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Top 10 Live Video Streaming Sites to Broadcast and Watch Events Online

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Undeniably video streaming is one of the most popular activities that occupy a significant amount of Internet users’ time. Be it a sports events, music concerts, TV shows or world news, you can watch them live on the web, either free or paid subscription.


Due to the advancement in high speed Internet and popularity of mobile devices, big companies like Apple and Google have entered the online TV markets. It shows how important video streaming is these days. So if you are an Internet marker, e-commerce entrepreneur or content publisher, video streaming is something you absolutely can’t afford to miss!


Today we’ve rounded up 10 most commonly used video streaming services where you can live stream any shows and events by connecting your webcam, camcorder, or mobile device to the Internet. These sites offer all the necessary video and broadcast tools so that you can reach your target audience easily. Apart from that, social sharing features are also available where you can embed video on your blog, or share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. So if you are ready to live stream your show for the first time, check out the following websites.

UStream is one of the most popular live video streaming services that allow you to broadcast your live shows and events online. The site features multiple social media buttons and functionalities making video sharing an easy task. Also, users can search and watch online events without having to login to the service.

Livestream is another widely used live streaming video platform. Users can broadcast video online through camcorder, computer’s webcam, smartphone, camera, etc. The service offers a variety of video tools, media players, embedding and sharing features, helping you to connect your live video to your audience.

Justin TV
Justin TV, another good choice for broadcasting user-generated live video while allowing users to create real-time connections with people around the world. The free service allows users’ videos reach unlimited number of audience for free. As a viewer, you can watch the broadcasts without having to register as a member.

Bambuser allows users to live stream videos from the mobile phone, computer’s webcam and DV camera. The free service is social media friendly, you can easily stream live mobile video on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Myspace. Other features include integrated online storage, geo-location tagging as well as sharing buttons.

This is a live social TV platform where users can broadcast videos through mobile phone and webcam. It’s a good place to watch live broadcasts and meet new friends.

With QIK, you can capture mobile video and share it with others right when you’re recording. Additionally you can use mobile video chat with other QIK users. QIK is social networks supported, making video embedding and sharing an easy task.

With Freedocast, you can broadcast live video and chat with other users. The service comes with Flash video encoder which provides you the best quality streaming. Freedocast also enables you to add effects to videos, making your PC a studio.

Vaughn Live
This is a social broadcast and entertainment site where users can live stream video and make new friends.

Vokle is a good place to broadcast live video and audio to wide audience and the videos can be easily embedded on any websites and blogs. The platform allows users to take text and video call questions from audience for better discussion and interaction.

Flixwagon enables users to use their mobile phones to broadcast live video online. Users can watch videos on the site, upload them to YouTube as well as share it on Facebook.

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