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Top 18 Android Podcast Apps You Must Listen

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A large number of mobile phone users use this device more for listening than making phone calls or texting and this is the reason why the use of Android devices for listening has greatly increased in the past few years. Fortunately, Android has been blessed with a wide collection of extremely useful podcast apps allowing users to choose one of the best.


However, many users often get confused with more choices and they can’t easily decide which app could be the best for them and of course, not all of the apps are equally useful but the some are undoubtedly great. In this article, you will find a list of top 18 Android apps which have been very popular among the users.

1. Stitcher
Stitcher is more popular because of its internet radio; however, it has also introduced some of the best podcast services which have gained so much popularity among the users. The best thing about this exclusive app is that it will enable you to browse your more favorite podcasts which you can add to a list and stitch with each other to bring into stations and once the addition is done, you can set them in a particular order of your choice for listening.

2. Pocket Casts


Passionate podcast listeners have always loved Pocket casts because of its great features and it you look at the current level of popularity, you will find that this particular app is almost at the peak of popularity. If you have never tried this one yet but want to experience functions, styles, cloud sync, video support, huge library, variable playback speed and most importantlychromecast support which has made it awesomely great option for podcast lovers.

3. Beyondpod


In the past some users did not like Beyondpod much because it was missing the high quality of visual flare, however, when it was redesigned, it came back as a great looking app that has everything a podcast lover could expect from it. The popularity of Beyondpod has risen since its redesigning and those who never like it have also shown their appreciation to its new look, feel and most importantly features.

4. Podcast Addict
Podcast Addict is found in paid and ad-supported versions for everyone who would love to experience podcasts, however, some might find it a little bit of losers on visual aspects but the features are undoubtedly unchallengeable.When you use this simple app, it will allow you to import all your favorite feeds from variety of sources. Moreover, it will also be very helpful for you to reach some high quality and interesting content for listening and you will be able to search by interests, channels or various other options.

5. Doggcatcher
If you are looking for an android app that has been favorite for users for a much longer period, you will surely love Doggcatcher which has been among public for long time and still is as favorite as it used to be few years back. Though, a number of other nice looking tools have been brought to the market in the recent year, Doggcatcher is still competing with all of them with its same traditional look.

6. Player FM


Instead of a traditional look, if you want to get access to a modern design and featured player for your android devices, your eyes will not go farther than Player FM. It was developed keeping in consideration modern apps design principles and therefore, you will find it in a great look. However, Player FM is not just limited to the modern design but it has also been adorned with some of the great features which you might not find in many other similar apps such as all-time support for android wear as well as chromecast.

7. TuneIn Radio
This application has come with numerous stations which will allow users to connect with one of their favorites. A very good thing about it is that instead of depending on other services, it has its fully personalized library which is full of interesting content for the users. TuneIn Radio’s podcast library has millions of files to play.

8. Podkeeper
Podkeeper is an absolutely free to use app for android. This is simple and small looking app but is really a wonderful player for listening favorite podcasts. The most important thing about it is that you are not required to set up an account or remember a password to access it whenever you want to use it.

9. PodCast Republic
PodCast Republic allows users to look for their desired podcasts directly from their device in iTunes. It has come up with variety of features but some of them you would surely love to discover are manual addition of pods, feeds, multiple language and players support. It also allows users to manage and customize downloaded or other files.

10. PodKicker
Podkicker is an extremely easy and free to use podcatcher and you would love its clean and intuitive interface. This tool support audio as well as video files and OPML files can also be imported.

11. DoubleTwist


DoubleTwist also developed an all-in-one music player app which means when you are using it, you will be allowed to enjoy not just the podcasts but also radio and music. Most users who have used doubleTwist, found it really a great tool.

12. AOL IncEngadget
AOL Inc also created a news app namely Engadget. This app covers all latest updates and news on technology and gadgets. It is more popular among those who are interested in keeping themselves updated with the latest news and information related to gadgets or other technological tools.

13. iPP Podcast Player
When you subscribe to iPP Player, this will enable you to look for favorite and popular podcasts in iTunes. This player can be downloaded right from Google Play Store without browsing official website or sales page of the tool.

14. MyPOD Podcast Manager


You just need to connect android device with desktop and use MyPod Manager to find a large number of pods for listening in your free time. You can manage a comprehensive list of your favorites and enjoy it without wasting time in online searches for new pods.

15. Flipboard
Flipboard is more of an RSS app than podcast and it is popular among those who want to find news articles for reading. However, not many people know that it also has a feature that can lead you to the listening.

16. Antennapod
Antennapod is basically an open source manager for podcasts and it is popular because of its clean and modern interface. Antennapod has various unique features and one of them is Flattr support which is provided for episode as well as series levels.

17. Ratpoison PodCast Player
Similar to the Antennapod, Ratpoision has also come with a very simple and clean interface that allows users to enjoy best pods from large collection of more than thirty thousand registered files.

18. Presto Sound Library Open Beta
Basically, Presto sound library is not an app for podcasting, rather it is a kind of platform that allows operation of other apps such as DoggCatcher, BeyoundPod etc. When you play pods with presto, it will not just increase playback speed but will also make correction in pitch.

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