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Archives – September, 2011

Top 20 of Most Popular, Funny and Amazing YouTube Videos You Must Watch

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Are you looking to watch the wildest and wackiest YouTube viral videos of all time? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! Instead of bringing you music videos like Justin Bieber’s Baby or Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance which you may have watched on TV, we prefer to showcase something really funny and amazing that have been seen by millions and discussed by millions more!


Let’s take a look which YouTube videos have been selected as our Top 20. We are very confident that you will like this collection, so remember to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Enjoy! Read more…

Showcase of 50 Most Impressive and Creative Single Page Websites

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Ever wonder how web designers managed to deliver their information through a single page website? Well, you will be surprised that sometimes single page site delivers even more info than multi-page site with the help of accordion scripts, tabs and other web functionalities. For those of you who intended to create a portfolio site, single-page design is definitely a good choice as it allows your visitors to see the contents clearly and easily. It would be great if you add in some unconventional and creative design elements that able to stand out your site from other traditional portfolio design such as one contact us page, one about us page, gallery style, etc.


In today’s post, we’ve listed more than 50 excellent examples of single-page websites which will surely inspire you. So if you happened to be a web developer or blogger who passionate about web design, why don’t you pick up some ideas from this collection and apply to your own design? Just keep scrolling the mouse wheel and enjoy these beautiful web sites! Read more…

Top 26 of Best Facebook Fan Page Apps that Attract Millions of Fans

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How to create a successful Facebook fan page? One of the biggest challenges to manage a Facebook fan page is probably maintaining user engagement. You might be able to get people like your page by giving away freebies for “fan-only”, but how do you get them come back to your page or even get them to interact with you? Fortunately there are tons of Facebook apps out there to help you engage with your fans and improve the user experience.


In this article, we’ll focus on some of the best Facebook applications which allow you to customize your landing page and tab, add chat rooms, polls, emails, ecommerce and much more! So just take action now to install these apps and boost the popularity of your Facebook page! Don’t forget to share with us which app is your favorite. Read more…

60 Truly Awesome Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

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Don’t be disappointed if you are not a good photographer, because you still can publish great photos online as long as you have photo editing skills in Photoshop. That’s probably part of the reasons why the demand for Photoshop tutorials has been increasing in these days. With Photoshop, you can perform various kinds of image effects, photo manipulation, image abstract design, 3D, and several other design features with a very satisfactory quality. Today we are going to showcase up to 60 useful Photoshop tutorials for awesome photo effects. We hope you will like this collection.


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How to Create a YouTube Playlist to Make a Looping of Video Clips

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Do you want to watch a bunch of YouTube videos all at once without having to select one after another? One way to get a collection of clips to play back-to-back is to put them all on a playlist within YouTube. Here are a few ways to get you started with making your YouTube playlists:


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Top 50 of Best Photoshop Tutorial Web Sites for Graphic Designers and Web Designers

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When it comes to graphic design, Adobe Photoshop is usually the first image editing program to consider. The program’s popularity has made tons of great tutorials, tips, and techniques available on the web. So it’s possible for you to master your Photoshop skills at home without taking any graphic design courses. To help you get it started immediately, here is our ultimate compilation of Photoshop resource sites with a wide variety of tutorials which provide excellent results and thus can save you a lot of time. So let’s check them out and take this opportunity to enrich your design skills!


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Top 20 Online Billing, Invoicing and Other Accounting Services for Freelancers and Businesses

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Managing finances and tracking payments are important tasks in the daily life of any freelancers and business owners. It’s so crucial that we have to do it right and efficiently, so that we can have more time growing our business. Today we will be sharing some of the best online invoicing or billing services that will help you send and track invoices with ease while avoiding the cost and complexity of full-featured accounting software. Although most of these services are paid, you can still use their limited free plans or free trials. Without further ado, here’s our top 20 of online invoicing services for your business, you are likely to find one on this list that meets all of your needs.


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Best Sites to Download Free iPad Wallpapers

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Most of the iPad users would like to change the wallpapers often such that they look cool, unless you want to look at the same welcome screen everytime you turn on the gadget. Come on, there are tons of awesome wallpapars available for free download, why don’t you freshen your iPad up a bit? Following are some of the best sites where you can download beautiful and cool iPad wallpapers for free. Enjoy!


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50 Amazing Images of Light Painting Photography (Best Collection)

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Light painting (also known as light graffiti) is a photographic technique in which exposures are made usually at night or in a darkened room by moving a hand-held light source such as glowsticks, sparklers, and flashlights or by moving the camera. In many cases the light source itself does not have to appear in the image. The term light painting also encompasses images lit from outside the frame with hand-held light sources.


In the showcase below, you will see 50 amazing photographs created by using different light painting techniques and effects. We hope you will like this creative and inspirational photography collection. Don’t forget to drop your comment and share with us which one is your favorite shot! Read more…

How to Find Out FeedBurner Subscriber Feed Counts of Any Websites and Blogs

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FeedBurner provides a feature called FeedCount that allows users to promote their feeds by displaying the subscriber figures. However some bloggers prefer to disable this feed counter (also known as feed chicklet) due to their own reasons. Well if you are curious about one blog’s FeedBurner subscriber figures but you can’t find any feed chicklet on it, here’s the solution.


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Top 10 of Best Angry Birds Video Clips and Trailers You Must Watch

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Are you one of the Angry Birds addicts who can’t live without playing this puzzle video game? As many of you know, these Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Black birds have millions of fans worldwide. So is the popularity of Angry Birds, that it has been nominated as one of the best iPhone games of all time. In today’s post, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best Angry Bird videos on YouTube. So why don’t you stop playing the game for a few minutes to check out these hilarious video clips and trailers?


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Ultimate 85 Collections of Free Social Media Icons for Website or Blog

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With the rising of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google+, social media integration is a must have feature for every website and blog. If you happen to be a web developer or blogger, you should put more efforts and attentions on this feature as it plays an important role for the success of your site. One of the ways to get your visitor’s attention is having some nice social media icons to ensure that they can be easily recognized. In this post, we are going to showcase a huge collection of beautiful, unique and eye-catching social media icons. We believe you will get a right one for your website for sure. Enjoy!

best _collections_of_free_social_media_icons_for_website_or_blog

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22 FeedBurner Tips and Tricks to Get More Subscribers

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FeedBurner is one of the best web feed management provider that lets you publish a feed for your website, blog or podcast. This free and easy-to-use service provides feed statistics, feed optimization features, feed publication options and more. In this article, we would like to show you some of the best FeedBurner tips and tricks you can use to get more subscribers and take your website or blog to the next level!


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Best Free SEO Tools and Services for Your Blog or Website (Top 25)

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic search results for a specified set of key phrases. In general, the higher a site ranks in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. When it comes to optimizing a personal website or blog for the search engines, some people will make use of backlinks, anchor text, keywords, etc. or pay a SEO company thousand of dollars to get it done. If you are new to web development and can’t afford to pay for SEO, why don’t you try some free tools and services that are available online for web analysis?


In this article, we are going to introduce you some of the best and most useful SEO tools that you can use to optimize your website and move your search engine position higher for free! Enjoy. Read more…

Top 70 of Free Android Apps for Graphic Designers, Photographers and Artists (Best Collection)

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There are tons of great Android apps out there that packed with powerful features and effects helping photographers and graphic designers get the most out of their Android phones. We understand that finding the right app that meets your needs can be a difficult task. That’s the reason why we’ve gathered 70 best Android apps which can make life of designers, photographers and artists easy.


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