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Most Popular Video Game Characters of All Time

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The development of a video game’s character is vital in influencing not only a player’s enjoyment of the game but why they choose to play it in the first place. With hundreds of thousands of video games out there, an eye-catching character with an amazing storyline can mean the difference between success and failure.


So, what makes a great video game character? Here we’ll look at some of the most widely-renowned faces across the gaming globe and explore exactly what makes them so special.

1. Lara Croft


Arguably the most iconic female video game character in history, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft seemingly broke the mould of a male lead in role-playing games. The character – a highly intelligent and athletic archaeologist – was first created in 1996. In the video game franchise, she has been voiced by six different actresses to date. She was also famously played by Angelina Jolie in the 2001 spin-off and more recently by Alicia Vikander in the latest edition of the action film. If you’re into exploring ancient tombs then don’t forget to visit House of Fun. You can play the best free mobile slots games like Egypt Rising, Purrymid Prince and Glorious Egypt.

2. Pac-Man


Created by Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani in 1980, Pac-Man is one of the longest-running video games with the iconic character loved across the globe. The round yellow face, as well as four multi-coloured ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, have inspired not only countless spin-offs, but are widely seen on clothing lines, home furnishings and accessories. Unlike many of the characters we love today, it’s the simplicity of this original character that makes him so unforgettable.

3. Ezio Auditore da Firenze


You may not be familiar with the name but you’re sure to have to seen this tall hooded figure exploring the renaissance-inspired landscapes of Assassin’s Creed. Thanks to his inspiring back story in the role-playing video game – which sees Ezio seek vengeance against the man who executed his family – he has become one of the most widely recognised characters of all time. He was so popular in fact, that he even inspired the 2016 movie of the same name.

4. Link


Link is the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda video games series which has been going since 1986. He’s appeared consistently throughout the many editions of the game, albeit often as different incarnations of himself. Link is your stereotypical hero but as he rarely speaks in the game, the strength of his character is displayed primarily through actions and his bravery, determination and wisdom.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog


Created by Sega in 1991, the bright blue hedgehog who can travel at supersonic speeds is widely associated with racing games. The character became a phenomenon back in the 90s inspiring not only a whole line of video games but movies, a TV show and comic strips.

6. Super Mario


A list of the best video game characters of all time would of course be incomplete without Super Mario. Probably the best known video game character around the world, the Nintendo mascot, created in 1985, has propelled the franchise into unimaginable realms of success. In 2015, it was reported over 310 million copies of Super Mario games had been sold making it the best-selling video game series in history.

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