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15 Ways ‘Hey Siri’ Will Make Your Life Better

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With the iOS 9’s new always active feature, “Hey Siri”, Apple has turned out to be a game changer for iPhone users. Now, the owners no more need to plug in their handsets to use Siri’s voice activation technology.


Whether or not you are an iPhone user, it’s intelligent personal assistant, Siri would be a great fascination for you. While you might have often used Siri in your boredom, there are plenty of other tricks you may not have heard about.

So, what are the things you can ask Siri to do for you? Here, we’ve got you covered 15 awesome tasks you can make Siri do. From making Siri do complicated calculations for you to booking a ‘table-for-two’, Siri can do it all.

1. Ask Siri to Perform Math


If doing calculations isn’t your cup of tea, leave it on Siri. No more tapping in numbers into a calculator app. Ask your friend Siri to perform calculation you want. For example, “95 plus 40.5 plus 100.22 plus 168.96.” Siri will get you the answer.

2. Tell Siri to Add Punctuations to Messages and Emails


If you’re not fond of typing, Siri can help you out. Entering text through Siri is easier than using the keyboard. You just need to know how to add punctuation. When you write, say the punctuation also, “comma,” “semicolon,” “period,” or “ellipsis.” You can also ask Siri to add parentheses and quotation marks by saying, “close quotes,” “open quotes,” “open parenthesis,” or “close parenthesis.”

3. Siri Can Search and Launch Apps


Simply say, “Launch [app name]” or “Open [app name]” and Siri would do it for you. For games app, you can say, “Play [game name].” Siri can also get apps from the iOS App Store as per your instructions.

4. Find Out the Latest Movie Release and Their Ratings

If you are planning to go for a movie, you can simply ask Siri, “What movies are running in the theatres? Siri will get you the show timings, ratings as well as nearby locations. You can also get the details about a specific movie. Like, you can ask, “Show me the show timings for the movie Conjuring2.”What’s more fun is that Siri can also show you the promo of any movie you ask for.

5. Siri Can Identify the Song That’s Playing


Suppose you’re listening to some song on the radio and don’t know anything about it, simply you can ask Siri, “What song is playing?” or “What song is this?” In addition, Siri will give you an opportunity to purchase it, too.

6. Converting Measurements and Currencies


Ask Siri for the currencies, “How many dollars is Rs200?” And for measurements, you can say, “What’s 100 degrees in Celsius?” Siri can perform conversions for you quickly by converting weights, speeds, fluids, distance, temperatures, area, decimals, time, and fractions.

7. Schedule and Edit Calendar Events


You can ask Siri to create appointments for you which is much faster than doing it manually. Say, “Schedule a Spa session on Wednesday at 3 p.m.” If you feel like changing the schedule, you can say, “Shift my Wednesday Spa appointment on Thursday at 1 p.m.” Siri would ask the new date and time.

8. Make FaceTime Calls

Now you can also use Siri to make a Facetime call. For this, simply say, “Make a FaceTime call to [person’s name]” or FaceTime [person’s name]”.

9. Set Contextual Reminders


To create reminders with Siri, just say, “Remind me today at 10 p.m. to call my friend Jacob.” Siri can also remind you of something you’re searching on the screen using the Proactive feature. For instance, if you receive an email but you can’t respond instantly, you ask Siri, “Remind me to reply to this afterwards.”

10. Make Speakerphone Calls

If you’re driving your vehicle and you want to call your friend urgently, simply ask Siri to do the favor of putting the phone on speaker. Just say, “Call [person’s name] using speakerphone.”

11. Get Your Sports Information


Use Siri to know the scores, schedules, etc. For instance, you can say, “Did the Iowa Hawkeyes win?” You can also ask, “When is the next match of Australia scheduled?

12. Stock Prices and Performance

Seek help from Siri to check a stock price or performance by simply enquiring, “What’s the price of Android stock?” or “How is top iOS app development company doing?” If you want to compare their performance, say, “Compare Android and Apple stock prices”.

13. Ask Siri to Do Dinner Reservation


Planning to go out for dinner, but don’t have the time to make the bookings? Don’t worry, Siri is here! Simply say, “Make a lunch reservation for two tomorrow at 2 p.m.” As soon as Siri gets your instruction, it will show you a list of restaurants with table for two available at the desired time. You just need to select the one you want. Siri can also get you the number of the restaurant to call.

14. Control Music Playback

Creating a playlist is a tough task – create a playlist, select the songs and then play. But now, you can ask Siri to play specific songs for you based on the albums, or genre, or artists. You can also ask Siri to play a playlist, pause or resume the current song being played, and to skip a track even. For instance, you can say, “Play Addiction of Enrique” or “Play some rock music.”

15. Set a Timer or Alarm


Now Siri can help you set a timer or alarm by saying, “Wake me up every morning at 6:30 a.m”. If you’re running, “Notify me in an hour.” Siri can also change an alarm. Just say, “Turn off my 7:00 a.m. alarm”. If you want to set a timer, ask Siri, “Set the timer for an hour.”

Bonus Tip: Ask Siri about Siri Task List

Last, but the most amazing one. Siri will tell you all sorts of requests you can make to her. Simply ask, “What can I ask you Siri?” Siri will immediately display an extensive categorized list of questions you can ask her.

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