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Top 18 UI & UX Prototyping and Wireframe Tools

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The UI and the UX designers are the expert professionals who create the overall presentation style of any of the web solutions that make the use of these solutions easy and simple to understand. The user feels comfortable in using the product. The entire credit for this goes to these designers who make the use of the products satisfying and appealing.


For making this complex job happen, they make use of certain prototyping tools. The top 18 of them have been discussed here.

1. Usability Tools


This is one of the most popular tools used by the UX-UI designers. It has several powerful features. It has the potential to examine a page from the viewpoint of the user. The designer can do the changes required for a higher conversion.

2. MouseStats


The web designers and the professionals of startups make use of this tool to track the activities of the site visitor. The locations where the visitor is going, clicking or scrolling are all tracked to understand the mindset of the user. Changes are made accordingly to enhance conversions.

3. Attensee

This tool is used to measure the areas where the user focuses. When the user brings the mouse to a particular part of the content, the portion becomes clear and gets updated instantly. This stimulates the user to go through the content.

4. Appsee

This is another popular tool that is being used by a large number of companies.It is very useful for the optimization of the mobile applications of the diverse business organizations. The clients who are using the services of this tool are from different business segments.

5. UserVoice


This is a very beneficial tool that is used for helping companies interact and maintain positive business relations with their customers. A huge number of companies are using this. Among the popular ones are UserVoice Feedback, UserVoice Helpdesk and UserVoice Full Service.

6. Polldaddy

This tool is used for polling purposes for blogs, sites and other networking sites. It is also used for collection of data. It offers survey tools that can be used online. It can be used to prepare contact forms for the collection of survey data.

7. Solidify

This is used for the preparation of prototype interfaces for the screens. You can understand through the mockups that are generated. The traffic flow on a particular system can be evaluated through the tests conducted by using this tool.

8. POP


It can be used to convert sketches into prototypes that can be clicked. The prototype can be clicked and sent to another person to get the feedback of the UI scheme. It can be used for the simulation of the user interface.

9. UXPin

This tool is used to design the scheme whether of a high or low quality on a real-time basis. The designs can be evaluated during the stages of the development. This feature was not available in the older tools, when one had to wait for the entire design to be completed.



These have been designed keeping the mobiles in mind. It has the capacity of simulating all the actions of an app. It acts just like a real app does and the real feel can be understood by the designers. Coding is not required for this tool.

11. PowerMockup

This is a very easy to use tool for UX_UI design. It is used with Microsoft PowerPoint. There are numerous templates that can be usedfor the controlling of the interface. Only the selection of the controls and dropping them on the slide will solve the purpose.

12. Balsamiq

This tool is used for the creation of software that is easy to use. The interface mockups can be shared for the websites and the apps for the mobiles and computers easily through the means of sketches.

13. Pidoco


The apps that are prepared can be bettered for the usability. This is done with the help of tests that check the user experience. This can be very effective in creating a better experience for the customers and effecting larger conversions.

14. Memosort

The tool helps in the linking up with the team members even if they are located at a distance away. This allows an excellent brainstorming process that can be carried out in real time.

15. InVision

This tool is very effective in creating prototypes whichare interesting as well as collaborative. The collaboration can be carried out on real-time basis. The link which shows the design may be sent to all the members and all can work upon it together.

16. Mural

The display in this tool is more like a bulletin board.It is a platform that can be used to create innovative UI-UX designs. Different contents can be linked together and presented in a space that is customized. It is put up just like a notice on the wall.

17. Prevue


It is an easy to use tool. It is mainly used by the professional design agencies and the freelancers. It is used to present the designs to the clients through uploading. They are able to see it and give their feedback instantly. There are no troubles of going and giving presentations.

18. StoryboardThat

It is that tool which promotes communication. It is used for open descriptions in a lucid manner. It has a potential of storytelling. There is also a visual communication involved with it.

There are other prototyping tools also but these are the most popular ones that are used widely.

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