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20 Tips for Producing Successful Facebook Live Videos

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From among all the feature additions in Facebook, one was introduced recently and gained immense popularity in a short time: Facebook Live video. When the option of live video was introduced, a lot of individuals and pages started posting live videos for testing and it became a trend on Facebook.


While a lot of people and pages may use the Facebook Live video option for fun, majority of businesses and pages try to reap some benefits out of it. In fact, social media experts claim that the main purpose of introducing the Facebook Live video was to allow pages and businesses to be able to use one more tool for promotion and awareness. A survey revealed that Facebook Live videos were actually able to make many pages popular but a matter of concern is that why some other pages were not successful in doing this?


Just producing a Facebook Live video is not the task but there are some strategies needed to make it efficient. Following are some of the most efficient strategies you can use:

1. Know the purpose of your video

When you know the purpose of whatever task you are about to perform, it is easier to draft a plan, set goals and think of strategies that would help you achieve those goals. Hence the first step is to think wisely about the exact purpose of the live video.

2. Drafting a plan for the video

Once you decide on a purpose either alone or with a team, start drafting the plan on whether there would be a script or improvised video, what would it focus on, the theme of the video, targeted audience, expected reach and so on. Make sure to be realistic when drafting the plan especially when you are producing a Facebook Live video for the first time.

3. Know how the live video option works

It is normal for a first-timer to not know how the Facebook Live video works. Therefore before you begin the official streaming of the live video, try it out from your personal account first so that you are aware of all the possible problems that arise during the live video. When you tap the ‘publish’ option, there is a sign of live video in which there are circle signals on a man’s head. That will start your live video so try before going live from your page.

4. Make the video interactive


When drafting the plan, keep in mind that the more interactive a video is, the more traffic you will be able to attract. A notable feature of Facebook Live video is that you are able to read the comments of viewers promptly and reply to them. Viewers often feel special when you mention their name in your live video and reply to them which eventually makes them a regular viewer of your live videos.

5. Create hype before going live

A research revealed that if an average user of social media is scrolling through his newsfeed, it is highly unlikely that he will watch the live video that suddenly appears. Therefore it is suggested to create some hype before going live which will surely increase the number of viewers. The hype must make users curious about what the video is about so think of something creative.

6. Time factor

Going live on a weekday at 12pm might be the worst decision of your life! This is because most of the people are busy in work, classes or similar activities at this time of the day which means fewer viewers of your live video. Choose a peak time according to your country laws when you are sure that people will watch the video like just before they sleep or so on.

7. Excellent internet connection

The most unattractive and annoying part of Facebook Live video is when there is disruption due to poor internet. Before going live, make sure you have a reliable and fast internet so that you can execute the plan smoothly.

8. Wait for it

Going live and expecting thousands of viewers just like that is something unrealistic. No matter how popular your page already is or how much hype you created before going live, it will always take some time to build up the audience. People join in gradually and the viewers keep on increasing till the end of the video.

9. Keep it longer

When you shoot teaser and promotional videos, the aim is to keep it short so that people do not get bored. However, plan the live video in a way that it extends to at least 20 minutes. This is because live video requires time to get viewers as mentioned above so the longer the video is, more will be the viewers.

10. Post-video viewers


The viewership does not end when Facebook live video is stopped and hence you should keep a close track of the views after the live video has ended.

11. Why viewership matters?

The reason why you should keep track of the live video and post-video viewership is to analyze the progress when you go live again in future. Your aim should be an increase in the number of viewers, paying less attention to the number itself.

12. Request a share

Without looking desperate for shares, request the viewers to share your live video if they like it. Do this at most twice throughout the video when the number of viewers are good enough. Sharing will further increase the post-video viewership.

13. Do not act fake

Be original in whatever you do without caring for what people might think. It is definitely better than acting in the first video and then turning out to be a completely different person in the next. This will also boost your confidence!

14. Include ‘attractive distractions’ in the video

Since your aim is to make the video interactive, include something that wins the attention of viewers. For example, some people use exceptionally good colorful painting in the background and receive live comments on it.

15. Be aware of the lights


A video does not seem visually appealing if the lights are dim. The better the lights are, better would be the video quality so before going live, make sure the lights are perfect in the area you are sitting.

16. Are you clearly audible?

Just like bad lighting can leave a negative image of your page on the viewers, a disruptive and unclear audio also does the same job. Before going live, test the microphone you are using and check if it is working fine.

17. Tripod for convenience

Holding your phone or tablet for more than 20 minutes does not sound very convenient. Hence for a smooth Facebook live video, it is imperative to have a tripod so that you can set the phone or tablet at one position.

18. Edit and boost the video

Once the video ends, you have to improve post-video viewership and hence you must edit the video description. Also try to boost the post through Facebook promotion so that it reaches the maximum number of people.

19. Facebook mentions for verified accounts

If your page is verified as official by Facebook, go live via Facebook Mentions because that is said to have higher reach than any other app you use.

20. Do not consider it as a job or responsibility

Remember that video is all about having fun with the viewers. If you take it as a job or responsibility, you will feel nervous and break your confidence down resulting in a poor video.

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