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How to Find Mobile App Developer – 5 Important Tips

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Application development is one of the most rapidly growing and developing niches in IT. Demand spawns the offer so there are increasingly many developers out there on the market promising to put their heart and soul into your software project, be it even the most complex solution that you’re having in mind.


How to choose the most sufficient candidate or gather a prominent team, which would ask for a reasonable enough payment on top of providing top-notch professional skills? Let’s try to figure this ‘ultimate choice dilemma’ out.

5 Tips for App Developers Searching

Without further ado and too much introduction, these tips will direct you and help you decide where and how to find an app developer for your project.

1. Resources to Search


If you’re wondering “How to find an app developer efficiently and fast?”, you must realize that the social media profile post or an announcement on your personal website describing the vacant position is the least you can do to find someone.

Ideally, your searches must be more active and involving. In particular, browse through professional social media, such as LinkedIn and Sumry. Register on an online labor market like Upwork and Behance. Here you can find pretty rare candidates (even the specialists with a solid experience in creating apps based on blockchain).

You should also check developers’ online communities. Perhaps, you will find someone’s competent answers and pieces of expertise in threads quite impressive and thus get another potential job candidate.

Last but not least, as an option, you could turn to a specialized IT company – you will save time and your mental powers (just imagine how much time it takes to really go through thousands of resumes to find a perfect candidate!).

2. Define Your Requirements


To compose a proper and precise list of requirements for a potential recruit may be some task. That is If you aren’t tech-savvy when it comes to the technical implementation aspects of your software solution. Your best, most painless bet in such a case would be to go to an IT company and thoroughly discuss the potential realization of your business idea with dedicated experts (which will provide you with approximate calculations for your future project budget). This can be a pretty sufficient option, as not every product owner is always ready to put that much time and effort into managing all aspects and processes the development and deployment.

On the other hand, the provided info will give you a big picture of which exact technologies will be involved in your solution. This will make it much easier for you to formulate the position description and find mobile app developers, specializing in the particular IT niche.

And, well, of course, don’t neglect reading and acquiring knowledge yourself. The more you know about the technologies used in the creation of apps as well as methodologies and principles of software development, the easier it will be for you to understand how competent and skillful your particular candidates are.

3. Analyze Candidate Portfolios


It doesn’t matter who you’re planning on cooperating with – a solo-working freelancer or a whole IT company – in any case, take your time to make sure that all of the works presented in your candidate’s portfolio aren’t fake and are authentically created by this person or team.

It is a common case where a pretty solid cover (with an impressive list of professional achievements, vivid portfolio, and loud promises) hides regular amateurs aren’t able to ‘chisel out’ the project to the completion or fail it completely due to incompetence.

It’s great to personally contact at least a couple of previous clients of your potential employee and make sure they are (candidate) who they say they are.

4. Assess Your Capabilities


Think about the form of cooperation that would be most sufficient for you. Some say that the most productive work comes out when developers work alongside each other. Nevertheless, more and more company owners prefer managing the business remotely considering office space rent prices and organization of working places including the purchase of powerful hardware and monthly tax payments.

The reasonable pricing isn’t an only advantage of the remote management approach. First of all, it expands the scope of search for possible candidates (which means that you get more chances to gather a ‘perfect’ team of ‘perfect’ employees, abilities and skills of which would fully meet your requirements). Secondly, you’ll be able to find remote experts in certain areas of the world offering quite pleasing prices (especially if we regard the rates requested by programmers from the USA, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia) alongside the high quality of work (many developers from Mexico and India, for example, have become globally prominent for the incompetence of provided IT services).

The advantageous ‘pleasing prices’ we’ve mentioned are found in the countries of Eastern Europe – Ukraine and Belorussia. These countries have a cheaper level of life, therefore lower payments requested by the local developers. Ukrainian and Belarusian specialists offer competitive rates while providing a decent level of execution and getting decent salaries by local exchange rates.

5. Prepare for an Interview


In order to be able to assess the professional skills of your interviewee, it’s crucial to possess at least the basic knowledge of the field of development, in which your project will be involved. It is an especially difficult task for those gathering a team of freelancers without any image of the technical part of the project.

There are two ways out of this situation: either turn to the recruiting agency which will conduct an interview instead of you or employ the services of a fully-formed IT company. Which way to choose is your personal decision (but keep in mind that the services of a recruiting agency imply only the search and presentation of candidates for a successful further cooperation – it will be your job to coordinate the workflow of hired programmers; so if you hesitate your management abilities, regard the second option).


As you can see, it may not be that easy to find app developers. The process will require time, some effort, and professional skills that will allow you to define the level of the candidate’s competence. Cannot waste even a bit of your time on all that? Our tried and tested, experienced experts will help you! We are providing 100+ clients all over the world with high-quality professional service and now we’re ready to take up your project, so let’s do it. Contact us via email and we’ll hit you up as soon as possible.

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