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Top 15 Chrome Extension and Apps to Work Offline

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It’s a matter of fact that presently, a big part of our life runs around the browser, prominently chrome. We use Google Drive, Gmail, Wunderlist and a handful of so many other services straight from Chrome OS or Chrome.


As I said above, Google Chrome has a plenty of apps that you can use undeviatingly from the browser, but sadly, most of them need an internet connection. So we’ve explored the web to find the best Chrome apps that work offline, so you don’t have to bother about being connected to the internet to use them.

So if you appear to be in a place where you don’t find the Internet, here Below you will find 15 bunch of Chrome apps, most of them dedicated to productivity that can keep you using the app till you get reconnected.

1. Pocket
Pocket is a great app that saves your online content, that can be read afterward even when offline. You just need to click the app’s button on your Chrome, and the article would be saved on your computer.


Pocket also lays down websites in such a way that you only view the article’s title, text, and images excluding the new advertisements or other elements.

2. Gmail Offline
Gmail gave privilege us with an amazing app that downloads our emails for the later view even when offline. The app proves suitable for mobile phones being crystal clear and easy to use. The app can also be used as an alternative to the official Gmail website..if you like it better.


It even shows your emails, let’s you compose new messages but they would be sent only when you come online.

3. JoliDrive
Jolidrive is the app that lets you use all your cloud accounts from a single app. It’s efficient with lot’s and lots of clouds storage services like Google Drive, skydive, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Vimeo, YouTube Facebook, Google Plus, etc. It’s a Web app that lightens the burden, and you would love to use it.

4. WriteBox
Writebox is an incredibly simple text editor, focused on bringing you a distraction-free environment. It can either save your work on your Personal Computer if you’re offline or sync it with Dropbox.

It’s also handy to open docs from Dropbox entirely. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but this is what makes it a fabulous distraction-free writing app.

5. MomoNote


Momo Note is an app that can have immense benefits. You can use it as note taking the app, journal or a diary. It comes with a mobile version too that can sync with the web version so that you will have your notes everywhere.

6. TaskTimer
Tasktimer is a brilliant time coordinating tool that can assist you in managing time very efficiently to accomplish your multiple tasks from the browser. Since the data is stored locally, it can easily be accessed online and offline.

Being loyal and accountable towards your time is of utmost importance. Whether you are a freelance contractor or a remote employee especially in business, this app makes it happen not only from our browser but even to export our tracked time in a CSV file, and accordingly you manage your experience and needs as well.

7. Scribble


Another one is scribble that is a unique one in the lot. It can make you write sticky notes and works in a chrome tab. The notes automatically get saved to the PC for the later access. Though it has limited features, still it proves to be beneficial.

8. Auto Text Expander
No more frustrating your fingers to type on and on. Auto text expander quickly replaces and expands the text while typing. It doesn’t work out with certain apps like Google Hangouts and Google Docs.

9. OrganizeMe


OrgamizeMe helps you handle your Springpad account offline, through an attractive, systematic dashboard. Everything you save to a Springpad like notes, browser bookmarks, worklists, recipes, etc. can be managed easily. You can even import your information from Evernote and GoogleNote and handle it all from one source.

10. Sketchpad


Another excellent HTML5 design and a vector graphics tool is sketchpad that can be used to write in the browser. The sad part is, it’s Web app version doesn’t work offline. Nevertheless, a chrome app is there, known as Sketchpad 3.5 that is just identical and with a bonus provides us an offline access too. It lets you draw with freehand tools, work with geometric figures and be creative with textures and gradients. All your demands from an effluent drawing tool are js a click ahead. And after you are finished, the drawing can be exported as a PDF, image or as compressed zip file.

11. ReadLater Fast
Another Chrome app i.e. ReadLater Fast. Even I personally like it. You can save the pages to be read later, either you’re offline. It’s also an excellent way to exclude the problem of having multiple tabs. You can store pages by right-clicking or a custom keyboard alternative.

12. WunderList


Wunderlist is a spectacular technology for collecting to-do lists, reminders and much more. As the task timer helps you to manage time, Wunderlist can assist you in discovering what needs to be done. Moreover, it even handles recurring, and subtasks are thereby proving itself to be an efficient and effective tool for multiple task doers that have so much to be done right in a day.

Wunderlist is available in two versions free or pro version. Its premium version has extra features that enable you to do collaborative task handling, unlimited subtasks, and attached files.

13. EverNote Web
The power of Evernote prevails in its flexibility: the note-taking tool can carry and arrange your notes, files, audio recordings, scribblings, Web links, photos, and more too. How you gather and organize this data is mostly up to you, and via its mobile apps, Web-based interface, and desktop clients you can see at your files from any of your gadget.

Note: Working with notes offline requires an Evernote Premium account.

14. Unit Converter


Just as its name implies, Unit Converter enables you to convert everything efficiently, even while offline. It has a bunch of units, including feet to meters, mph to kmph, atmospheres to Pascals, Celsius to Fahrenheit and much more.

The interface is notably simple, and you’ll find it very straightforward to use.

15. History Eraser
Want to delete the files and data securely? I mean to remove them so they cannot be rescued by someone unworthy? Eraser employs a unique multi-pass write system that can safely remove any file, even private ones. The useful section is that it comes in a portable variant so you can use it offline if you need to.

Bonus Point: For Calculations: FlatCal


You have a minimal choice for an offline calculator.But that should not bother you as the best of all; FlatCal works proficiently. You can simply select the scientific calculator from the basic one and a search engine box type interface from the extension’s settings. Though FlatCal’s default theme looks fine, you can always shift to a different version preset whenever you feel like.

Are you using Chrome apps that work offline? If so, which ones are you using? Let us know in the comments.

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