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Top 12 Sites to Read World News in Pictures / Photos

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Reading news is important to keep ourselves updated with the current issues happening around the world. However, nowadays people are busy with their works and study. Many of them have no time to be spent on reading lengthy news stories or watching live TV’s news. That’s where news pictures come in to help those busy people out.


As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. By simply looking at the news photo and its caption, you will be able to know what are the incidents, celebrations, scandals, and other big events happened in the country and the other part of the world. Below we’ve rounded up 12 famous news sites that allow you to read world news in pictures.

Yahoo! News Photo Gallery
Yahoo! has News Photo Gallery site which allows users to view the latest world news in pictures. The news is categorized into US, Business, World, Entertainment, Tech, Sports, Science, etc. Simply click on the news picture for photo slideshows.

BBC News in Pictures
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) news site offers world news and current affairs in pictures. If you have any striking photos of topical issues, you may submit it to the site for publication.

24 Hours in Pictures – The Guardian
The British national news site offers the best images from around the world, everyday.

The Telegraph Picture Galleries
The UK news site offers the best selection of photos from Britain and around the world. It covers a wide range of topics from politics to sports. The site also features pictures of the day, animal photos of the week, the week in pictures, etc.

Reuters Picture is a well-known international news site. Instead of reading lengthy news article, you can go to its Picture page to “view” news in images. If you are interested in any news photo, you can click on it to view slideshows for more photos about that particular news.

The Washington Post Photography
The American daily news site showcases the latest news photos with topics from politics and economy to sports and entertainment. Apart from publishing photos of editor’s choice, users can also submit their own photos sharing both interesting and inspiring people, things, events and places.

Closeup – LightBox
Instead of publishing daily news photos, LightBox’s Closeup offers readers the best photography of the week from the news and their assignments.

World News in Pictures – The independent
The Independent site offers the latest photography on both UK news and world news.
You can enable its Autoplay feature so that the site will automatically change the news photos in the slideshow.

New York Post Photo Galleries showcases photos of the latest news stories. It also has other photo categories such as celebrity, entertainment, sports, fashion as well as real estate.

The Big Picture –
As implied by its name, The Big Picture offers news stories in sizable photography. Users can leave their comments through Facebook.

Orange News in Pictures
Another site that provides the latest news photos from around the world on a daily basis. On the site, you can find big news in pictures, celebrity and entertainment photos.

This is citizen journalism site that allows freelance journalists to share their user-generated content and photography. Their topics cover arts, environment, politics, society, sports and business.


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