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Top 26 of Best Facebook Fan Page Apps that Attract Millions of Fans

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How to create a successful Facebook fan page? One of the biggest challenges to manage a Facebook fan page is probably maintaining user engagement. You might be able to get people like your page by giving away freebies for “fan-only”, but how do you get them come back to your page or even get them to interact with you? Fortunately there are tons of Facebook apps out there to help you engage with your fans and improve the user experience.


In this article, we’ll focus on some of the best Facebook applications which allow you to customize your landing page and tab, add chat rooms, polls, emails, ecommerce and much more! So just take action now to install these apps and boost the popularity of your Facebook page! Don’t forget to share with us which app is your favorite.

Static HTML: iframe tabs
Static HTML makes it simple to build custom iFrame tabs. Like Static FBML, but for iFrames. However this popular app doesn’t host your images, so you’ll have to upload them to a site and reference them using HTML code. One thing that’s worth to mention is that it allows FBML tags if you used those in the previous Static FBML app that came before iFrames.

Add Twitter official app and you will see a small box with Twitter icon shows up on your Facebook page. With the app, you can include tweets from any people, news and events you care about.

With NetworkedBlogs, you can syndicate your own blog with your Facebook profile, fan pages, groups, and applications. It also allows you to add a blog tab to fan pages and applications.

RSS Graffiti
RSS Graffiti allows you to publish multiple RSS/ATOM feeds on your Facebook profile’s & pages’ walls and automatically pushes them to the news-feeds (Facebook homepage) of your Facebook friends & fans.

If you have a account, you can import your existing presentations into Facebook. If you don’t have one, signup for it from Facebook to share your presentations worldwide and get more views and traffic.

Clobby Group Chat
Clobby Group Chat let you add a chat room to your Facebook page or profile and host chat parties and events.

This is polling application that lets you create polls for your Facebook pages and personal profile pages. It’s a great way to bring in honest feedbacks from your visitors.

YouTube Video Box
YouTube Video Box is one of the best ways to share your favourite YouTube videos on Facebook. The app allows you to quickly find videos with its integrated search, show off your favourite videos on your profile, import your favourite videos from an existing account and much more.

Livestream is the simplest way to broadcast your events live on the internet and to mobile devices. Now it’s available right within your Facebook Page.

Social RSS
Social RSS app promotes your business to the Facebook community using RSS Feeds. It supports all major versions of RSS and ATOM including media feeds. Social RSS is one of the most popular RSS reader apps on Facebook.

Extended Info
With Facebook, your profile comes with fields such as Activities, Interests, and Favorite Music, but Extended Info allows you to add extra fields to your profile, such as Currently Reading, Favorite Foods, or anything you can think of. It supports videos, images, music, and HTML.

More Extended Info
This is simply a clone of the popular “Extended Info” application. Installing this will allow you to have two Extended Info boxes on your profile. You can place one in both the left and right columns.

Increase your revenue by creating your own shopping page “Shop Tab” on your Facebook fan page that showcases products and services from your existing online website store.

Promotions for Fan Pages enables companies and agencies to easily create and launch interactive promotions & marketing campaigns on Facebook Fan Pages within minutes. Promotion formats include: contests, sweepstakes, coupons & giveaways etc.

Poll Daddy Polls
Poll Daddy Polls lets you create polls that only your friends can see or public ones that you can share with the wider Facebook community.

PlaceWidget lets you add a tab to your Facebook Page that includes all your venue’s information from Foursquare. Show off your offers, tips, and mayor right in Facebook.

Signup Form
Signup Form for Fan Pages enables companies and agencies to easily create & launch branded signup forms within minutes on Facebook Fan Pages.

Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group
This application creates a short, easy to remember personal web address to take people directly to your facebook profile, page or group, so you can share the link with other people, post it on forums, show it on your myspace page or print it on your business cards.

With NutshellMail, you can manage and interact with Facebook and all your other social networks in one place: Your Email Inbox. The app sends you a summary of all your Facebook activity directly to you on a schedule that you choose.

With Facebook Notes, you can share your life with your friends through written entries. You can tag your friends in notes, and they can leave comments. The Notes application page displays notes recently written by your friends, notes in which your friends have been tagged, and links to your own notes.

My Account (is @ Twitter)
This is another Twitter app designed to showcase a user’s Twitter account from as well as provide stats to compare to his/her friends who also have the app.

Web Profiles
Web Profiles lets you connect your social media accounts, like Twitter, MySpace, Bebo to your Facebook profile. Just enter the appropriate information for each service and an icon/link will appear in your Facebook profile.


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