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How to Create FeedBurner for WordPress Blog

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FeedBurner is a web feed management provider that is loaded with lots of features that you do not get with the default WordPress feed. This free service is very popular, many major websites and blogs are using it to burn their RSS feeds and make them available for everyone to subscribe to. The advantages of using FeedBurner include analyze statistics, optimize and publicize your feed, configure Google AdSense in your feed and much more. So, if you want to make your blog successful, simply follow the step by step guide below to set up your blog feeds with FeedBurner now.


Important Features:

  • Statistics about your RSS subscribers
  • Email and other feed-readers subscriptions
  • Feed count
  • Feed customization
  • Activate Google AdSense for feeds

1. Go to Google FeedBurner homepage to sign in your Google account

2. Enter your blog’s web address then click Next
(Note: If you plan to publish a podcast with your WordPress feed, check the “I am a podcaster!” box.)

3. If you have more than one feed at that address, select one to use as your source (For example, RSS 2.0: then click Next

4. Enter the following then click Next
Feed Title: For example, yoursite
Feed Address: For example,

5. A Congrats page should appear, click Next

6. On the stats configuration page, select the level of feed stats detail you want then click Next to continue

7. Choose a platform to integrate with FeedBurner

8. If Self-Hosted WordPress is chosen, you are advised to use FeedBurner plugin to help direct your feed traffic to Feedburner

9. Download FD Feedburner plugin, then install and activate it on your WordPress

10. In the WordPress administration control panel, go to Settings and select FeedBurner

11. Fill in the FeedBurner feed’s URL (For example, in the box provided then save it.

12. Go to the homepage of your blog then click the feed icon. Now all of your WordPress feed traffic should be redirected to FeedBurner.

Once you have set up your blog feeds with FeedBurner, you can also create an email subscription on your blog to drive more traffic.


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