the cancer is and if the treatment can be done or not. This advancement is said to change the face of the treatment in time to come.

7. Harvesting Clean Water from Air


The advancement in technology has come to a stage where water can be obtained from air. It uses a foam-like substance which captures humidity into its pores which is power-driven by the solar heat only. The prime role is played by the material which is created from metal-organic frameworks. The technology is going through continuous improvement and more changes are set to take place in it, so no worries of water deficiency in the future.

8. Augmented Reality


The technology of augmented reality is altering the way people perceive information and how they interact in this digital world. It encompasses software, sensors, a compass and tiny digital projectors which exhibit images onto real-world objects. Augmented devices use head-mounted display (HMD). It views the actual real environments with superimposed computer-generated images. They are being used in surgical procedures demonstration to students, for mapping directions and a lot more. Technological advancement is set to heat up more in 2018

9. Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust


The privacy concerns among individuals are evolving. Another advancement to resolve the complex safety issues is the emergence of Continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) which assist in making a decision by giving adaptive responses to the security enable digital business. This enables the business to remain competitive in the market as the threat is minimized because this technology embraces people-centric safety measures. It helps capture the intruders that have penetrated into your business network.

10. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is changing the digital world and the way everything works on the internet. It has eradicated the troublesome task that individuals have to go through in terms of paperwork, scheduling and more. It has transformed the way businesses are operated and transactions are being done. Al can execute any task that an individual can do and can learn as much as human do. IT increases the payoffs that business received, a major reason for its adaptation.

These are the ten emerging technologies that you must know as they are set to change the world in the coming future.

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