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20 Most Popular Free Social Media Marketing eBooks

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The concept of social media marketing is not new to the modern-day marketers. However, the significance of this form of marketing has grown exponentially over the past few years.


If you are involved in marketing practices, you must be aware how tricky social media marketing is. However, you can improve your knowledge and skills effectively by learning crucial things about the various aspects of current social media marketing practices.

Interestingly, there are plenty of materials available on the internet that can offer you enough insight into the best marketing approaches and mistakes that one should avoid. In the following list, you will find 20 insightful eBooks on social media marketing which you can download for free.

1. 25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today


As the name suggests, this particular eBook consists 25 different strategies for social media marketing. Most of the strategies mentioned in this eBook talks about the most popular strategies that marketers around the globe are using these days to improve customer engagements.

2. Social Media Data Cookbook – For Marketers


In order to strategize a plan for social media platforms, you do require data. However, gathering the data won’t guarantee you success. You need to know how the data should be utilized and this particular eBook offers 11 ways to do that. You might want to check this one out.

3. B2B Marketing Innovation eBook


The marketing strategies have changed over the years to fit the requirements of the marketers and the consumers (to an extent). However, marketers often fail to look beyond the traditional ways of business-to-business marketing. This amazing piece of content includes some of the best tips on how to introduce modern-day practices into your strategies to improve your approach towards B2B marketing.

4. Social Media Marketing 101: Handbook for Beginners


Like an ideal handbook, this short yet informative eBook gives crucial tips on how to drive more traffic to your website and keep your customers engaged. In today’s dynamic world, this eBook can help you create a better image for your brand while telling you how to measure the progress made by the competitors.

5. The Essential Checklist for Social Media Branding


This is basically a checklist, as the name suggests, that works as a quick reminder for you what to do when you update the social media accounts and profiles. Whether you realize or not, the way you present your brand on the internet has a lot to do with your business. This checklist allows you to utilize those brand opportunities in a smarter way.

6. The Future of Social Media Lead Management


As a marketer, it is crucial for you to understand the role of social media platforms in lead generation and lead management. As the sphere of social networking tends to grow with every passing year, it is high time that you understand how to find influences, improve your list of followers, manage your networks and nurture leads. This particular eBook offers you enough knowledge about such practices.

7. Lead Generation with Facebook Ads: The Definitive Guide


As a marketer, you may understand how crucial the leads are for your business. This eBook is a complete guide to lead generation using Facebook advertising. Here, you can learn how many types of lead generation magnets are there and how you can employ them to generate more leads for your business.

8. The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience


If you are more concerned about getting your blogs more attention from the netizens, this eBook is for you. Blogs are certainly a great way to bring more sales and profit for your website, and this guide offers crucial guidance on how to achieve success with blog marketing.

9. The Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing


This book by Sira Bowden focuses on the various aspects of social media marketing and gives a comprehensive overview of the practices. In this book, you will find the use of social media for multiple purposes besides increasing brand awareness. This is available in bookstores, but you can get it for free in PDF format on the internet.

10. Social Media Guide for Small Business


As one can guess, this eBook works as a guide for small businesses who are willing to explore the social media platforms to grow their ventures. It encompasses a huge area of social media marketing and talks about highs and lows of social media marketing practices with real-life examples. This guide can help you create a strong online brand quite effectively.

11. Listen Up! The Definitive Guide to Social Listening for Smarter Business

listen-up-the-definitive-guide to-social-listening-for-smarter-business

This eBook focuses on the matter of social media monitoring, which is undoubtedly one of the most significant marketing tools to be introduced in the recent times. In today’s dynamic environment, every marketer needs to develop the social listening skills, and this eBook helps you understand you can develop and use that skills to make smarter business decisions.

12. B2B Blogging eBook: Basics, Best Practices … and Blunders


“Content is the king”, which is the reason why a lot of businesses that are currently operating online or are willing to go online are focusing on their blog section to drive more traffic to their websites. This eBook, as the name suggests, talks about the fundamental elements of blogging, how it can be used as a tool for online marketing and what are the mistakes that one should avoid.

13. Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing: How to Stop Wasting Your Time on Things That Don’t Work and Start Doing What Does


This book, written by Network marketing experts Ray and Jessica Higdon, talks about the proven strategies for marketing and lead generation which can be employed in the complex social media maze. Starting from the types of social media posts one should be focusing on to what can possibly go wrong with social media marketing – everything is discussed in detail in this book. You can avail it on PDF for free on some websites.

14. The State of Social Marketing: 2017 Annual Report


This particular eBook gives you an overview of how marketers have used social media platforms to grow their business in 2017. More than 5700 marketers have contributed to the report, which you may not find anywhere else. Majorly, this eBook focuses on the benefits of social media marketing and how things worked out or failed in 2017.

15. Get Started Building your Social Media Presence


This book is made for the professionals who are new to the concept of social media marketing. It covers all the popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In fact, this book can help you understand how to increase the number of subscribers/followers on particular social media platform and how you can drive more traffic to your website using those platforms.

16. 27 Killer Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners


Creating fun and engaging Facebook posts can be a bit challenging, especially when your marketing strategy is depending a lot on it. This eBook discusses some proven ideas of Facebook posts that are tailored to help small business owners drive traffic to their website and engage more customers.

17. A Little Book About Branding: How to Make People Love Your Startup


If you are starting a brand-new venture, this book will work as a perfect guide for your brand-building strategy. As the name implies, it talks about how one can create his brand identity from square one. You can learn how to avoid common mistakes that people make while launching the business online from this book. It also talks about areas such as business promotion through social media, email marketing and SEO management, etc.

18. The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook


As the most popular social media platform, Facebook plays a huge role in the strategies regarding social media marketing. It is now a well-known fact that Facebook can be used as a tool to engage more customers. This eBook only tells you, how you can use that to your advantage.

19. How to Use Instagram for Your Business


While Facebook might be one of the most popular platforms for social media marketing, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) is also offering huge opportunities for the marketers. This eBook talks about how you can use Instagram to grow your business and engage more customers in a smarter way.

20. 8 Ways to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Growth


Pinterest may not be the first choice for most of the marketers for lead generation or customer engagement, but it can drive a great amount of traffic and sales to one’s website if it is used properly. This eBook focuses on the effective ways in which you, as a marketer, can grow your business using the particular social media platform.

Well, there are plenty of other amazing pieces of content on the practice of social media marketing that can be quite useful for a marketer. However, the requirements for the marketing practices are changing rapidly with time, which suggests that a few years later, some of these books may not be relevant to the time. So be a little smarter while you are referring to an eBook that focuses on something as dynamic as social media marketing.

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