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Top 15 Location-based Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Social media offers a great market for most business persons since it is an attraction for millions of people. The existing social media platforms offer the available retailers an opportunity to make high profits from their business. However, that will become possible by understanding the clients and their needs. The following location based social media monitoring tools will be helpful.


1. Hootsuite

It is a free social media tool that can be used on Facebook, word press, Twitter foursquare and Google plus. This tool enables you to access the weekly reports from all your accounts. That will enable you to make prompt decisions that will increase the profitability of your business. This tool tends to be more effective when more than one individual is managing your social media accounts.

2. TweetReach


This is another vital tool that is used in managing Twitter accounts. The main task of this tool is to find out how far your tweets have reached. This is extremely helpful when you are planning to target a specific group of people or market on Twitter. It has the capability of measuring the impact of your tweets and any reaction that it might have brought. It can identify your loyal followers too.

3. Klout

This media tool is very crucial in determining what your target clients think about your brand. The tool accomplishes its task by checking the engagement of the people in regards to your brand. Through this tool, you will be able to know what interests your customers about your products. However, there is a controversy about this tool as some people claim that its results are inaccurate.

4. Social mention

This is the most popular tool that enables online retailers to reap huge benefits from their online businesses. This tool provides in depth details about the market and its analysis is very accurate. It operates by measuring influences in four dimension and that includesStrength, passion and the reach. The social mention tool shows hashtags, top keywords and sites too.

5. Twazzup

This tool is recommended for beginners who are planning to make it big on Twitter. This tool enables you to watch other competitors in the market. When you are tracking anything on Twitter, just enter the name and you will gain beneficial information. This monitoring tool offers real time updates and details of the top Twitter influencers. The top keywords related to your search will be shown.

6. Addictomatic


If you are currently thinking of better ways of getting information to rebrand your products according to the interests of the customers, Addictomatic tool will be beneficial. This tool enables you to see how the customers view your brand. This software retrieves its information from various platforms including WordPress, YouTube and many others. It shows the changes in the market too.

7. HowSociable

It is impossible to develop your business and increase its revenue without monitoring your competitors. In this case, you require a social media tool with the ability of gauging the impact of your competitors. This tool is very effective in determining the social media platform that will be beneficial for you in terms of reduced competition. Hence, it examines all your accounts.

8. IceRocket

The professionals offering remote DBA expert service will always advise their clients to rely on the help of the IceRocket to manage their brands online. The IceRocket helps you to know of any blog that mentions your brand. This tool is very dependable in doing this task because its database has over 200 million blogs. Through this software, you can easily know of the latest trend.

9. TweetDeck


This software has the capacity of satisfying any need of the Twitter users. It is suitable for the beginners since it is easy to use and understand. The tool is effective in monitoring tweets, interacts and your messages. You can rely on it when tracking the hashtags too. It also makes the management of several Twitter accounts to be manageable.

10. Mention

It is apparent that every online company and small business is interested in topping the brand mentions in the online market. That will be a possibility once you start using the mention tool. This software monitors millions of sources. It has the ability of translating those sources in 42 different languages. Hence, you can target any market as it eradicates language barrier in business.

11. Twitonomy

This software is more effective in examining the strategies implemented by your competitors. Knowing the activities of the competitors will give you the ideas and plans on countering their offers. By adding the twitter handle of your competitors, you will gain access to their activities. To make the most out of this tool, it is advisable that you focus on the established competitors.

12. Followerwonk

In business, it is important to monitor your growth in the market. In online business, that can only be possible by measuring your presence. On twitter, the presence of a business can be measured using the number of followers it has. This software empowers you to know your influential followers. It gives details on the number of followers and their location too.

13. SumAll

This tool is preferable for the small and medium enterprises striving to find customers on the existing social media platforms. It gives the users the ability to know more about the correlation of their dissimilar social media platforms. This tool offers alerts daily for the users. The intention is to grant you the opportunity of reacting faster to any arising issues concerning your brand.

14. Simply Measured


This tool offers great assistance in tracking your activities on social media. You will need a report of your activities to know if your strategies are effective in meeting your desired goals. Apart from that, it makes it conceivable for its users to get reports from Facebook, Instagram and Google plus. The reports include the analysis of your competitors and level of customer service too.

15. Google Alerts

Google alerts are very reliable in finding out the new information emanating from the topics, which interests you. Signing up for Google alerts is one way of keeping yourself relevant about what is going on in the market. Through these alerts, you can get info about mentioning of your brand too.

Author: Sujain Thomas

Sujain Thomas is a highly experienced expert that has been offering Remote DBA expert service for most online users. During her career, she has used several social media monitoring tools. For more information visit her blog here.

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