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How to Get More Google+ Plus Page Followers (10 Tips)

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Looking for some effective tips to get more followers on your Google+ Plus page? Having Facebook and Twitter to promote your business is not enough, Google Plus is another social network you must have and make use of. The Google social networking site is equipped with a set of capabilities, providing you completely different kind of interest sharing and social engagement.


As of June 2012, Google+ has 150 million active users while Facebook and Twitter’s active users already exceeded 955 million and 500 million respectively. However, in the world of Internet and technology, everything can change at the snap of a finger. Who knows that Google+ may replace Facebook becoming the largest social network in the near future?

So whether you are running a blog, website, or business of any kind, make sure you’ve included Google+ into your social media marketing strategies. Here are 10 very useful tips which you can use to increase the number of Google+ followers for better social engagement and wider networking! Any Google+ Plus tips and tricks we may’ve missed, please let us know in the comments box below.

1. Optimize and Populate Google+ Page with Rich Contents
Before introducing your Google+ page to new visitors, make sure it has sufficient contents and posts for sharing. More importantly you need to convince them to add your page to their circles by offering them unique values that can be hardly found at other places.

2. Follow People that Relevant to Your Business
Spend more time on finding right people that could be interested in your products or services. Like most of the Google services, Google+ also has a powerful search engine enabling you to look for target audience by searching keywords that relevant to your business. It allows you to set some search criteria such as Everything, People and Pages, Google+ Posts, Sparks, Hangouts, and Events, assisting you to find the right people and build good social connection with them.

3. Promote Your Google+ Page on Other Social Networks
Leverage your established Facebook page, Twitter profile and other social networks by encouraging your fans and followers to join your newly setup Google+ page. Chances are, if you fans already find value in the content you’re sharing via these social networks, they will most likely become your Google+ page follower too!

4. Publish Only High-Quality Content
Just like the way you share stuff on other social networks, do the same for Google+ on a regular basis. However, instead of posting boring and useless content, you should create, +1, and re-share something unique, beneficial and why not, entertaining. Be it an article, image, audio or video, sharing high quality content will not only get your existing followers stay with you for a long period of time, but also attract more people to join your circles. Also, don’t forget to leave your own comment whenever you share something as this encourages your followers to engage with you and take the conversation further.

5. Introduce Your Google+ Page through Blog Posts
If you happen to be a blogger or website owner, why don’t you leverage your site by writing blog posts to introduce your new Google+ page? Just tell your readers what you’ll be sharing and convince them why they should add your page to their circles.

6. Add Google Plus Follow Button to Your Website
Another simple way to get more followers is to add G+ button to your blog or website.
It enables visitors who like your site and posts become your Google+ followers easily by just clicking the button.

7. Ask Followers to Share Your Google+ Page and Posts
Another easy way to promote your Google Plus page is to ask your existing followers to share your page and posts within their circles. This helps to increase the visibility of your G+ page to new people, and thus increase the chances of getting more followers who are interested in your content.

8. Spend More Time to Comment
A great way to boost the number of followers is to participate in conversation with relevant people in your circles. Through commenting strategy, you can easily build an active and engaged audience in your online community. Additionally, your conversations in Google Plus might be integrated into search results which allow people who are connected with you see your content through Google Search.

9. Make Use of Hangouts
Google+ has a great feature called Hangouts which allows you to meet new people through video. Yes, instead of posting text updates, why not engage your followers through online video? This face-to-face visual experience will definitely foster better connection between you and your followers.

10. Make Use of Google+ Direct Connect
Direct Connect is one of the unique features offered by Google+. It allows Google Search users easily navigate to your Google+ page. For example, if you searched for the query “+youtube”, you will be immediately taken to the YouTube Google+ page with the option to add the page to your circles. This helps to increase the chances of generating new followers.


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