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Top 20 Websites to Learn and Practice English Grammar

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Becoming very proficient in the English language is not something that occurs overnight. It is something that you have to be intentional about and also requires lots of practice. In very much the same way being continually practicing any activity will lead to rapid improvement, the regular exercise of English grammar will not only help you get better, but it will also help you become an expert both at written and spoken English.


Talking about being intentional, if you are interested in learning and practicing English grammar, there are specific steps that have to be taken. One of them is getting to know, as well as visiting some of the top 20 websites that will help you learn and Practice English Grammar.

While visiting these websites, it is important to note that there are other ways to improve your English apart from being a constant visitor on sites that offer English lessons. One of such methods is writing essays frequently. Essays provide an avenue for you to practice all that you have learned as regards English. With essays, you do not need anyone’s presence to practice what you just learned either on a website or through a video, all you need to do is write like you are addressing someone and there will be noticeable improvements in your English grammar.

That being said, below are top 20 websites to learn and practice English grammar.



This website is one that can be of immense benefits to people that are advanced in English grammar, as well as those that are just beginning to learn the basics of English grammar. Do you have any troubles with English grammar? This website is guaranteed to provide solutions to whatever issues you have with English Grammar.

2. English Grammar Secrets


English Grammar Secrets is not just a website that will help you learn English Grammar properly. It is a website that features exercises after every topic that will help you gain a mastery of everything you learn on this site.



This English Grammar website is indeed amazing. Just like most other websites where you can learn and practice English Grammar, this website features lessons, as well as exercises. However, unlike other popular websites, Using takes it further. This website makes it possible for you to communicate with other English grammar learners. It is in addition to the freedom of communicating with English teachers.

4. Learn English by British Council


This site is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites where virtually anyone can learn and practice English grammar. Although this website perhaps offers the same level of knowledge that is obtainable in other sites, it makes use of a system that makes visitors to its site very comfortable.

5. Perfect English Grammar

The Perfect English Grammar website is a website that is known for its much precise explanations. In addition to explanations, visitors to this website also have access to tips that will make whatever explanations that are obtained on this site very easy to understand.

6. English Teacher Melanie


English Teacher Melanie is a site that is guaranteed to help you learn a new thing each time you visit it. It is loaded with a lot of information that will be definitely beneficial to anyone that is interested in improving their English Grammar.

7. Grammarly Handbook


Just like its name states, Grammarly Handbook is a website that makes learning English grammar very effortless. It has lots of examples which will ensure that every lesson that it offers is easily mastered.

8. English Grammar Exercise by Kaplan

This Website makes lots of amazing courses that can help you improve your grammar available. The courses that are offered by this site can only be enjoyed by individuals that live in English speaking countries.

9. Duolingo


Duolingo is both a website, as well as an app for learning and practicing English Grammar. This website makes use of quizzes and games in the teaching of English grammar. In addition to the explanations on this site, there are a couple of tips to aid better comprehension.

10. Hellolingo


The Hellolingo website makes it possible for you to learn English grammar and then practice it with native English speakers after your series of lessons. This website makes use of a community which comprises of native English speakers and learners of English grammar.

11. English Central

The English Central website generally makes use of videos. Accompanying these videos are definitions for strange words, as well as transcriptions which will make comprehension much easier. English central has videos for both beginners and advanced learners of English grammar.

12. Phrasemix


Phrasemix is a website for learning English grammar which stands out from the other popular websites that serve the same purpose. Phrasemix focuses majorly on making use of phrases in teaching English grammar. Usually, the phrases that are made use of in this site are phrases that get used in everyday communication.

13. Oxford Practice Grammar Online

The prestigious Oxford University owns this website. It is a site that is beneficial to learners of English grammar irrespective of their level of proficiency. At the moment, this website is open to three levels of English grammar learners. They are; advanced, intermediate, and basic.

14. English Grammar’s Online Exercises


The name of this website is a crystal clear indication of what it offers. Visitors to this website can learn more about the various parts of speech in the English language. This site is not just efficient; it is also convenient.


The Freerice is a website where you can find an explanation of the word you do not know. In other words, it is the website which can help you to enrich your vocabulary by learning the synonyms of the word you do not understand.



This website is ideal for learning and practicing vocabulary, the usage of words, and grammar. It is beneficial to everyone that is willing to improve their English grammar. It is regardless of your level.

17. First English

First English is a free website for learning and practicing English grammar. Covered on this website are various topics in English grammar. Ranging from types of speech to tenses, this website has all that you need to improve your English grammar.

18. FluentU


FluentU doubles as a website and an app for learning and practicing English grammar. This website makes it possible for you to learn and practice English grammar in a fun and exciting way.

19. Babbel

Babbel is a website that is known for the freedom which its users enjoy. This website offers English grammar lessons. However, that is not all that it offers. Visitors on this site can make a choice of what exactly they want to learn. Ranging from grammar to pronunciation, Babbel offers it all.

20. BBC Learning English

The top-notch quality that the British Broadcasting Corporation is known for can also be felt in the quality of lessons that this site has to offer. The fact that this site offers lots of high-quality lessons implies that it is a suitable website for only advanced learners of English grammar.

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