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8 Best Web Services to Convert Website and Blog for Mobile Phones

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Are you looking for an easy way to create a mobile version of your website or blog? Mobile phones, initially were used to make phone calls or send and receive texts. However, with the smartphones and tablets being introduced, you can do so many things, from browsing websites to watching video, to playing games and accessing Office documents. Many sophisticated tasks can be easily accomplished though mobile apps. Some experts even say that mobile devices will completely replace PC in the future.


If you are a web developer or blogger, it will be wise to create a mobile version of your website or blog. This is important to improve your visitors’ web surfing experience whenever they access your site using mobile devices. Fortunately, creating one for your site is not as difficult as you thought because there are quite a number of web services available to help you out. In this post, you will find 8 popular and easy-to-use web services that can be used to convert your website into mobile version or create it from scratch.
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Mofuse offers a web based platform to build and manage mobile web sites. They provide a monthly subscription service to help businesses deliver mobile media. MoFuse Premium gives publishers a platform to publish, promote, monetize and analyze their mobile properties.

Mobify is a mobile technology platform that converts existing websites and e-commerce websites into a version optimized for mobile phones. The platform’s Studio product operates by giving the designer or developer a visual interface to see how their site looks on various mobile devices in real time and is compatible with content management platforms such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and Drupal.

Onbile provides free mobile website templates allowing you to create your mobile website version for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users, in only 3 steps. All you have to do is customize your design, add or remove sections, pages, pictures, etc. and then paste a code in your index page.

MobStac lets you create a mobile version of your website or blog, with blazing-fast page loads, multiple themes, support for over 5000 mobile devices (not just iPhones and touch phones), analytics, ad network integration, and awesome support.

mobiSiteGalore offers an easy-to-use web-based tool that will enable even novice users to create and publish mobile web content that works across all mobile phones. This innovative new mobile website building service is developed in strict adherence to the Mobile Web Best Practices as laid out by the Worldwide Web Consortium – W3C.

bMobilized automatically converts your existing website to a user friendly and fast mobile web site. After they’ve created a default mobile version of your website, you can log in and tailor it with easy to use tools. In the design module you can choose different design templates and change colors, fonts, logo and perfectly design your mobile website. Then tailor the menu by drag & drop and finally select what part of the content should be displayed on mobile. In a few minutes you have created a quality mobile website and are ready to get traffic.

Mobile Web America allows anyone to instantly convert a website or a blog to be mobile-compatible. They utilize the content of your existing website and create a mobile version on-the-fly. Logos, themes, branding, content, videos, maps and more are automatically transposed to the mobile version with no programming knowledge required. The end user, regardless of the mobile device from which the website is being accessed, will see a mobile version of your site.

By using, blogs can be accessed anywhere without requiring a desktop computer, thus increasing their traffic with up to 20%. To push even forward, they can be read even without an Internet connection, by using the latest HTML5 technology. As opposed to other solutions, preserves personal branding and publicity banners even on such small screen devices.


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