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Top 10 Best Educational Sites for Online Learning & Courses

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No matter whether you want to beef up your knowledge or train a set of completely new skills, there are plenty of Web resources to assist you on your way. Because of such a great variety of choices, it may be challenging to find a website that suits you best.


If you are a tutor, who wants to find educational materials for his or her students, it is even more difficult to find the best site as you will have to look for something that suits their learning styles. Below, there is a brief overview of ten top-rated options, consider all of them to choose the ones that meet your requirements to the full.



This education space offers its subscribers a dime a thousand video tutorials. This online library is a great choice for you if you are a visual learner. To get a membership, you have to pay $25 per month, which is not a lot of money in light of the fact that you will get access to more than eighty thousand videos covering all sorts of subjects.

2. Coursera

This site has collaborated with prominent educational institutions to develop Internet courses that cover numerous subjects. Today, every student can take one of their ten course to end up with an official certificate, and professional writers from Pro-Papers will help them achieve their educational goals.


There are countless educational materials on the site, covering everything from musical theory to science. Since this platform holds itself as accessible to an average person, many of its programs are either free or available at a low price. However, if you want to obtain an official certificate, be ready to pay for expenses.

3. Udemy

Unlike the above-mentioned options, this educational space is expensive. Nearly eight thousand courses uploaded to the website each month, and prices vary greatly. The most expensive course costs about five thousand dollars, while the cheapest one is available at only ten dollars. The most popular course in the field of business and technology can be accessed for about a hundred bucks. To not get screwed, read students’ reviews before you can decide on which course to sign up.

4. Khan Academy


This educational space provides educational lectures at no cost at all. Lectures cover mainly traditional academic subjects, including maths, humanities, science, and so forth. The video and text files available on the website are free for all users. These materials help learners to start with subjects before they can move to more advanced courses.

5. Udacity

This website offers a small but well-sorted selection of courses which are focused mainly on technology. If you are looking for a good data science program, then this platform is your lifesaver. With teachers from successful companies, including Facebook, you are more likely to end up with a bundle of subject knowledge and a set of well-developed skills. You will definitely like an opportunity to pay monthly for your course so that if you decide to drop out before completing the program you don’t lose your money.

6. Logic Roots


This website is designed specifically for school-aged kids; however, their parents and teachers can also find something interesting for them on this platform. This educational space provides numerous math games, articles, and worksheets. Its main purpose to show little schoolers that learning math can be easy, fun, and engaging.

7. Codecademy

This platform is all about coding. Unlike other similar Internet schools, this one doesn’t only provide materials for learning but also motivates learners by using a gamified point system. All the materials are absolutely free and thus are available for all Internet users. Here students learn programming languages, including Ruby, PHP, and Python, and they are usually able to build their own projects even before they finish their study.

8. The Exploratorium


This educational space delivers students hands-on experiences so that they can learn scientific concepts much easier. Here, they can get a deep insight into earth science, astronomy, biology, and many other disciplines. There are also many resources designed specifically for educators and learners’ parents as well.

9. General Assembly

Providing educational materials in technology, business, and design, this site offers not only Internet programs but also in-person and mixed ones in many cities throughout the country. Learners can visit the site to access live streams of popular lectures as well. Here they can interact with lecturers and other users in a real-time environment.

10. Bloc


This site is a good choice for those who want to learn web development in a short time. Here everybody can find programs that run for twenty-five hours a week and last usually no longer than several months. Since the program costs start at $4,250, we cannot identify this educational space as a cheap one.

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