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10 Best Tips to Make Your Online Content Difficult to Replicate

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Are you familiar with the internet that includes around 3.3 billion indexed pages or may be counting more? Well this converts into unbelievable 33 billion links to the website content which presumes every page has 10 entries. This huge figure involves each content piece on each single niche available on earth.


If you are an online content creator, being perfect is not enough on internet. In this case you need to include a single bullet point in other’s blog post, or add to someone’s infographic, that may help in standing out remarkably unique on the website.

Let us know about 10 best tips for making your online content difficult to replicate.

1. Craft the Ultimate Guides

When you craft an ultimate guide, your readers will naturally get hitched to your content as you would cover all the vital detail regarding your topic. The word ‘ultimate’ points towards your guide which is a one-stop article that includes every important thing that your readers are eager to know from your published topic. You can even add innovative headlines in the every content that will be really useful.

2. Supporting your points along with expert opinions


While spicing up your ultimate guide, you can add expertise comment. You can select a person who is highly knowledgeable on your topic and who can contribute greatly. You can interview those experts’ and add their conversation in your content. If you are an expert yourself, you too can talk about the topic in an engaging and informative way for the readers.

3. Write down specified, direct research

You can make use of scientific research for adding shine in your contents. If you’re logical, intrusive, creative, and determined, you can easily execute it and attract people towards your site. You can take a broader view on personal observation, or you may ask ‘Why?’ questions thus exploring your topic deeply, and sharing the details with your audiences.

4. Tell stories

It is actually a story that maintains the attention of people. If your content is explained in a way of a story and has its unique style, it is beneficial for you and also your audience will be keen to know more about the topic in detail and can relate with it too. The pattern can be followed as beginning, conflict, climax and conclusion. Every part should be ideal in itself.

5. Invite guest authors

You can invite intellectual guest authors who can contribute excellent content to your website blogs as you can acquire more number of in-content links through this way. The natural links are received where most are mainly from the guest author’s content being published on other authority blogs.

6. Construct strong micro niche websites


You can use micro niche sites that can produce more traffic, linking and lead generation prospects concerning your website. The main reason to develop a powerful micro site is to guarantee that it will be providing worthiness to the market. You can even develop a separate website which will concentrate more on a particular niche that you may be targeting, and also execute on growing its own community.

7. Arrange or sponsor events

There are various ways in which you can arrange or sponsor events in order to fascinate more of brand links towards your website, which includes charitable and fundraising events, tradeshows, awards, contests [photo contests, blogging contests, etc], industry seminars or conferences, Google+ hangouts, and local university events.

8. Support PR with SEO while commencing new products

The launches of new products can effortlessly draw word-of-mouth news coverage and links. In this way you can easily promote your products towards your niche targeted audience. You can drive many prospective customers and branded links via incorporated online marketing approach of PR, link and social building. By trying out these methods, you can gain tremendous coverage and reviews towards your new products. The outcome from a flourishing incorporated PR campaign for fresh new products can be actually wonderful, mainly in increasing sales and perking up brand equity.

9. Establishing authority

Two methods are available for demonstrating and setting up brand authority in the online space that includes:

  • providing an exciting solution [service/product] that excels among their competitors.
  • offering brilliant content of high quality which people will share and also learn from them.

Content marketing has been a strong marketing tool because it can create a brand even more trendy and noteworthy. Your tremendous efforts in crafting and promoting your contents and developing relationships during this process can further produce better chances and results, as brand crafts a succession which allows it to reach greater audience. You can grasp the expert status of your brand for crafting more number of hard-earned links, such as getting the right to gain the interviews of bloggers or journalists to include in your blogs; elevated prospects of sanction while asking for link placements on .gov and .edu resources pages; and speaking gigs which can direct towards networking and more usual linking chances.

10. Well-built social brand pages

You can develop a well-built following base on the social media websites where audiences hook more. Thus you can easily incorporate your content strategy along with social media marketing. The more content you’ll publish and share on the social media sites, the more you can attract your fans and followers, and further erect strong relationships along with them via your brand pages. The more number of remarkable contents you create and promote, the more you can fascinate new followers or fans and establish relationships with them via your brand pages.

Social links have been a strong marker of accuracy and recognition for the search engines. The more there is social signals approaching from contents or websites, the more it will emerge as reliable, which transforms into excellent search visibility.

Therefore, if you really think about your readers, and want to convert the internet into something impressive, then you can take the assistance of digital marketing business who can offer you with excellent tips for crafting your online content hard to replicate.

Author: Kristin Wilston

Kristen a content developer and marketer who love to share tips on the content building. She works with ukdissertation as a Team Lead, content developers.

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