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Top 15 Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Faster

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Learning a new language can be one of the most taxing things for beginners. With the advent of technology, there are a number of ways available which can help to improve the language skills. There is no need to attend the classes or using the traditional methods such as reading and practicing written content.


Forget the old methods of using books to enhance your vocabulary or work upon the grammar skills, there are different apps present on the online stores of various search engines. Just download and enjoy them whenever you want without any restrictions of time!

Use the power of mobile apps to improve your English language skills!

Do you even remember the number of books which you have learned in the previous year? The irony is that the people are more surrounded by words in the digital age and there is less time available for reading books. The good thing is that the Smart phone or your Tablet can help you a lot to learn new things. Here are some of the apps which can help to improve the reading ability and develop better reading skills along with simultaneously boosting the brain function.

The Android apps given below are designed to aid the users in checking their own English language level. They also consist of the vocabulary tools which can provide different types of learning materials to the user. Some of the mobile app versions provide unlimited free topics, but some of them provide paid material. In these apps, the users can also find the UK and US versions of the English language. The users can enhance their spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills by using these apps. In some of the apps, the voice recognition technology is used, by which, users can initiate a voice call with a native English language speaker. Different levels of these apps are also given. Whether you like to read a lot, or speedily or with the combination of both, the apps given below will make your path to wisdom brighter.

1. Listen and Speak


This is a wonderful android app which aids in the foreign language improvement of the new English language learners. It is based upon a set of ready-made templates which tell the users about how words can be spoken and comprehended.

2. Busuu
Busuu is a popular group of English language learners on the web. You can make an account there and aid students with the development of English grammar skills. The members there cooperate and interact with one another within the community. It gives an extensive vocabulary practice to the user and provides complete audio-visual learning resources along with images and auditory recordings of native English language spokesmen.

3. Cartoon-Free English
The app helps the beginners to discover new words in the English language by using the latest method called as Word Cards. It uses the pictures to provide the meanings of words.

4. Speak English
This is one of the perfect apps which can help the beginners. Like the previous one, it also provides pictures to describe the words.

5. English Podcast for Learners
This is an app which is designed to facilitate the English language learners by enhancing the speaking and listening skills through the Podcasts. This application also has a feature by which the playback speed can be altered into slower or faster modes.

6. Fluent English Plus


This is one of the great Android Apps for learning English language. It aids the learners to enhance both the listening and speaking skills. It works just like an audio book and brings forward various translations of different words which are not understandable by the learner. It also gives the pronunciation of different words in different voices.

7. Learn English Elementary
This app is run by the British Council, which is one of the world’s principal and trustable establishments in the field of English Language Learning. It offers a huge sequence of English language podcasts for learners. They can download the material on their Smartphones and Tablets for learning new words in English.

8. English Verb Trainer
This app, as the name shows, assists the learners to advance their usage and conjugation of English verbs. It is good to use on Tablets.

9. English Irregular Verbs
This is an advanced level unbalanced verb dictionary which is designed to aid the English language learners. It consists of approximately 489 irregular verbs.

10. The Phrasal Verbs Machine
This app provides a full phrasal verb dictionary which is highly useful for learners. It consists of about 400 verbs. It also permits the users to search different types of phrasal verbs by meanings or simply by words. Each phrasal verb is further described by using the examples, thus demonstrating how and when to use it properly.

11. English Idioms and Phrases


This is a good app for someone who is fascinated to learn English idioms. It gives about 150 idioms along with practice notes and different exercises.

12. Grammar Express: Question Tag
This one is an excellent Android App which aids the students to practice the English language by using the question tags. However, the Android 2.2 or higher versions are required to run it.

13. Duolingo
This app works on the gamified learning system. Instead of using the general progression running through the lessons, this app provides the structure of the lesson via a skill tree. After finishing the skill level, the user is awarded the skill points. The users can also track their progress and translate the real world content into their knowledge.

14. Memrise
Memrise is an app which offers courses for lots of languages, including English. These courses are developed by the members in the community. The app is a crowd-source learning platform which works through the main content.

15. 50 Languages
This app consists of about 100 lessons, which give help in the basic vocabulary development. It also aids the users to learn short sentences of English which can work in the real-world situations. This app helps the user to practice the short sentences in the English language and use them accordingly in professional setups.

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