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22 FeedBurner Tips and Tricks to Get More Subscribers

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FeedBurner is one of the best web feed management provider that lets you publish a feed for your website, blog or podcast. This free and easy-to-use service provides feed statistics, feed optimization features, feed publication options and more. In this article, we would like to show you some of the best FeedBurner tips and tricks you can use to get more subscribers and take your website or blog to the next level!


How to Export FeedBurner Statistics to Microsoft Excel or CSV?
(Analyze tab > View > Export: Excel / CSV)

How to Change FeedBurner “Browser Friendly” Landing Page to Other Theme?
This feature allows you to choose other language based themes.
(Optimize tab > Services > BrowserFriendly > Appearance Options > Theme > Save)

How to Choose Which Subscription Options Your Landing Page Theme Displays?
This will open up all of the feed subscription options once a potential subscriber click on it.
(Optimize tab > Services > BrowserFriendly > Appearance Options > Choose which subscription options your landing page theme displays > Save)

How to Make Your Feed Compatible with Any Feed Reader Applications?
Reach the widest possible audience while publishing a single feed on your blog or site. Translates your feed on-the-fly into a format (RSS or Atom) compatible with your visitors’ feed reader application.
(Optimize tab > Services > SmartFeed > Activate)

How to Add More FeedFlare to Your Feed?
FeedFlare places a simple footer at the bottom of each content item, helping you to distribute, inform and create a community around your content. You can get more FeedFlares from Browse the Catalog or “101 FeedFlare Ideas” list.
(Optimize tab > Services > FeedFlare > Personal FeedFlare > Add New Flare > Save)

How to Share Your Online Bookmarks (e.g Using Link Splicer?
Splice your blog feed with your links feed from some popular services such as, Furl, Digg, etc. This service adds a new item to your FeedBurner feed that contains new links you have added to your link collection account.
(Optimize tab > Services > Link Splicer > Link Service: Choose a service > Activate)

How to Insert Flickr Photos inside Your Feed?
Photos in your Flickr, Buzznet, or Webshots account can be merged in with your original source feed entries, most recent first.
(Optimize tab > Services > Photo Splicer > Photo Service: Flickr > Flickr ID > Activate)

How to Add Your Own Image inside Your Feed?
Add some color to your feed. Place a special image in your feed so that it stands out from the pack when displayed in many popular RSS news readers.
(Optimize > Services > Feed Image Burner > Image Source: Specify custom image URL > Specify custom image URL > Image Title > Link > Activate)

How to Add an Optional “Teaser” Message to Each Content Item?
Sometimes you just want to be a tease. Offer a short summary of your hyperlink-free content and direct your subscribers to your web site for the rest of the story. You can also append an optional “Teaser” message to each content item.
(Optimize tab > Services > Summary Burner > Maximum length > Teaser > Activate)

How to Create a Headline Animator?
Create and customize an animated banner that cycles through your feed’s five most recent items. It’s an easy way to promote your content anywhere you can place a snippet of HTML.
(Publicize > Services > Headline Animator > Create a New Headline Animator > Activate)

How to Create a “BuzzBoost” from Your Feed?
BuzzBoost republishes your burned feed’s content as go-anywhere HTML. Want to promote your blog on another site you manage? BuzzBoost gives you a snippet of JavaScript you can paste into your page templates.
(Publicize tab > Services > BuzzBoost > Feed Settings > Feed Content to Display > Activate)

How to Create Email Subscription Form for Your Site?
Give your biggest fans another way to keep up with your blog or podcast feed by placing an email subscription form on your site.
(Publicize tab > Services > Email Subscriptions > Subscription Management > Save)

How to Notify Interested Services when Your Feed Changes?
Most web-based feed reading services will check for updates on their own time. Give ’em a push with PingShot.
(Publicize tab > Services > Ping Shot > Activate)

How to Customize your Email HTML Appearance?
With “Email Branding”, you can change Email Subject, logo URL, Headline Font, and Body Color of your email HTML appearance.
(Publicize tab > Services > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding > HTML Email Appearance > Save)

How to Change FeedCount Chicklet Style from Static to Animated?
You can choose FeedCount color scheme and change the Chicklet appearance from static to animated style.
(Publicize tab > Services > Feed Count > Chicklet Style: Animated > Save)

How to Add Some Copyright to Your Feed Content?
With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit and only on the conditions you specify here.
(Publicize tab > Services > Creative Commons > Activate)

How to Protect Your Feed with Password Protector?
Protect your feed with a required username and password using HTTP authentication. Any requests for your burned feed will require readers to enter a username and password to retrieve it.
(Publicize > Services > Password Protector > Activate)

How to Set Your Feed not be indexed by Search Engines?
State your preferences that your feed not be indexed by search engines and not be used by Yahoo! Pipes.
(Publicize > Services > NoIndex > Activate)

How to Resync Your Feed?
You should only resync if your feed is more than 1 hour out-of-date and pinging FeedBurner does not update it or your podcast files are not being turned into enclosures by their SmartCast service.
(Troubleshootize > Tips and Tools > Resync Now Button)

How to Check Your Feed Problems?
FeedMedic reports any general problems with your feed’s technical validity or FeedBurner’s ability to connect to your server. FeedBurner will show you the most recent six problems (and repair confirmations) that it has encountered with this specific feed.
(Troubleshootize > Reports > FeedMedic)

How to Use Your Own Domain Name to Host Your Feed?
FeedBurner’s MyBrand lets you use your own domain name to host your feed. It puts you in even greater control of your content and its identity.
(My Account > Services > MyBrand > Activate)

How to Monitor Your Feed’s Health?
Subscribe to FeedBulletin and they’ll communicate with you directly about important status updates. Includes reports from FeedMedic service and occasional “official” messages from Google.
(My Account > Services > FeedBulletin)


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