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20 Tech Tools to Run Business from Anywhere in the World

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Modern technology has made it possible for many people to work from home; or even from the coffee shop on the corner. Business owners can now stay in touch with their business operations at all times of the day and night, regardless of where they are in the world.


The following 20 tech tools will assist anyone to work anywhere productively:

The Basecamp app will allow you to communicate with your staff. It manages projects and enables you to see who is currently working on the project; you can even assign a task to someone.

join-me is a screen-sharing and virtual meeting software meant to help companies run their businesses remotely. It is an intuitive type of app that doesn’t require subscriptions or downloads from users or clients.

PayPal is an online service for sending/receiving money from abroad. It supports both iOS and Android, and it can be used easily from smartphones and tablets. The tech tool is fundamental when working with people overseas. You won’t have to worry about faulty payments and exchange rates any longer as PayPal has you covered.

Social media interaction can become extremely difficult to handle when you’re in a different time zone. And yet, you can’t build online authority unless you’re active on social media. Buffer can help you stay connected. The app allows users to schedule social media related posts on a wide range of platforms.

Small start-ups that don’t have an accountant just yet can consider Freshbooks. The online accounting programs helps with keeping track of income, expenses and more. It’s an excellent app for new businesses trying to stay organized.

When you’re hundreds of miles away from your desktop computer it can be difficult to gain access. With LogMeIn, getting access remotely has never been easier. With this app you can log in from anywhere in the world.

Boomerang is a thoughtful app that allows you to send emails via Gmail to anyone, regardless of where you and they are in the world. The nice part is that the app will hold the email and send it at a pre-designated time; to avoid disturbing someone when they are asleep.

If youe business involves any sort of customer service, then you need Zendesk. It is an excellent type of app that is often used remotely. Zendesk permits users to keep track of all interactions; nothing can be lost of hidden, and you can get access from anywhere. Companies of all sizes and shapes are welcomed to use it; Zendesk is a great way of bringing customers and companies together.



Dropbox has become an incredibly popular tool. Files can be stored in the drop box and accessed from anywhere in the world. This means you have up to date reports and information when you need them.

Trello is a device which allows you to track the progress of a project. The beauty of this software is that it creates a visual representation of the progress of any project; enabling you to see progress at a glance.

People who work remotely are often distracted and may spend some or most of their time procrastinating. The Toggl app allows you to monitor what you are doing with your time, without using pen and paper. It will certainly aid productivity.

Skype allows you to communicate with anyone in the world for free! You can correspond via message, phone call or even a video call. It is even possible to add others to the conversation and have a conference call.

You no longer need to carry bundles of paperwork with you and a bunch of post-it notes reminding you of what needs doing. Evernote stores all the documents you want and allows you to clip notes from the web or emails to your pages.

It is often important to plan your approach to a given task or project and this can be easier to achieve; and subsequently follow, if it is portrayed graphically. Freemind allows you to do just that and for multiple people to contribute, making it a great way of brainstorming.

Emails are the lifeline and the brain of any business. Infusionsoft is an app that permits you to automate huge portions of your business and add customized funnels to ensure you are aware of what is going on and when. It will even create a warning message if something falls outside the given parameters.

Time Trade
The more you are away from the office the harder it will be for staff or customers to schedule appointments with you. Time Trade allows anyone to set up an appointment with you automatically; it syncs with Google calendar to ensure there is no dual booking.

Pingdom is designed to monitor and report on your website. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world and will tell you all the necessary statistics including uptime, response time and any known issues.

Prey is a security app designed to provide a sense of security and assist you in finding your property should someone take it. The software is incorporated into your computer and will send you screenshots, location information and even pictures from a hidden camera. You are almost guaranteed to be able to locate your property!

Bluehost is a hosting service which will automatically resolve any issues with your hosting service or equipment. It can be a lifesaver if you are on the other side of the planet and your service goes down.

Prezi helps with the creation of presentations whilst on the move. It can access any information saved on your cloud and the presentation can also be saved to your cloud. This means you can create a presentation whenever the inspiration strikes you and automatically sync it across all your devices; ready to be used at a moment’s notice!

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