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18 Free e-Books for Mobile App Developers

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Mobile app development might not be the Wild West it was a few years ago, but it’s still a changing and growing field. That makes it a perfect field to get into, as it means there is enough information out there to get yourself set up, while the field not yet being so saturated with developers that there is nothing to earn.


To that end and to help you get started, we’re going to point you to some fantastic books that are available for free online so that you can get a leg up and hit the ground running (or keep running, if you’ve already hit the ground) in the field of mobile app development.

1. The Swift Programming Language
This fantastic free Swift ebook provided by Apple company will help mobile developers create apps for iOS devices using – and this will probably surprise you – the Swift language.

2. Android On X86: An Introduction To Optimizing For Intel Architecture
A great ebook that targets at both developers and individuals or enterprises who interested in using Android x86 as an application platform. It starts off non-technical and ramps up from there. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Windows Phone Development Succinctly
This guide is wonderfully exhaustive for developing for Windows Phone out there. It takes you through everything you need to know to develop for their platform, which includes – but isn’t limited to – app distribution, live apps features, hardware and OS integration as well as all the basic core concepts and XAML. Whoever said windows mobile is dead spoke prematurely.

4. IOS Succinctly
If I’d have to describe this ebook, I’d say ‘dense’. A great tome and only 118 pages to boot. Useful, informative and definitely an essential read for anyone interested or currently engaged in developing apps for iOS.

5. Objective-C Succinctly
The companion of the above mentioned IOS succinctly, this ebook covers the primary programming language of all things Mac, iPad and iOS, Objective-C. A great book to get an in-depth look at the relevant fields, it discusses everything you’ll need or want to know about Objective-C. For example,e it deals with data types, memory management, protocols and error handling.

6. 3 Easy Steps to Monetizing Android Apps with Ads
Sometimes you want to develop apps and sometimes you want to monetize them. If you’re in the latter camp, then be sure to check out this free ebook. It will give you the tips, advice and the ideas that you need to do just that.

7. Free ebook: Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
A fantastically useful ebook that will give you the one two three of Windows Phone programming. This little beauty has been shared by the Microsoft company to make certain that you know how to program Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

8. Mobile UX Design: Top Mistakes To Avoid
Here you’ll find an explanation of the five top mistakes developers make when it comes to the UX design of their apps. Yes, you might actually be aware of all of this information, but sometimes you need to be reminded of what you shouldn’t do.

9. Mobile Game Design
People are hooked on mobile gaming. You know that, I know that. Heck even my mom knows that (she’s probably the worst of the lot). If you want to do more than shake your head at all the mobile game junkies out there, pick up this beauty and join the craze on the developer side. It covers such topics such as SDKs, publishing to app stores, as well as traditional and hidden mobile game mechanics.

10. Expert Advice On Building Successful Mobile Apps
This ebook is chock full of expert advice on how you should build a successful mobile app. It’s definitely worth checking out, regardless of how much experience you have as an app developer. It covers such useful areas as app design, UX and the iOS vs Android debate. It includes advice by representatives from Appetizer Mobile, Fueled and Mobiers.

11. Mobile Book Of Trends 2014
Another essential read for app developers, this ebook gives you a great look at some of the trends of 2014 in UX design. The authors discuss almost everything you’ll need to know. For example, they cover mature typography, flat design and microinteractions, as well as as wearable computers and mobile-powered customers.

12. The App Design Handbook
A quick and dirty handbook, this ebook gives you many very useful suggestions on designing icon and splash image for your app. Do you really need to spend time on that? Yes you do, after all with the market as crowded as it is you really need every bit of advice that you can get in getting ahead and a great place to start is at the icon.

13. Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps
This is the ebook you turn to get suggestions on patterns and practices for when you’re designing a mobile web application. The book discusses important such topics as choosing between a web or native experiences, as well as what device to use, how to deliver a mobile-friendly experiences and how to test your app across multiple devices.

14. Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy
Okay, nothing could ever actually live up to the title. Still, this little number comes pretty close. It covers a broad number of fields, including nearly everything relate to mobile app development across most OSes on that market today, and that includes Firefox OS and Tizen included. It includes numerous important fields such as accessibility, application security and monetization. Definitely worth checking out.

15. Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development
BlackBerry might not actually possess much market share anymore (and that is completely their own fault) but they’re still about. What’s more, there aren’t many apps for them out there so it might be a good market to look into. If you do, then be sure to check out this little beauty, which will give you the run down. It touches on fundamental topics such as Qt, C++ and the Cascades UI framework.

16. Android Programming Succinctly
This Android mobile app development ebook will provide you with almost all the information you’ll need regarding the Android UI and is a great place to start if that’s where you’re aiming to make your mark.

17. Native Vs Web Vs Hybrid
This is an in depth look of the native apps, web apps and the new hybrid approach debate. Yes, it’s a complex issue, but if you didn’t want complex you should have studied literature. So roll up your sleeves and dive in with this free ebook, so that you can get a real idea of what’s going on.

18. How To Make An App: HTML5 Mobile Edition
Sometimes you want to program in C++ and sometimes you want to turn to HTML5 to build your mobile app. Well, if you feel like grabbing for the latter, then you could certainly do worse than this little ebook! Check it out to get to grips with the language as well as the web vs native debate. It will also cover what tools you can use to develop HTML5 apps and give you examples of HTML5 apps you can build to hone your HTML5 knowledge.

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