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15 Most Recommended Podcast Apps You Should Download

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The podcast has become the new sensation in the world of information technology. In this age of the internet, it has become the largest source of information gathering. It is connecting you with the experts talking on the field of your interest and helping you to get the knowledge on the move.


From 2015 to the end of 2016, podcast listeners increased 23% and the 21% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to the podcast. This is why podcast production and distribution companies are now investing more in this industry because this is slowly and gradually taking the place of all sorts of information sources regardless of the information’s genre.

In 2016, estimated $40 million of advertisement has been used just on the podcasts which show the potential of this market. However, the increase in podcasts has also become a headache for the regular listeners because of the frequent updates. That is why it is important to know the right ways or applications through which you can easily manage your podcast playlist.

In the following lines of this article, I am going to tell you the top 15 apps through which you can manage your podcast playlist.

1. Stitcher


The name of this app suggests its function. The Stitcher stitches all your favorite podcasts and turns them into a customized channel with the content you love. This collection of the customized content is the strength and USP of the Stitcher that is why it is currently hosting 65,000+ shows. You can stream them on demand or download them to listen whenever you want. It also allows you to share the shows with your friends through different social media platforms.

2. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

If you want unlimited features in your podcast manager app, then BeyondPod is the one which you should have on your smartphone. However, this app is not free to download, but it’s worth it. In this podcast manager, you would not only get audio podcast but the video podcasts as well from the biggest names of CNN, ESPN, Fox and other productions. Features like Chromecast, download preference, smart playlist, widgets, Feedly support and much more are included in this app.

3. iTunes Podcasts

This is the Apple’s podcast app which is one of the most downloaded iOS apps. The name may be sound simple, but this app is the package of many great features which is enough to manage your podcast playlist easily. This app has the simplest user interface that allows you to discover, stream, download, organize and sync all your favorite content at one place by just some taps on your iPhone, iPad, iPod screen.

4. Dogcatcher Podcast Player


One of the oldest and recognized Podcast apps on our list. Made on the old coding but its developers are keeping it up to date with all the modern options. This app is currently supporting the tech wonders like Chromecast, Android Wear and even Android Auto which very few Podcast managing app provides. This app comes in light and dark both themes that support video podcasts too with the various features like download preferences, offline streaming, custom playlist and much more.

5. Pocket

One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to save all sorts of content and podcasts for the easier consumption at a later time. That is why it exaggerate its best feature by providing many ways of saving your favorite content. Easiest among those is the ‘Bookmarlet” which is a browser extension of Pocket that helps you to save any podcast or content with just one click. Moreover, you can email the link of the podcast to to add it to your playlist.

6. Pocket Casts

This podcast app got over 300,000 unique shows and let you search your favorite one by title, author or feed. The Pocket Casts app is from the Shift Jelly, and the thing which stands out in this app is its shows. Another interesting thing about this app is that it allows you to change the play speed from 0.5x to 3x which saves a lot of time and you can use it whenever you think the speaker is speaking slow or there is nothing to show your attention. Moreover, there is also a “trim Silence” option in this app which cut all those points in the audio which is silent that makes the audio shorter and lighter to stream or download.

7. Google Play Music


We have discussed the iOS version of podcast management app that is why it is important to discuss about the Android-based podcast manager or else we will receive many messages and emails from the operating systems Nazis. Google Play Music doesn’t need any introduction here. You will get it in every Android smartphone app, and you can’t even delete it from your phone. With the services like notifications whenever your subscribed podcast channel uploads something and with the entire Google Play Music experience, this should be your first app to look for podcast playlist management.

8. Taking Note: A podcast by Evernote

This app is very handy in saving or collecting podcasts from the web. It allows you to save or download any podcast with its Web Clipper feature which describes as a “Save Button for the web.” It is an extension of Chrome that allows you to download any podcast just by one click.

9. Podcast Addict

With more than five million downloads, it is one of the top-notch Android podcast apps. There are over 450,000 podcasts available on it in the multiple languages like Chinese, French and German. This app allows you to shuffle all the genres of the podcasts and also comes with the sleep timer to save your data.

10. RssDemon News and Podcast Reader

This is also one of the oldest podcast apps but it is aging gracefully that is why it is on our list. With the podcast, this app also supports the RSS feeds that put all the news at one spot and easier for you to get all the information within the single app.

11. SmarterPod


SmarterPod is only an extension of the Chrome and not a smartphone app. It can sync with multiple computers, easy feed management, save progress and also update your favorite shows automatically.

12. SoundCloud

Because anyone can upload his voice on the SoundCloud, it has become the favorite place of every independent podcaster to show his talent. That is why this platform is slowly starting to become the home of all podcasters. If you want to make a new home to listen to some shows, then you should consider SoundCloud first.

13. Spotify

In early 2016, Spotify which is quite popular for it music streaming services started streaming podcasts too. Because they are new to this industry that is why there are much-selected podcast shows available on Spotify, but all are top-notch. If you want to build your podcast playlist easily, then Spotify is the spot you should choose.

14. TuneIn Radio


Those who enjoy podcasts and internet radio, TuneIn Radio is their favorite spot. With the podcast, you can also enjoy internet radio and can live stream all your favorite sports games and other stuff without any considerable cost.

15. Overcast Podcast Player

With the features like Smart Speed, Voice Boost and Smarter Playlist, Overcast Podcast Player is the app which can easily manage your podcast playlist. It is one of the most powerful iOS podcast apps however the developers had managed to keep its user interface as simple as possible.

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