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20 Best Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

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The dynamic development of social media has long attracted the attention of Internet marketers. Working in networked communities allows businesses to achieve large audience coverage at relatively low cost. However, all sorts of studies confirm an insignificant conversion rate of social traffic. This, in general, it is understandable. The behavior of the audience in social networks is different from the behavior in the search engines. While the audience spends more and more time in social networks, it does not use them to search for goods and services.


You can solve this problem by integrating the promotion in social media into your overall marketing plan. This will increase the effectiveness of the promotion of business on the Internet as a whole, as well as increase the effectiveness of promotional events in networked communities.

This article introduces you to 20 tactical techniques for promoting business in social media. Their effectiveness is confirmed by serious research for the assistance of all readers. So, what tactical methods of promotion in social media improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

1. Use the power of social connections


Consumers respond more often to the recommendations of their friends than to advertisements. According to a research study on the behavior of users of social networks that every third respondent responds to the reposting of commercial messages made by friends. Therefore, encourage consumers to share with your friends on social networks information about your business. In addition, use paid advertising to attract users to your brand page on a social network.

2. Don’t forgot that social media is not limited to Facebook and Instagram


Of course, Facebook and Instagram are too large to be ignored in marketing campaigns. However, some social media provide a higher traffic conversion rate. In particular, a research has confirmed that 75% of visitors to corporate blogs go to the official website of the company. And 58% of consumers use YouTube’s video service to find information about the product. In addition, users of Pinterest and Twitter are more likely to subscribe to brand news than Facebook users. However, to create a branded social channel. Spread information about your business through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other online communities.

3. Remember the coverage of mobile device owners


Many specialists have determined during their research studies, what devices are used by visitors of social networks. Therefore, it’s imperative to adapt your site for mobile traffic because the owners of PCs, tablets and smartphones should be able to read your blog and could able to open your business links as well.

4. Demonstrate the emotional side of the business to make your information viral


Under the influence of emotions, fatigue and other factors, customers make impulsive rash purchases. Moreover, the purchase in a good mood by a customer make him buy more goods than planned under the influence of emotions, which is why in supermarkets there is always a pleasant music, it smells good, lots of light and friendly staff. In a state of fatigue, a person the social media after the end of the working day, strives first of all to satisfy the needs to change their mood and get calm and relax. Therefore, the users of social media are willing to share emotionally positive advices and tips to their love ones and others. Although, the share of unexpected and useful information with each other through creating attractive content can be shared as well. This increases the probability of the viral spreading of your business information.

5. Avoid candid advertising and the imposition of your product


Remember, your consumers are not inferior to you in ingenuity. They perfectly understand any advertising tricks. Moreover, consumers do not trust advertising and people broadcasting marketing information. Users of social media are looking for content and useful information that will allow them to make their own choices. You probably will be surprised, but we have a material that also reveals this topic in detail. According to a survey only 46% of users of online communities’ trust advertising, while 82% of respondents believe the recommendations of their friends. Thus, do create useful content that allows your customers to make their own decisions. Tell consumers how to choose and use the product. In a word, actively use content marketing.

6. Actively use photos


Photos are a real magnet for the audience. As per a survey, the illustrations are one of the most effective business tools in social networks. They attract attention of 54% of visitors to the communities. So, remember to use relevant photos to attract the attention of the audience in social networks.

7. Continue the communication started in social media through using e-mail


Nowadays, e-mail has a higher conversion rate compared to social sites. In other words, calls for registration of purchases are of low efficiency, if they are published in online communities. It is vital to create a database of e-mail addresses of users of social networks interacting with your business. This will help you increase your conversion with customers.

8. Consider the perception of the price while marketing


The correct arrangement of goods depending on the price category, allows you to influence the perception of the price by the buyer. If at first, he catches the eye for $1000 worth of goods, which seems to him very expensive, and then the product for $200, then the price for the last product will seem to him already acceptable in comparison with the first. Therefore, publish your products affordable price along with mentioning the highest market prices of similar products so that customers anticipate that your product is more inexpensive for them.

9. Play with the distress of extremes conditions from customers


Buying the cheapest goods, each person experiences a sense of awareness of their own poverty, which is extremely unpleasant for him. However, no less unpleasant is the feeling of frustration when buying the most expensive product quality, which turns out to be of an average level. Therefore, according to the psychology of consumption, the buyer most often purchases goods at an average price between the cheapest product and the most expensive. Knowing this fact, modern marketers quite successfully hold a large number of shares, offering goods, the price of which is usually above average, at the promotional average price.

10. Do choose what attracts your customer’s attention


In the category of goods, the value of which is difficult to assess, most often the product wins, the price of which is significantly lower than the competitor’s product. First of all, this applies to electronic equipment and various home appliances that are labelled and designed with attractive logons and icons easily grab the attention and concentration of customers. Numerous experiments have repeatedly confirmed the fact that the best-selling goods are those that in some way stand out against the others that are highlighted, marked with a label or a bright label, their names are underlined in the price list, etc.

11. Use the trick of magic number 9


One of the most famous marketing tricks is setting the price at $1.99 instead of the equivalent price of $2. Thus, marketers create a discount effect and consumers tend to acquire a completely unnecessary thing, just because there is a special offer. Therefore, use this trick to capture customers while doing online marketing on social media.

12. Try to make sense of justice for marketing

The consumer does not know the value of the goods that he buys. In order to understand what the product is worth, they use to look for clues that manufacturers and marketers might give them through browsing on internet. In addition to handle these circumstances, you can use the marketing tricks such as “buy three for the price of one”, “50% discounts”, “buy two and get a third gift” etc. These are often use to be successful on social media marketing campaigns. Thanks to the competent and coordinated work of marketers, that you can now sell absolutely any product at the desired price.

13. Back links from service providers


For ranking in search engines, it is good when the site has high-quality backlinks. If you have partnerships with service providers or business partners, then you can use the links. Therefore, contact your business partners and suppliers and ask them to post a link to your site on their website. So, you will have some great links, and you’ll spend it only a few minutes, sending out requests by e-mail.

14. Look for indirect references

This is another great way to get backlinks and improve the credibility of your site. You need to find indirect references to your brand or product in online publications or on websites. Write an e-mail to the editors of the site and ask them to provide a link.

15. Find good partners for yourself


Another marketing method that some companies use is cross-promotion. This will allow you to cooperate with a mass of projects: they can sell their goods and services thanks to you and vice versa. For example, if you provide consulting services for online businessmen, you can advise them to contact specific web designers to create sites. The designer, in turn, is your cross partner who will recommend you to his clients as a professional and a good consultant.

16. Comments and other’s blogs


The idea of marketing is to make your name and brand known as much as possible. Commenting on blogs is one of the cool moves for this. Identify the top few blogs in your niche. Read them and regularly give comments on these blogs. People will see your name and associate the brand with your name. They may even be interested, and they will definitely visit your site. Each comment allows you to establish the permanent presence of your brand. Make sure that you give sensible comments, because their quality will depend on the perception of your brand.

17. Create a secure presence on Google+

Google+ is one of the main platforms for building a brand. The more you are presented on the Internet, the better about you will be known in Google’s search results. This will give a good indexing on the network.

18. Personal sales will be all yours


Do not be afraid of personal sales. Sometimes there is nothing better than declaring yourself. You can meet with such people offline, which you will never meet on the Internet. Each person is another marketing opportunity for you. Of course, you do not need to approach every passer-by and talk about your business. But when you communicate with someone, do not forget to mention what you are doing. The main idea of creating the Internet was marketing. Therefore, you have to represent people to your business in person.

19. Blog writing

It’s impossible to talk about marketing, if you do not mention the blog writing. A business blog is an excellent tool for internet marketing. This is an effective strategy that will work for you as effectively as you do at it in the beginning. The return from a good blog is colossal. If you are writing a blog content than remember to make it more informative and attractive for your readers.

20. Guest blogging

If the blog is cool, then the guest blog is even cooler. When you write for someone else’s blog, then its readers automatically become your readers. It will cost you completely for free, you will spend a minimum of time. You need only one thing that is to write a fascinating post, so that their readers become yours. This method works great for marketing in this modern era.


Marketing tricks and techniques should not be stolen from others, it must be effective to grab the customer’s attention. The biggest thing you have to invest in it is your time. You will definitely be able to achieve good ratings, if you introduce these methods at least half. Start with one – you will achieve excellent results. Therefore, recognize the growing consumer activity of social media users. However, this will be your first step to improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Use social networks to attract the attention of the audience and establish a trusting relationship with potential buyers. Try to continue communicating with them using e-mail to increase the likelihood of transactions.

Moreover, the main task of marketing is to stimulate consumption, modern marketing is ruthless, today there are a huge number of tricks and tricks of forcing consumers to buy what they did not plan, emptying their pockets to the last coin.

Author: Eva Vosper

Eva Vosper is an eminent executive marketing director working for a well-known firm located in the centre of the United Kingdom. Moreover, she is highly educated and well-experienced with the modern trends of marketing. In addition, she offers to all students across the globe for the accomplishment of their academic objectives.

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