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20 Pinterest Tips to Get More Followers and Drive Blog / Business Traffic

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Most of the blogs, websites and businesses have both Facebook and Twitter profiles to engage with their online audience. However having only these 2 social profiles are simply not enough, you should have multiple social media profiles targeting different groups of Internet users.


Among myriad of social networks available on the web, Pinterest is definitely one of them you should add into your social marketing strategy. Basically Pinterest is a visual discovery, collection and sharing service that allows you to manage collection of images, videos and other online contents, and share with other people online.

These collections, also known as ‘pinboards’ can be of different interests, trends, hobbies, and events where you can gather all the relevant contents in a one single place for online sharing. By being active on Pinterest to get more views, more repins and more likes, it helps to drive traffic to your blogs, websites and improve your online businesses.

Pinterest, just like other social networks, you need a large pool of followers to expand your reach to a broader social community. And that’s the reason why we’ve written this post to teach you 20 most effective ways to get more followers on Pinterest. Hope you’ll find this article useful!


Keep the About Section Updated

The ‘About’ section of business/corporate social media profile is tend to be neglected by the owner. Ask yourself when was the last time you updated your Pinterest ‘About’ section? If the description already outdated, give it a new write-up to align with your social marketing strategy by including some SEO friendly keywords. It helps to improve traffic from Google and other search engines.

Put up an Impressive Profile Image

Your Pinterest profile picture is one of key factors that determine whether or not new visitors want to become your followers. Hence remember to display a clear and visually appealing profile picture giving a good impression to visitors rather than putting up a fuzzy and boring image.

Make Your Pinterest Cover Board Attractive

By default, board cover is displayed by using your first Pin on the board. To catch the attention of your visitors, you can change the cover board by choosing your most popular Pin instead.

Regularly Update Your Pinterest Boards with Trending Pictures

To give a very first good impression to your new visitors, the fist couple of cows in your Pinterest boards matter. Imagine if the top of your grid layout showcasing some out-of-date pictures, chances are your visitors will think you are not serious about maintaining the board and they will most likely head to elsewhere within seconds. Hence it’s imperative to display some trending pictures on your board.

Give Specific Names to Your Pinterest Boards

Giving a specific name to each and every of your Pinterest board helps to drive more traffic to your site. Why? It assists more people find the images they want easily thus generating more click throughs from Pinterest to your website.

Add New Board with Specific Topic

If you stumble upon some pictures with new topic, instead of pinning them to your existing board why not create a new board specifically for them? This gives your followers a fresh topic to explore while telling them your Pinterest always stay up to date with the latest trends.

Show Active Boards at the Top
When your visitors come to your page, most of them will look for top few boards. So it’s important to make sure those boards are fill with awesome pins. Avoid leaving the boards empty as this gives bad impression to your visitors that you are not active.

Follow Other Pinterest Users

Look for top followed Pinterest profiles and those profiles that share the same interest as you then start following them. You can use Pinterest Search to look for other users and their brands. If your boards contribute great value to the community, surely you will instantly get more followers.

Pin Good Quality Images Only
Another tip to drive more followers is to pin high quality images only to your boards.
The maximum width for image on Pinterest is 736px. While there’s no limit in length, we recommend you use the aspect ratio of 2:3 and 4:5 to get the best image result. Always keep that in mind when you pin images.


Add CTA (Call to Action) on Your Pins

To encourage better interaction between you and your followers, you can include call to action on your pins by asking your visitors to re-pin, make comments or like the pin. Don’t leave your pin’s description plain. Some studies have revealed that pins with CTA descriptions tend to receive more views and attract more followers.

Include Hashtags on Your Pins

When pinning an image, why not add some hashtags e.g. #SEO, #webdesign, #blogging etc. and include captions to attract more followers. This practice will make your images reachable to more people especially those using Pinterest Search to look for content.

Repin Your Old Images

Some old but cool images such as festive season and birthday related pictures are meant to be repinned. This is because your followers will find them useful annually. When you re-pin an old image, make sure you delete the original pin to avoid 2 same pins show up on your board. Also don’t forget to include a description with specific keywords to improve your SEO strategy.

Pin More during High Traffic Times

During the high traffic times especially in the early morning and evening hours, make sure to leverage it by pinning more pictures. This increase chances of getting repinned thus further driving in more traffic.

Pin within the Trends

Make use of some trend analysis tools to understand what are the most popular search terms and trends both locally and globally. Simply pin within the trends will receive high volume of traffic.

Like, Repin and Comment More on Pins

It’s a good practice if you can make comment on your favourite pins or like them by clicking the heart located at the top right corner of the pins. When you interact with the pins your name will show up in the pinners’ notification feed thus increase the chances of making them become your followers.

Tag Other Users on Pins

Another great way to attract more followers is to tag other users by using ‘@username’ on the pin’s description. For businesses, tagging other companies and professionals helps to build your reputation and gain more exposure.

Link to Facebook, Twitter or Google+

Pinterest is associated with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Gmail and Yahoo! You should connect your Pinterest profile with one of these mainstream social networks and invite your friends and existing fans to follow you on Pinterest. Also, under Pinterest settings section, you can enable the ‘Link to Timeline’ feature as it helps you post all your Pinterest activities on your Facebook’s Timeline.


Add Pinterest Link on Your Blog / Website

In case you haven’t done it, remember to include your Pinterest profile link on the sidebar or footer section of your blog or website. This will increase the chances of getting more traffic to your Pinterest when people visit your blog or website.

Make Use of Pinterest Third-Party Apps

There are myriad of Pinterest third party tools and browser extensions available on the web. In additional to helping you attract more followers and giving you additional sharing functionally, these Pinterest resources also let you monitor trends, view statistics and analyze user activities.

Use Pinterest Brand in Your Marketing

In the Pinterest’s Brand Guidelines page, you can download its logos, badges and ‘Pin It’ mark to display on your website as part of the social media marketing strategies. Some useful Pinterest promotions and marketing resources are also available on the page.



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