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15 Online Shopping Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Do you frequently experience continuous notifications regarding discounts and exclusive offers going on in the online shopping websites coming to your phone and email ids?The internet data serves as an awesome place for shopping too. Whether it is Amazon’s biggest sale, or Flipkart’s mega shopping week or else Shopclue’s 90 percent sale, please do not panic about them. Take a deep breath and relax. Believe me shopping requires a lot of planning than we actually think. Even I am a person who is always excited about shopping. I used to shop restlessly till I found these tips for a clever shopping experience.


In this article of mine, I am going to share you few of my shopping tips to help you not to go at a loss this shopping season.


1. Because Planning is foremost
Whether it be online or offline, planning is a must for your shopping. Do not go for shopping online, during the weekends, instead, plan for it during the mid working days like Wednesdays and Thursdays. Flipkart has its discount sale on Wednesdays of every week. Try to find out the list of the days of the week, which every other website will be offering for their customers. Plan yourself for a single day sit at home, on the air cooler and start shopping.

2. Never pay for shipping
Never shop for sites that cost for shipping. Always look for sites that offer free shipping. With that, you can buy and exchange the product as many times as you want without any cost. Already you are paying enough for buying the product and with that if you are going to pay for the transportation also then there is no point of going for online shopping. Online shopping is for removing your transportation charges which you face during shopping in real time. If you have to pay for the shipping cost also then there lies no difference between online and offline shopping.

3. Be clever with the discount opportunities
If you see high discounts on the products in the online selling stores, then just do not hurry in buying them. Keep the particular product in your purchase bag and then do a little research on the comparison of the price in other online websites also. Try to find out the real value of the product. If the product is really in high discount and worth the present price, then decide on to buy it. On the other hand, if there is no much difference between the product’s actual price and the current price after discount, better do not buy it. Because you might be thinking that you are saving a lot of your money, but you are actually not.

4. Know how to sort
There are many ways you can sort out the types of products you want. There are options to sort them up on relevance, popularity, prices low to high and high to low. During filtration always go for the option of low to high price. Generally like any other stores the online stores also display most eye-catching and expensive product on the top lists during purchase. So make an effort to dig out the cheapest items in the stores.

5. Use your shopping points
Few retailers use to give you shopping points for every purchase. Try finding those types of shopping points in the online stores also. Because after every purchase, your points on the shopping card will get increased and it will give you an amount of extra discounts during the purchases.

6. Fluebit rocks
Use Fluebit to demand a price lower than its price you have found in any of the other online stores. You just need to add the URL of the websites where you have selected the product and click the option that says ‘Create me a Lower Price’ . Fluebit will automatically show you how much extra discount you can get on the same product.

7. Start networking
Almost every brands post about their discounts and offers on the social media websites like Facebook, twitter, etc. Start liking those brands on Facebook and Instagram. Ones liked, the notifications regarding sales and discounts of those company brands will be coming to you as alerts.

8. Be careful about the money
Mostly try going to ‘cash on delivery’ for payments because there are a lot of transaction issues for online payments. Cash on delivery allows you to have a safe and sound online shopping, avoiding those attackers found in the cloud. You will have a tension free shopping experience since you will come to payment procedure only if you have to give the money after you get the product in your hand. In case, of returning the product, a credit card is good because the transaction of money back to your credit card is faster than a debit card or cash payment. But for our safety and security, better use ‘cash on delivery’ option only.

9. Some extra effort
Sometimes try visiting the stores also because, the costs of the brands in the online stores might be more than those in the stores. Make sure you create your own folder for the emails from these shopping sites so that you go and check them out according to your own will and time.

10. Use MegaShopBot
MegaShopBot is a tool that compares the price of any product among the online websites and gives us the different prices ongoing in different places. It reduces your effort of making google search of all the different online stores and a comparison among them.

11. Sign up for immediate alerts on sales
Make sure you set alerts for getting reminders on the exact time and date on the sales and discounts even during the rush hours. Sometimes, the websites give ultimate discounts only for a limited time for an hour or two. Make sure you sign up for those kinds of alerts. And while buying those products on high sale make sure you buy them only if you really need them. Just because they are in high discounts do not end up buying those products, even if you do not really need them. In this way, you will be misusing your money.

12. Go for sites that will offer you vouchers
Before going for online shopping spend some of your time in doing coupons search. Do not directly buy the discounted items. Instead, try to apply coupons and vouchers for them, which will save a lot of your money. Websites like, and offer a lot of coupons.

13. Have patience
If the item in your budget has gone out of stock, then please don’t end up buying something that is out of your budget. Keep that item on your wish list and once the item becomes available again, you will definitely get a notification mail or an SMS on your phone.

14. Do not treat online shopping special
Treat them like any other retail shop. Do not get attracted by seeing the beautiful pictures of the product. In case if you really need any product,then only go for it. There is a difference between want and need. First, focus on what you need. If you really need the product, then go for it. If you do not need the product but you want it because you like it, then there is no point of wasting your money on that useless stuff. First, make a list of what all things you really need to buy. Search for them in all the websites and compare the prices. Go for the one that matches your budget. In case, nothing is according to your financial statement, then do not hurry in buying them. Put them on a wish list and wait for the price to go. Once there is any change in the product, then you will be getting notifications about it. Take care of your budget and be careful about it. Do not buy anything that may affect your economy.

15. Find Cashback opportunities
A lot of online stores facilitate a minimum cashback on each purchase. This is actually a good service. Try to use Paytm also by which on every purchase a little amount of your money will be saved. Cashback purchase is very important and no one should actually neglect it or take it very easily because you are spending unknowingly with the fact that you could actually save a lot more. Few examples of cashback websites are,,, etc.

Author: Vaishnavi Agrawal

Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals.

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