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Read Between The Lines: 5 Finance Apps For Breathtaking News

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Average people are becoming more and more interested in the dealings of the financial world. And with the effects of the recession and current poor economy, it’s easy to understand the increased interest. The term job security no longer holds as much power as it once did, after watching giant corporations and banks crumble. The wise thing to do would be to gain a second job or learn your way around the stock market. It’s not just Wall Street types keeping one eye on the latest financial news anymore. With this increased interest come apps designed to keep the latest financial buzz right at your fingertips. And what’s more convenient than having access to news breaking information in your pocket?


The Street


The Street is a first-rate, comprehensive app for gathering financial information. Its interface is intuitive, and it has a fantastic way of dispensing information. It presents the tops stories when you first open the app. From there, you can research specific news regarding specific stocks. You can also access stock charts of your portfolio and view clips of that day’s stories. For the latest financial news, The Street takes you right where it’s all happening.

In addition to stock market stories, you are also provided with quotes, videos and the option to view information even when you are not in a Wi-Fi area. The Street app is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

Fox Business


Fox Business app is an authoritative source for financial information. It opens to a screen with financial news, stocks, and video clips of the latest happenings in the financial world. You can open various tabs to locate your stock portfolio, additional financial news, and news clips straight from the Fox Business channel. If you’re interested in an app that presents up-to-date financial news and your own stock portfolio, Fox Business is the ideal way to go. The app also allows users to send in text messaging if your service provider is AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon.

And considering the fact that Fox News has been around since October 7,1996, it might not be a bad idea to trust their sources. It was the chosen news station for George W. Bush while he was in office. If it’s good enough for the president, it might be good enough for you.

Bloomberg for iPad


Everyone knows to turn to Bloomberg for reliable financial information. This fantastic iPad app is no exception. Like the other apps mentioned, Bloomberg provides current stock and currency information. What makes it truly different is the news coverage. It opens on financial news, but the real kicker is found in the news section. Inside is a cornucopia of categories, such as municipal bonds, health care, and insurance. For the real financial news geeks, Bloomberg for iPad will keep you coming back for your next fix. It is also one of the few finance apps that allows customization which is an added time saver, so you don’t have to worry about getting distracted by information you find irrelevant. Instead, you only receive alerts on companies you have in your Watchlist. For example if the company you invested in last month goes down two points, along as your iPad is charged, you will be in the first to know. You can also adjust font size, download content and share information from the app to social media.

A new version was released this year, which integrated a more advanced search, improved navigation and more customization options for readability.

Market Watch


Market Watch is famous as a stock tracker, but it is also a terrific source for financial news. You’ll love the interface, but the real-time stock graph is the thing to watch for. And for those who need help buying a particular stock, this app has an excellent way of displaying the latest stocks being discussed. It does have a few too many ads, but otherwise the Market Watch has a lot to offer. And has been considered, “the most comprehensive market news and real-time data application for the iPhone.”

For anyone who is new to the stock market and is interested in a gaining a little insight before putting their money on the table, Market Watch might be the best option. Along with insightful articles, you are also provided commentary and analysis from stock market professionals. And there’s a text-to-speech feature that is not available in most other apps. There’s also a “Cruise Control” feature that takes the use out of needing your hands to scan through articles.



Barron’s has a reputation for reliability in the world of finances. The Barron’s app reinforces that conclusion with its optimized magazine app. It breaks away from the other apps by not reporting minute-by-minute news and focusing its news on each Friday. This allows for some of the best articles to be written by professionals who offer commentary in their articles. When opening the app, it does offer current news to the side. This app is a geared more for the serious investor than the average financial news-seeking neophyte. Due to the longevity and reliability of the company, Barron’s has been considered, “America’s premier financial magazine.” And since news is only released every Friday, there’s no need to worry about outdated information or get lost in a pool of finance news.

Once you have found what you want with one of these apps, you can better understand financial news with Fisher Investment’s MarketMinder iTunes app. The world of financial apps has much more to offer and no doubt will continue to improve over time. But even now, the convenience and ease of these applications makes seeking financial news fun and informative. For the serious investor or stockbroker, much easier to manage and comprehend.

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