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6 iPhone / Android Apps to Avoid Traffic Jams

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In most of the major cities around the world traffic jams happen everyday. Sometimes people can be stuck in the traffic for hours during working and peak hours. The condition is worse if there’s an accident, roadblock or roadworks. Being a smart commuter, you should plan your route properly to ensure your journey is smooth and hassle-free.


One of the typical ways to keep you updated with the traffic condition is listening to the car radio. The good news is that they are alternatives available to help you get the real-time and accurate traffic info. Thanks to the mobile app developers who are devoted to making our driving frustrations less. Below we’ve rounded up some helpful traffic apps, both iOS and Android, helping you to get out of the traffic disasters, get to the destination faster as well as discover and share interesting data during your driving journey.

Beat the Traffic – Download: iOS | Android
This traffic app allows users to check the latest traffic conditions in the USA and Canada. It suggests you the smoothest route to take and avoid unnecessary traffic congestions. While driving, the app provides real-time information such as average speed, roadworks nearby, accidents, etc. To make your commute easier, you can set up auto-alerts to get warned when there’s traffic delay on your route. Through the app, you can even access to traffic camera images in over 34 cities.

INRIX Traffic – Download: iOS | Android
This is another popular app that provides you real time and accurate road traffic information. It proposes you the fastest route to the destination while alerting you if there’s any incidents occur near to you. INRIX makes the incident sharing easy you can share road incidents on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Waze – Download: iOS | Android
Waze is a real-time and community based traffic app. With the road traffic info sharing by Waze driving community, you can get the best route to your destination. Other helpful info like cheapest gas stations, accidents, police, hazards and special events on the road will also be shown on the app. Waze makes it easy to get and share traffic info, coordinate with friends to meet up/pick up on the road.

Google Maps – Download: iOS | Android
Google Maps is a must-have app for every smartphone users. In additional to its well known world map with Google local search, strew view and voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, you can also access live traffic data in most of the metropolitan areas / cities across the world. To check traffic condition in a particular city, just click on the icon in the bottom-right corner and then select “Show Traffic”. Other than that, Google Maps also has traffic avoidance feature to keep you out of sprawling traffic jams.

Sigalert – Download: iOS
This app features real-time road speeds and traffic reports from the traffic companies, and the network of roadside traffic cameras in the U.S.

Twitraffic – Download: iOS | Android
By collecting and analyzing Twitter’s tweets related to UK road traffic, Twitraffic makes your route planning easy. The real-time tweets are the first data source from drivers and passengers who spot traffic developing along major UK roads. Twitraffic comes with simple interface summarizing current traffic condition, incident on the road and roadworks.


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