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19 Best Pinterest Tools, Chrome Extensions and Firefox Addons

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Pinterest is one of the fastest growing content sharing services that allows users to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. Since its debut 2 years ago, the online service has successfully attracted millions of users as well as social media marketers. In addition to easy image sharing functionality, Pinterest also has other social networking features that let you to make friends from around the world who share your interest. If you happen to be a blogger or website owner, use it to promote and market your site.


In today’s post, we’ve gathered 19 amazing web tools, Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons to help you enhance your Pinterest experience! Just check them out and choose one that best suits your needs.

Online Tools for Pinterest

PinReach is your source for Pinterest influence and analytics. It provides people and brands with useful data in the form of charts and tables to monitor trends, understand activity, and gauge impact, easily.

Pinpuff allows you to calculate your influence and popularity on Pinterest. The service also provides the value of your every pin. All you have to do is go to the website, key in your email and username and then click on the “Calculate Your Pinfluence” button.

“Pin It” Button
Pinterest’s “Pin It” button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. When you pin from a website, it automatically grabs the source link so it can credit the original creator.

Pin A Quote
With Pin A Quote users can post any text on the web to Pinterest (or other social network). Once added to the bookmark toolbar of any modern browser, it will create a jpg out of any highlighted text which can then be pinned on Pinterest.

Repinly allows you to find the most popular pinners, boards, and pins on Pinterest. You can get a clear overview and statistics on what is trending now in different categories.

Pinerly is an easy way to follow/unfollow pinners, view popular pins, schedule pins, and get statistics to know how to reach a larger audience.
Url2pin is a free tool to help you share your websites on Pinterest: with url2pin you can share a screenshot of your website and not just a single image.

Pintics is an analytics tool for your Pinterest account. It allows you to see the traffic and sales from your pins and boards.

Pinstamatic enables users to get more from Pinterest by adding so much more than photos. You can add locations, music, quotes, calendar dates, Twitter profile links, sticky notes and websites.

SpinPicks is an application that brings you highly addictive one-click discovery of eye candy from visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. SpinPicks also adds the ability to pin images directly to your Pinterest boards.

Snapito is a webpage screenshot tool. Just enter a website address into the box and click on Snap! button to take a screenshot. To pin a website on Pinterest, use the dropdown on the right of the Snap! button and select either “Pin to Pinterest” or “Pin Full Page”.

Curalate is a platform that enables you to make sense of and benefit from social curation. Starting with Pinterest, Curalate makes it easy for brands to measure, monitor, and grow their social curation presence.

Google Chrome Extensions for Pinterest

Pinterest Pro
This Chrome extension makes Pinterest even more awesome. Some of its key features include instant zoom, popular pin dropdown, pin from anywhere, and more.

Pinzy allows you to view the enlarged, full versions of the rich and lovely images found on, simply by hovering over them!

Pin Search
Pin Search is a Chrome extension that lets users to perform a Google Image Search on any picture on Pinterest. The extension also allows you to search for similar pictures, all the websites where the picture appears as well as the designer, author or photographer who created the picture.

Screen 2 Pin
This is another Chrome extension for Pinterest. It lets you add screenshots to Pinterest with 1 click via

A simple Chrome browser extension to make it easy to take a screenshot of any web page then share it on Pinterest.

Pinterest Recent Activity Expander
Pinterest Recent Activity expander is a stand-alone version of the Recent Activity feature from “Pinterest Image Expander.” It allows you to see the tiny pictures of your repins, and new followers.

Firefox Addon for Pinterest

Pinterest Right-Click
Pinterest Right-Click is a Firefox Addon that makes pinning more powerful and intuitive. Choose the image you want to pin by right-clicking it rather than having to find it a second time using the bookmarklet.


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