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Top 20 Most Popular Search Engines in China

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The search engine market in China has maintained an overall stable growth. As a matter of fact, during the last quarter of 2012, various search engines have earned about $8 billion RMB. By the third quarter of 2014, it reached more than $15 billion RMB, which presented more than 50% increase in just a period of two years.


As to whether Chinese netizens use the internet to search, different mobile devices have spearheaded the way. This means that during the last two years, a huge jump on the average has been expected. It has been identified that mobile devices proved to be the main source of raw searches. As such, it has also turned out to be the main revenue source for the Chinese search engine marketing.

1. Baidu

Baidu is considered as Google’s counterpart in China. If you are looking at SEO at the perspective of the Chinese users, Baidu is what you need to be looking for. After all, it is the most popular search engine here, with a usage of 58.3% on the market. For this very reason, it has served as the standard, and the basis of other Chinese search engines.


The presence of Baidu in the country is so huge, that it has ultimately ranked as third most used search engine in the whole world. It offers not just search engine utilization, but also a wide range of different marketing solutions, including marketing services, display advertisements, all through their affiliate websites and their site. It is also popular for its capability to interpret Chinese text quickly, leading to even better and higher quality results. This does not mean, however, that Baidu is relatively more expensive when it comes to pay-per-click services as compared to other engines.

One huge difference between Baidu and Google is that the former does not have any rules that punish offenders of copy and pasting of text. This only means that if you are planning to advertise in China, it is highly possible to add a huge amount of content in your website, despite the fact that it has already been published. Unlike Google, it also combines together organic and PPC rankings.

2. Sogou


Sogou is a search engine that was established in 2004. Even though it has not posed as a rival for Baidu, it is still considered as a leader in the market. It is also known for its unique algorithm, ‘SogouRank’ index, and SERP layout. This has made it a very useful for companies who are searching for ways to reach residents of lower tier locations since it is generally more affordable when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. According to a study, Sogou has also improved in ranking in the industry, having reached $98 million USD during the third quarter of 2014.

3. QiHoo 360

QiHoo 360 is considered as among the leading internet search engine in China, according to its active user base. It focuses on security as a vital need of all users, including mobile. As such, it has created a huge user base by means of offering effective, comprehensive, as well as user-friendly internet as well as other mobile security products.

4. Chinaso


This search engine enables users to easily search different articles of the major magazines and newspapers of the country. The service it provides cover websites, news, pictures, maps and videos, along with 16 channels that range from sports, economy, as well as applications which can be used by mobile users.

5. Youdao

Youdao is a search engine in China released by the company NetEase. It allows users to easily search for images, web pages, music, news, blogs, and even Chinese to English entries in the dictionary, and several others. In 2012, Hui-hui shopping assistant was established, serving as a tool that will allow users to compare items and prices online.

6. Google

Google search is an internet search engine created by Google. It is considered as the most popular, and used web search engine on the World Wide Web today. In fact, in terms of active user base, it handles over three billion raw searches every day. It is a multilingual platform, thus allowing users in China to use the services it provides.

7. Bing


Bing is an internet search engine which is operated and run by Microsoft. It offers various services, including video, web, map search, as well as image. It supports several languages, including both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, making it one of the available options on search engines in China.

8. Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search is also one of the search engines used in China by actual Chinese netizens.
Aside from its basic search capability, it also offers blogs regarding features, search announcements. As well as enhancements. It offers its search interface to about 38 international markets, offering both simplified and traditional Chinese scripts for users in China.

9. Ecosia

Ecosia is an internet search engine which is based in Germany. What makes it unique is that it donates 80% of its income to different nonprofit conservationist organizations, which are focusing on tree planting. Chinese users who decide to utilize Ecosia in their searches do not just find what they are looking for, but also get the chance to help the environment.

10. Yandex Search

Yandex is an internet search engine developed by a multinational technology company in Russia. It is the biggest in Russia with more than 60% of the market share of the country. As a nation close to Russia, Chinese netizens also get to enjoy the benefits of using this search engine.

11. Lycos

This search engine was established back in 1994, operating as a multinational solution for different countries. Users from China are able to use the services, as it offers both Simplified and Traditional Chinese scripts.

12. ChaCha

ChaCha search is a search engine that is human guided. It offers real-time, free answers to any type of question through the website, or through the mobile app of the company. The name itself comes from the Mandarin Chinese word ‘cha’ meaning ‘to search’.

13. Uncover China


This search engine offers a comprehensive access to some categorized links to different websites operating in Shanghai. It may not be the biggest, but it offers functional service to Chinese netizens.

14. Shenma

Shenma search engine is relatively new in the market, but it has already penetrated the mobile search of the country by 20%. As such, it has become a promising search engine which works toward providing netizens what they need.

15. Zhongsou


Zhongsou is a provider of various internet services, currently focusing on search engine technology. With this, it offers its huge base of users with a one stop, and personalized solutions while offer small and medium-sized businesses with a personalized internet marketing solution.

16. Findouter China

This search engine offers functional services for netizens, providing information about everything related to China.

17. Bhanvad

As an internet search engine, Bhanvad serves as a web directory of different websites in China. The websites are organized into different subjects, allowing netizens to find related information easier.

18. ODP

ODP, or Open Directory Project, is a multilingual and open content directory of different links to the World Wide Web. It is currently under AOL, but it has been established and maintained by a certain community composed of volunteer editors.

19. Shodan

Shodan claims itself as the first search engine in the world to offer information on internet connected devise. It has servers that are situated all over the world, crawling the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing the latest in internet intelligence.

20. Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha is described as a Computational Knowledge Engine. As such, it acts more than just a search engine. It also provides access to different data and facts, calculating answers across different topics, including science, and others.

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