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5 Online Store Builders You Must Use in 2015 / 2016

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Ecommerce is exploding and many businesses have gone online to increase their customer base and churn up more sales revenues. You too can benefit from the growing popularity of online shopping provided you have the right platform that acts as the much needed springboard to successfully launch your online business.


However, making the right choice from so many available eCommerce platforms can be a time consuming and laborious process. I’ve tried to make this job a little easier. Here is a list of 5 excellent eCommerce platforms that will empower you to create the perfect online store for your business, regardless of your web programming or design experience.



ShopIntegrator offers a secure PCI compliant hosted shopping cart that readily supports mobile eCommerce so that your customers can shop on your website from anywhere, anytime. The reassuring presence of the McAfee security sign ensures your cart is protected from hackers and Internet threats at all times.

The multi-device capability empowers you to reach out to all your customers, at home, office, or on the move in the streets and boost your sales figures. Also, pre-integrated third party payment gateways allow you to accept payments in multiple currencies; global business is a relative breeze with your ShopIntegrator website.

A point and click style designer helps you easily blend shopping cart and eCommerce buttons into your existing website. You can also manage stock quantities, product options, product personalization requirements and other product details.

Add eCommerce functionalities to your existing website or integrate standalone eCommerce buttons or widgets quickly with the help of ShopIntegrator, and reach out to your customers with your products.

If the key to selling starts with showing off what you’ve got, then this store builder helps put the spotlight on your products.



If you are looking to build a great looking, hassle-free online store from a range of high-quality free and premium design templates, Volusion should be your favorite online store builder. The innovative inventory management tools it offers provide you with a quick glance of your inventory stock, anytime. With an automated alert system in place, you never run the risk of running low on stock.

The in-built SEO tools give your business higher search rankings and drive more traffic to your website. The platform also provides social media tools that allow you to share content, marketing collaterals, knowledge based blog posts and related content and take the benefit of word-of-mouth phenomena.

Volusion’s secure online security architecture ensures that all transactions are protected. Your customers can safely use credit cards or use convenient payment channels like PayPal to carry out transactions seamlessly. The shopping cart software quickly processes orders, payments, shipping and inventory control to give your customer a delightful shopping experience on your online store.

Volusion is a great choice for online retailers who have a large product range to offer to their customers. So, why not try Volusion? It comes with 14 day free trial offer!



If your business belongs to a very competitive domain, Bigcommerce online store builder will help create a highly optimized web store for search engines. It is interlaced with SEO features like customizable URLS, Meta tags and robots.txt files that auto-generate sitemaps. Bigcommerce empowers your business to stay on top of search engine rankings and attract traffic.

Reach out to more customers with in-built marketing tools like newsletters, social media buttons, discounts, coupon codes and automatic generated customer lists. Use these features to share your content and influence a positive outcome.

This builder helps you customize your store as much as you want, in a few, easy steps with the use of point-and-click tools and customizable CSS/HTML. This allows your store to stand out from the crowd.
Protected by hardware firewalls and hacker deterrent security provisions your web store is completely safe for online shopping. Features like product reviews and comparisons help shoppers take informed decisions that usually lead to a positive outcome.

To put it simply, your Bigcommerce based web store offers you plenty of business growth opportunities by helping you explore newer avenues of sales generation.



With Shopify, you can choose your favorite storefront theme from a collection of over 100 free eCommerce website templates, including those created by world renowned designers like Pixel Union, Happy Cog and Clearleft. Completely customizable, your Shopify based e-store looks the way you want it to, thanks to the Theme Settings editor. Use this tool to preview your store before you make changes in it.

With no design constraints and hosting hassles you can create a full-fledged eCommerce website and customize its design to each and every pixel. The user-friendly administration makes it really very easy to add functionality to some parts of your store.



The easy to use design features in PinnacleCart and other features like SEO compliant header tags, sitemap, breadcrumbs, etc., allow you to create the perfect eCommerce website for your business and target the right audience. This way you save a lot of money, which you otherwise would have to spent on hiring an SEO expert for onsite optimization. Also, features like recurring billing and instant sales with QR codes automate and speed up the sales cycle.

You can even recapture lost sales (in the form of cart abandonment) with the help of special features and create campaigns to attract those visitors who abandoned your shopping cart.

Another feature that improves shopping experience for customers is the payment tokenization feature that makes it easy to speed up the checkout process for returning customers; they can access their payment details from previous orders and complete the sales cycle quickly.


All eCommerce platforms mentioned in this article have their own set of advantages that you need to align with your business’s demand before your zero in on the best one suited for your needs.

Author: Rachel Oliver

Rachel Oliver is a passionate writer. She often share her thoughts on business, technology, leadership, finance, fashion and more. Feel free to hit her up on Google+.

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2 Responses to “5 Online Store Builders You Must Use in 2015 / 2016”

  1. kaveri Gupta says:

    Continue from 2016 to 2017 LSNetX is the growing Online Store builder for all small to large Business owners who do not have any technical knowledge but still they are happy to have LSNetX. The reason for it simple LSNetX is simple and easy it requires only product information no tech savvy users. Add few more suggestions in the list of online store building Solutions.

  2. Very Informative article, Shopify is one of the best eCommerce Software compare with PinnacleCart, BigCommerce etc. Shopify Extension marketplace makes it easier to add additional features to eCommerce store. Shopify provides a backend for both beginners and advanced users as well Shopify has the basic essentials for SEO, with robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, Canonical URL tags, and editable meta descriptions, URLs and title tags etc. The setup for SEO is much cleaner, but it’s not that hard at all with Magento. I would recommend to checkout the other quite a few eCommerce Platform software listed on SoftwareSuggest