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Top 20 EDM Online Tutorials for Musicians

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These days, you can learn nearly everything online, and that’s no different when it comes to producing electronic dance music, or EDM.


EDM is a popular genre of music involving digitally produced music. If you’re looking to step into the world of music production, particularly as it relates to EDM, check out the following 20 tutorials to learn everything you’ll need to know.


1. Reddit’s EDM Production Page

Reddit is a website where many different communities come together to share information about a wide variety of interests, including EDM production. If you’re just starting to learn how to produce EDM music, you’ll want to check out this FAQ for newbies to learn the basics.

Pretty much everything is covered, from choosing a DAW (digital audio workstation) to audio fundamentals, music theory, and the process of creating and electronic song. Once you’ve explored this guide, you can continue reading through the community page for further tips, and even post a request for help if you get stuck.

2. Making a Deep/Tech/House Beat

The How To Make Electronic Music website offers many tutorials, most of which are text based with pictures to make each point clear and audio for examples. The advantage of text tutorials over those on video is that that you can follow along at your own pace without having to pause the video every few seconds. This specific tutorial covers how to make a house style beat in the popular DAW software FL Studio.

3. Using Repetition Without Boring Your Audience

This is another tutorial from How To Make Electronic Music. It discusses the use of repetition in electronic dance music. EDM is well known for its repetitive beats, but for a high quality song, it is important to use that repetition correctly; otherwise, you risk having a boring production. This tutorial covers when, where, and how to use repetition effectively.

4. Everything You Wanted To Know About EDM Production

If you’re looking for an all in one place to learn about EDM production, look no further than Complex’s EDM tutorial page. Covering everything from making a Moombahton lead to a Juke beat, these tutorials use Ableton Live instead of FL Studio, but the principles can be applied to any DAW.

5. Audio Phreak’s YouTube Channel

Audio Phreak covers everything from general computer help, to music theory, to creating SPANs in your music. He uses FL Studio and provides a large variety of resources.


6. Sound and Found’s YouTube Channel

Sound and Found was originally just an EDM producer, but began posting tutorials on his channel. When the tutorial maker is an artist first, you know you’re getting sound advice.

7. SeamlessR’s YouTube Channel

Well-known YouTuber, Seamless offers a wide variety of tutorials for those interested in pursuing EDM production. He covers topics that range from novice to advanced with videos on track production, performance arrangement, bass production and more. With over 130,000 subscribers, you know you’re in good company when following SeamlessR.

8. RocketPoweredSound’s YouTube Channel

RocketPoweredSound uses Serum to create EDM music, and shows you in these tutorials how you can do the same. Don’t worry if you’re using a different DAW; these techniques can be applied universally.

9. DJ Vesper’s YouTube Channel

DJ Vesper uses Ableton in his tutorials, and also covers less technical topics, such as making better music more efficiently. His channel is arranged conveniently into different topics including creating a home studio, free downloads for Ableton Live, music theory, sound design, mixing and mastering, and most popular videos.

10. ADSR’s YouTube Channel


ADSR offers tutorials on all types of EDM topics, including how to make music that sounds like your favorite popular artists. ADSR uploads new tutorials daily, and already has many hours of free tutorials that are in-depth enough for even a seasoned pro to gain knowledge.

11. Busy Works Beats YouTube Channel

Busy Works Beats claims that the information in their tutorials will help you produce music that sounds just like the professionals. In addition to their YouTube channel, they have a website where you can join for free and get even more assistance.

12. SynthHacker’s YouTube Channel

From the UK, sound designer Tom at SynthHacker uses Serum to show you how to recreate sounds from well known tracks. He posts synthesis tutorials daily and covers other techniques as well, from beginner to advanced.

13. Virtual Riot’s YouTube Channel

Virtual Riot is an artist first and instructor second, which means you are getting real world advice from a professional. He tends to use Serum as a DAW in his tutorials for dubstep, electro and D&B music.

14. Subaqueous Music’s YouTube Channel

Isaac Cotec covers a wide variety of music production topics, especially creating specific instrumental sounds in Ableton Live. The tutorials are practical and of value to beginners and experienced music producers alike.

15. How To Make Chillwave

EDM is characterized by its wide variety of subgenres, one of which is Chillwave. This casual, fun tutorial will make sure you don’t forget the main point of music production: enjoying yourself.

16 Reverb Explained

This Splice blog tutorial explains what reverb is and how to use it effectively in your music. Splice is also a great resource for other topics and tutorials as they relate to EDM and music production.

17. Creative Composition Techniques Using Reverses

Another Splice tutorial from Splice, this examines using reverse techniques to add intricacy, energy and detail to your music. It is explained in a way that is accessible to both amateurs and professionals.

18. 5 Music Producer Trends

If you’re trying to produce EDM music professionally, it is crucial to stay up on ever-changing trends. Another article from Splice, this one discusses current trends, and may help you get your music to just the right place for commercial release.

19. SadowickProduction’s YouTube Channel

Sadowick offers a wide variety of EDM production tutorials on his channel, in addition to different sample packs, project files, and sample banks. These are all invaluable tools to producers both new and professional.

20. Quantize Courses

This YouTube channel offers everything you could need to learn about using Ableton Live, from mixing to arrangement, music theory and sound design. Producers of all ability levels will learn how to advance their music production skills in any genre of their choice.

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