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10 Tips for Having an Optimized Digital Marketing Campaign

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Trying hard and still failing? When it comes to digital marketing, its strategies need to have creative and analytical implementation, in other words, you need to go about it very smartly.


There are predefined methods that always work but you approaches should be compatible with target audience and niche. It’s time to get things known from the scratch otherwise you’ll have to keep on trying. Incorporate these key digital marketing aspects which should work as valuable tips for your digital marketing campaign:

Email Marketing


Emails can be influential means that can result in improved conversion rates and lead generation. If your business is still relying on just sending one email (and that’s a newsletter) per month, rethink that count and it should be no less than 2-3 a month to say the least. Even if you dole out multiple emails every week, it should have content that your subscribers are looking for. Plus, if your business seeks more outreach, use personalized emails. According to, personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Twitter Outreach


140 characters a tweet can do wonders if they have what it takes to be attractive enough for readers to hit retweet or favorite button. Other than that, Twitter serves as a wide platform where you can outreach simply by using hashtag search within your industry and see a list of relevant users. Even though many Twitter marketers would send a direct message, but communicating through tweets like complimenting someone on Twitter about a blog post that they wrote can also create bridges.

YouTube Videos

Videos should be a must-have feature of online marketing mix. Not because they are an interactive medium but also you can benefit your search engine optimization (YouTube is owned by Google, right?).There are simple ways to make your videos SE-friendly: Choose a proper title tag, upload a transcript and embed the YouTube video. Don’t forget to promote them on social media.


Instagram works for your businesses, not just teenagers. The number of Instagram followers is growing rapidly, but despite that, it’s still not too late for your business to make a presence there. Instagram has recently crossed milestone of 300 million monthly active users and now edges Twitter in that number. Filtered photos work equally-well for advertisers are it provides simple opportunities to create and share visual content for your brand.



Google Analytics help you to track your progress with your campaign. There are certain parameters that you should always consider for it: Number of new visitors your website receives, the time that they spend on your website (eventually the bounce rate), organic keywords, where they are coming from and what platforms they are using, and which social media channel is bringing in the largest number of visitors social media. With that said, look at your search engine rankings on Google. Is there any improvement? Check how much Domain Authority you website has and here’s a guide on how can you improve it.

Call to Action


CTAs are valuable, so valuable that they can play a key role to conversions because they act as influential motivators for users to stay connected at the time when engagement has stopped. Once the engagement ends with an action … provide something that provides value to your readers, that’s why I said CTAs are valuable. Half the job is done when your readers follow CTAs.

Landing Pages

You may need skilled resources to get this done but this extra investment can add extra-ordinary benefits toyour website. Websites need maintenance phase occasionally and you should make the most of it by making a new landing page design that is conversion-focused. Landing pages leave a long-lasting impression to the large amount of people now being referred to websites through blogs, social media posts, etc. therefore you should create an easy way to link others to your website and boost more traffic. To make your landing pages more effective, make sure to modify your site so that it’s easy to read and access for anyone browsing- including those visiting from their phones.


60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site, according to That’s Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi says, “if your content is not part of that mix, odds are you will be left out of that process.”

Qualities of a great content involved providing knowledge and help to its users which ultimately serve as cost-effective and effective means to market your brand and improve its image. One such ways is to create blogs incorporated with business sites. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. (
  • Only 16% of people read your blog post word for word. (

Good, solid help will only improve the way your consumers view you and keep you on the top of their minds for the future.

Content Planning and Scheduling

You might consider streamlining all your digital marketing activities and that’s a good thing to do. But make sure that you have strategic plan to meet the dynamism and do not get outdated in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. If you proactively grab some useful images and videos to share in your computer beforehand, or list down all your blogging ideas before writing on them, it should allow organising your content and save much of your time and while relieving pressure if case of closing deadlines.

Thought Leadership


Modern content is all about thought leadership, be the first one to generate ideas, help out users or make any existing content so intriguing that users find it more interesting than the one they saw in past. Everything you share online is relevant to your industry and you are building your businesses profile online. Consider adding PR to it. Your PR tells who you are. Redefine your online presence even if your brand is still unknown. Write a Press Release and distribute it to give your business that extra boost. For that purpose, consider contacting relevant personnel, you may find them on a free-publicity platform like HARO.

Author: Uzair Taj

Uzair Tajuddin is a passionate WordPress and marketing blogger. He writes for Psdcenter, who converts PSD files into HTML. Follow @psdcenter to get more updates.

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