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Best Android Tricks for Online Dating Sites

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Dating services have become virtual date platforms for single hearts. Gradually, all our relationships — friendly, business partnership, personal — has moved into the virtual world. You can wail and cry about how your parents met just on the street, and modern relationships lack this romance. Or just take it for granted and start using the new services in your own interests benefiting from them.


A Photo Worth a Thousand Swipes

This title says for itself; this is the way our world works: first, people evaluate our external attractiveness, and only then they try to dig deeper. Therefore, photography is the only way to present yourself in the best light and catch someone’s eye.

1. If Not the First, then the Last

Therefore, our first life hacks will be about Tinder. Each of us has only one chance to make a first impression. In the case of Tinder, we mean the main profile photo. If it doesn’t intrigue a potential partner, you lose. Your photo should attract attention, not give a man a chance to swipe left. So, always chose the best photo for the main one and you will be a success. This increases your chances of meeting cute single girls online.

2. Ask the Audience

People, no matter how objectively they evaluate themselves, cannot see the whole picture. That is why many photos in Tinder look not so attractive. We advise you to get down to business seriously and attract your friends to help you with the photo choice. If you have no one to ask for help, do a Facebook test – set up a possible Tinder photo and follow the likes score. You don’t have to do it openly; just post a few photos and chose the most liked.

3. Allow the Application to Choose a Photo for You

Finally, you still do not know which photo to put first? Use the “Smart Photos” function, which is built into Tinder (it can be enabled in the profile settings). The application will analyze the reaction of users to different photos and put them in the order that will increase your chances of finding as many new candidates as possible.

So, to sum up:

  • Swiping everyone is not worth it, as you will lower the algorithms in search;
  • If you travel and use Tinder in other locations – you will be promoted both during and after the journey;
  • Use built-in features to help you chose the photo.

Our next ones will be about Mamba

4. Upload New Photos!

Taking a selfie and uploading it to Mamba takes a couple of minutes. New photos are given priority and are more likely to get like, and if it gets into “popular,” then the process resembles an avalanche: you will get more and more likes, and the number of visitors to your profile can exceed several thousand per day, and all of this is free! You just need to make a good picture.

5. Live Broadcasts

Make live streams in Mamba and tell about yourself. Everything you need to do is to just smile and answer questions. People who watched your stream often go to your profile, and you get views. You will get the same effect by looking at other people’s streams and commenting on the author. Viewers will go to your profile from the comments to see who is so witty?

6. Swipe More Often in “Dating” Section!

The people you like to see your photo first and you can get matched easier. In addition, Mamba collects statistics about your likes and dislikes and starts to take into account your tastes. Here we also note another trick: Mamba has a “daughter” called Wamba; you can log in there with the same mail and password. There, you will have the same profiles and the same correspondence. But if you have reached the daily limit of swipes in Mamba, simply switch to the child application and continue to like since there the limit is more than three times higher.

Now let’s talk about Badoo

7. Take Care of Your Comfort

This app is known to be one of the safest and other dating services should only learn from it! In Badoo, girls have an interesting advantage. They may request a selfie confirmation in response to the stranger’s first message. Access to the gallery at this point is not possible. The only option is to make a live selfie.

8. Video Chats

Badoo also looks a little more interesting in terms of greater security because they have video chats, using which, you can chat with a live interlocutor, like Skype or Facetime but without giving out your personal contacts like Apple ID or mobile numbers. For many, this is an important opportunity to play everything back if something goes wrong. Of course, it happens extremely rare, but the availability of such a possibility is extremely commendable.
So, if the dialogue is started, call up in the video chat and communicate with the person. This way you keep in touch with people from different points of the world without revealing your phone number.

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