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Top 40 Best Recipes & Food Sites to Cook Delicious & Healthy Meals

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Delicious food is one of the most joyful pleasures in life. Tasty dishes are efficient mood enhancers, nice gestures for others, and the perfect ice-breakers. Although not all people enjoy cooking, there are not many individuals who can resist the temptation to taste a culinary masterpiece.


But if you’re not a professional, it’s quite hard to create a masterpiece without detailed instruction. We’re lucky to live in the era of the internet, where all the recipes of the world are available online. You can find millions of videos, photos, and text recipes effortlessly! Here are the top 40 food sites that we recommend:


This site has a gigantic collection of recipes. They’re divided into many categories according to the type of meal and products used. You’ll find ALL the recipes you need here.


BBC is a source of useful information on any topic. BBCGoodFood will tell you everything about food and even more. You’ll also find articles about lifestyle, culinary competitions, wines, and more.


This site is filled with deliciousness. The photos look amazing, and you won’t be able to resist the desire to cook!


Although this site specializes in the baking of all types, you’ll also find many dessert recipes that have nothing to do with baking. For example, the category “Frozen Desserts” is a perfect choice for a hot summer!


This French expression simply doesn’t do justice to the magnificence of this site. It looks like the most delicious Instagram profile, but also contains thousands of simple and not-so-simple recipes.


“I’ve decided that cooking on a budget shouldn’t mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night.” These words belong to Beth, the woman who created BudgetBytes in 2009. If you want to cook without wasting your money, this site is for you.


This site will be helpful to you if you’re looking for balanced food. You’ll find full and detailed meal plans, along with simple recipes here.


Although the title of this site sounds suspicious, you won’t stumble upon anything indecent here. You’ll see only good recipes and bright photos!


If you’re a fan of healthy food, this site will soon become one of your favorites. Its slogan is “eating the way nature intended.”


Cookie is a dog, and Kate is her adorable owner. She shares the recipes of fresh vegetarian food with everyone who wants.


CookingLight isn’t only about the recipes. You’ll also find some advice on living a healthy lifestyle and news from the industry.


The title of this site speaks for itself. All the recipes here are DAMN DELICIOUS. Don’t waste your chance to touch real culinary art!


If you want to be informed of the current events in the culinary world, Delish is your best option. You’ll find amazing recipes and informative articles on this site.


Don’t let this neologism frighten you away. Healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless food. Gluten-free and sugar-free recipes are waiting for you!

15. EatingWell

EatingWell is a result of the work of an entire team of experts. Their goal is noble – to make healthy food affordable, inspiring, and delicious.


The title of this site is inspired by the name of the famous Greek philosopher, Epicurus. “Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance” – his wise expression characterizes this site well.

17. is a place where all the recipes of the world are at your disposal. You only have to pick one and give it a try!

18. Food&

All food lovers know that drinks are as important as food. A proper drink can reveal the slightest nuances of taste and bring you on a higher level of pleasure. Food&Wine is about perfect combinations, and you’ll love it.


There are 52 weeks in one year, and that’s the exact number of weeks when real gourmets cook delicious food. Take a closer look at the recipes that were acknowledged by the New York Times!


If you’re an active internet user who is interested in culinary art, there is no way that you’ve never heard of Jamie. He is a real master, and we don’t recommend you to neglect his recipes.


In case you’re looking for simple recipes, Minimalistbaker is what you need. The administrators of the site guarantee that you’ll spend a maximum of 30 minutes and use up to 10 ingredients for any recipe.


This food site is perfect for sophisticated foodies. Although some recipes may seem complex, we’re sure that you’re not afraid of challenges.


Cooking vegetarian food isn’t that easy. But Angela, the creator of, believes that meat-free and dairy-free dishes are as delicious as classic ones.


PinchofYum isn’t simply a food site, but also a success story. Lindsay has become a full-time blogger, thanks to her love for delicious food. Her hobby has grown into a big project and the business of her life.


ReadySetEat is a full guide to the journey around the world of tasty and healthy food. The main purpose of this project is to inspire people to be adventurous while cooking and not to be afraid of experiments.


Being a mom is true happiness, but it’s also a difficult challenge. This site will help to plan a family menu for a week and make all the family members happy.


If you want to become a real food scientist, is a great opportunity for you. This site contains so much information that you’ll have to spend hours and hours to study at least 5%!


Why serious? Creators of this site assure: “We take seriously our responsibility to produce only food-related features that are useful, interesting, and accurate.”


Today, more and more people pick the path of veganism. Unfortunately, this practice is surrounded by myths and stereotypes. SimpleVeganBlog proves that being vegan isn’t only healthy, but also tasty!


Each recipe on this site is tested several times to make sure that they’ll work for everyone. We’re sure that you’ll find the inspiration to cook more at


In case you want to lose weight without terrifying diets and exhaustive exercises, skinny taste will help you out. Healthy food and portion control are the two main features of this site.


Do you know how the word “home” tastes? Right, it tastes like love. And you’ll certainly find much love and many recipes on this site.


Tasty is one of the BuzzFeed brands, and this company knows how to provide high-quality content. They also offer a user-friendly app that will offer new recipes every day.


If you want to become proficient not only at cooking but also at organizing your kitchen, this site will be the best option for you. Delicious recipes, useful tips, and friendly recommendations – you’ll find them all here.


This project has an amazing interface. You’ll find the perfect recipe, plan your menu, and make a shopping list easily!


This site gives you access to 50,000 different recipes. It’s hard to resist such a great chance, right?


As you’ve already understood from the title, this site has a narrow specialization. For those who can’t imagine their life without beef – you are welcome!


The creator of keeps it simple and laconic. If you’re tired of excess, then this is what you’re looking for.


This site has one special feature. A visitor can pick the number of portions, and the system will count the number of ingredients automatically.


Cookpad is available in many languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc. You won’t have any difficulties in case English isn’t your mother tongue.

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