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20 Best Online Exam Software for Student Assessment

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It’s no secret that students looking for expert help in writing their assessments tend to address the best services. The brightest example is, perhaps, with their unique approach to completing tasks of any topic or difficulty. Being a professional essay writing service, they don’t only help to cope with complicated assignments, but also teach how to write according to all norms and requirements.


What about teachers? What should they do when the students’ knowledge assessment is coming up? Well-informed teachers make use of the best online exam software for student assessment. Software is a very powerful tool offering features for creating tests, evaluating, and scoring them online. Moreover, the software helps to keep track of the learning process and get advanced reports on each student. Isn’t that awesome?

If you are in search of the best online software of this kind, read to learn about the top 20 best choices you can make use of.

Top 20 Exam Software to Know About

The 20 options we’re going to shed light on are not given from the best to less popular or beneficial. The best ones are summarized below in no particular order. Check out their features and decide on the one that suits your needs best.

1. Kaldin

This type of exam software for online use provides services for schools, colleges, universities, and even corporates. The given programs are reliable and can be customized if needed. The admin is the teacher or lecturer. Admins are permitted to add questions and users as well as deny access.

As for test results, they are provided instantly — no paper-and-pencil work is ever required. All tests and students’ test results are secured. The same refers to any personal information provided.

2. Learnosity

This API-based assessment tool serves millions of users monthly and is trusted by the world’s best educators. The list of the tool’s best features includes a flexible test creation with customizable interfaces and smart testing, rich content, efficient scoring, and improved learners’ progress.

3. TCExam

This is another web-based system created for student assessment. Being divided into many topics and modules, it provides an unlimited number of questions depending on the difficulty level. The software generates unique question papers for every user, thus reducing any cheating.

4. ThinkExam

No wonder this software has been added to the list of best. It offers more than assigning assessments. It helps teachers create tests, define instructions, produce deep reports, and set a number of anti-cheat techniques. The software is user-friendly with a highly-interactive interface.

5. Virtualx

Virtualx is for those looking for open-source software with multiple tests and examination solutions on different topics. Whatever question type is required — drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, yes or no, true and false, matching, descriptive, hierarchical — the software supports them all.

6. Quest Base

It’s a perfect online quiz creator enabling teachers or trainers to craft own tests and assessments. Apart from being rather powerful, the soft offers tools for customization, data security, and even personal certificates.

7. Skillsbook

From skills recognition to prior learning assessments, from courses to pieces of training, from skills assessment to resume builder — anything and everything can be easily found at Skillsbook.

8. EOA

The platform was designed to assist institutions to carry out quizzes, surveys, tests, and exams with a possibility of further analysis of results. Teachers and lecturers can use EOA to create tests and assess their students instantly.

9. Papershala

The software works both for colleges and coaching institutes when it comes to holding exams and assessments. The software can be used on different platforms. After registration, students pass exams and get results instantly.

10. Exam Classroom

Being based on a website, Exam Classroom allows trainers and teachers creating and conducting tests in a secure environment. Student’s knowledge is easily assessed through online testing. Results are calculated online to eliminate time wasted on paperwork.

11. Edbase

The fact that the software works both online and offline is beneficial. Each student’s performance is recorded and stored within the system for a year, thus allowing students to track their records and improve their knowledge.

12. Derbyware

Here’s another best platform for certification, exams, and quizzes originally designed for professors willing to publish their tests online. Anyone can assess it by sharing the link to the test.

13. Mercer Mettl

The platform is a breakthrough in student assessment. It allows carrying out tests to measure and evaluate personalities, cognitive skills, and even behavior. What is more, even companies use the software before hiring new staff.

14. Edify Learn

The software is often used by private coaching institutes for creating assignments and then distributing these assignments between students to evaluate their knowledge. To date, the software is the best for those willing to know their weaknesses and strengths.

15. TAO

With a structure to computerized testing, TAO has won great popularity among teachers and coaches. It is possible to leverage the platform out of the box and have it customized according to requirements.

16. Peergrade

Apart from creating assignments, this software also allows creating rubrics. Any student can upload his work and then assign the peer work to have it reviewed. The process is anonymous.

17. TestBudha

This amazing online test creator supports any type of tests and has an inbuilt engine for answers assessment. With its help, it’s easy to automate the process of test results evaluation even if there are no multiple-choice but detailed answers.

18. Speed Exam

The software is known for handling numerous sessions simultaneously and allowing learners to choose the tutor and test mode. Speed Exam is perfect for self-study too, and allows us to customize the design according to one’s needs.

19. Moodle

The platform differs from many others by being strong and integrated, easy-to-use and secure, customizable, and scalable. It is amazing, whether you’re managing a few students or hundreds of them.

Any of the platforms will work for high-school teachers and college professors. Student assessment has never been so easy and fast!

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