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14 Navigation Apps to Assist You Navigate Traffic

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Waze will assist you navigate traffic via mass basis, while Google Maps as a rule offer a small quantity of options on community transportation, just in container you’re not totally sure of your time of exit. Many apps stop in to arm forces such as yelp to help you find a put to eat or get chat.


1. Waze


Waze is a community-based traffic and direction-finding app that lets you divide up real-time traffic and road in turn. It will alert you before you approach police, accident, road hazards or traffic jams and lets you sync with friends to categorize meetups. You can also search to find the cheapest gas position along your route to save a little bit of dough. It won Judges’ Choice, Best Overall Mobile App starting the worldwide Mobile Awards 2013. But, some cons are: You false piety mark a location as a “favorite” if you don’t have the precise speak to, and Waze doesn’t of necessity pick the best way every time.

2. Navigon

If you’d like to pay for premier navigation instructions, take a look at Navigon. It aim to fully replace a GPS device with voice prompt for turn-by-turn directions, indications of which lane to drive in, and the app takes up negligible storage space space.

3. Nokia HERE

HERE Maps uses Nokia map and features and turn-by-turn direction-finding. It also shows points of interest in close nearness to your location. The app includes indoor map for a limited number of sports stadiums, airports and shopping malls. HERE Beta has turn-by-turn voice direction-finding with hold up for offline guidance. It also support for point of attention and speed limits. You can also save maps of whole country, regions or state for offline use. HERE Transit is geared towards ecological travelers who favor to use buses, trains, or ferries. The app shows nearby station, stops and departure times. All of the at this time apps are synced, so users can switch sandwiched between them all, depending on their wants.

4. Transit App


The user experience is really nice and flat the app includes precise departure times with real-time transit schedules. The app also remembers the bearing you headed last from your contemporary location to assist you get rear if need be. You can also look from side to side offline and download maps in front of time if you’re itinerant so you don’t have to use your 3G data plan. Starts as a free download with basic skin.

5. Google Maps

Public transport, driving and walking instructions are all built-in in Google Maps. The 3D view helps you get a better sense of anywhere you are. though, on iOS, Google Maps are no longer the default, so if you open an address from a web page, it will open up Apple Maps instead. Also, you have to add the address of your contacts physically. On Android, of course, Google Maps is default.

6. Get There By Bike

Obtain bike-friendly orders that take transfer, hills and off-street bicycle path into explanation. You can search by bicycle Paths (off street), Bike Lanes, Signed Bike Routes and more. You can record your route and share with other users. You can also mark dangerous intersection, bike thefts, secure bike parking and bike friendly businesses on interactive map. It’s immense for urban commuters, not so great meant for racers.

7. MapQuest


We might have beyond about MapQuest, but it’s still approximately and has apps for iOS and Android. While the app mechanism well enough, it’s better at judgment exact addresses than searching by the name of a location. unluckily, MapQuest merely offers heavy or walking commands from tip A to B.

8. Bing

Bing offers public transportation directions, counting telling you the discontinue before and after the one you want, just in case you fail to spot your stop. Like Google and Apple maps, bird’s eye view is 3D. The design is nice but some user note it did not always provide the fastest or best route flanked by two points.

9. NYC Way

Single of the apps as of my city method NYCWay present offline canal map, but also serves as a portable guide to city, letting you search for restrooms, street eats, Wi-Fi, ATMs, parking and more. The free app was found in 2009, and later won New York City’s first-ever Big Apps competition. Then they started the company, the team was ambitious to create a resource for urban living that provided useful in order in the realms of transportation, navigation and entertainment. Today, there are apps for more than 70 cities about the globe.

10. GPS Navigation

This app is a nice substitute for a GPS device and is only $0.99. The app has voice-guided turn-by-turn instructions and an offline mode. There’s also automatic re-routing if you make a wrong turn. The correctness can be untrustworthy since the app is built on an open-source map called OpenStreetMap (but that’s why the app is so inexpensive).

11. New York Subway

New York Subway a free iPhone app so as to tailor your journey (on subway and local rail systems), inform you of advisories and closure, and most excellent of every one, it works dissident, where you might not have cell mend. The app won the NYC big apps 3.0 judges’ award for Best Mobility App last daylight hours.

New York Subway is at present available for 12 transportation systems in Boston, Chicago, London, Philadelphia, San Francisco and more and more are on the way.

12. DC Rider (iPhone, Android)

DC Rider is an app from the Washington Post state for metro-riders in the DC region. It will tell you the next train is programmed to arrive and helps you find the next station and its entrances on a street map, and it’s particularly accurate. A few cons: hard interface to work with on mobile, from time to time it doesn’t show any trains for certain station, “Trip planner” functionality doesn’t labor on Galaxy S and the app uses a lot of series quickly.

13. Apple Maps


One benefit to Apple Maps is Siri addition. The app also pulls in Yelp review for business if you have Yelp downloaded onto your phone. The turn-by-turn directions are said to be superior to Google Maps. The disadvantage of Apple Maps is that it can’t forever find the right site, or will pull up only two gas station when you know a lot of more are nearby. Apple map also lack public transit instructions, which are vital for city dwellers.

14. Kick Map

There are several reason why New York City channel maps are hard to appreciate — the two most confusing factor are that Manhattan is long and narrow, yet it has 17 separate north-south lines and several subway lines are mixture local and state. Therefore, the subway map is quite distorted. The Kick Map, though, takes a cross approach, combine illustrative and topographic mapping of the channel, so commuters can navigate the 26 lines and 468 station with precision and ease. The app is free other than is only on iOS for at the present.

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