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60 Really Creative, Beautiful and User Friendly 404 Error Pages

Posted on by in Web Design

Nobody likes to see 404 error pages – pages no longer exist. That’s the reason why we, as a responsible web developer and blogger always check for broken links, repair or get rid of them. Too many error pages will not only give a bad impression to your visitors, but also lower your site ranking in the search results.


While reducing the number of error pages with outdated links should be treated as your continuous effort to maintain the quality of your website or blog, you can also design your own 404 error page to match the theme of your site. By default, the error messages aren’t that useful, so what you can do is design your own 404 page by adding in some creative ideas, awesome graphics and useful solutions to help out your visitors once they got lost on your page. Trust us, your hard work will be appreciated by your visitors for sure! Read more…

How to Fix DLL Errors on Windows PC

Posted on by in Software

Some of the most frustrating issues that you may come across when it comes to your Windows PC entail DLL errors. The worst part is that there are so many DLL files on your computer that it can become impossible to figure out which one was the issue. Even more importantly, you might struggle to get Windows to load altogether.


But the good news is that you can get those DLL errors resolved if you use a few points for correcting the issues. This can work for many cases, particularly in instances where you might have deleted a DLL file by accident. The steps you have to follow are plentiful, but there is a potential for you to resolve the concern in question before it can get to be any more challenging to work with. Read more…

10 Common Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on by in Web Design

A professionally designed website can help you to attract the attention of your targeted customers. Along with being attractive, design of the website should also reflect on the unique qualities of your business. In this modernized world, people are designing websites for their online business to stay over the edge and to remain ahead of their competitors. While surfing the internet, you may have come across a large number of web designing mistakes that must be avoided to achieve a perfect website design for your business.


Here is a list of top 10 mistakes that are usually committed by business owners designing their own website. Being humans, we all are prone to make mistakes however below written web designing mistakes must be avoided to create impressive and professional looking website. Read more…

WordPress Tips: How to Deal with Broken Links

Updated on by in WordPress

Fixing broken links is one of the important SEO practices that determine the success of your website/blog. Being a serious webmaster, you should make sure that all the links created in the web content work well, redirecting visitors to the page you intended. Too many broken links and dead links on your site will not only interrupt your visitors’ reading experience, but also stop search engines from crawling your site completely. This will potentially lower your site’s ranking on the search results and affect your site’s traffic.


In today’s post, we would like to recommend you some effective tips to deal with broken links on your WordPress blog. These solutions are determined based on our in-depth research on the net and our SEO experience. Hope you’ll find them helpful. Read more…

12 Internal Link & Broken Link Checkers, Online Tools & WordPress Plugins

Updated on by in Web Development

Effective internal link strategy is useful for spreading link juice and building healthy site architecture. To achieve that, you should make sure that all the internal links on your site are working well. In other words, avoid broken links. If your site has too many broken links causing 404 error pages, not only it will have a negative impact on your site’s SEO rankings but also prompt visitors to leave your site.


Fortunately there are a number of free online tools available on the web helping you to check the link status on your site and report if any broken links are detected. In today’s post, we’ve listed some of the best internal link checkers and broken link detectors helping you to build a user-friendly and SEO friendly website. Read more…

How to Fix GoDaddy Web Hosting 500 Internal Server Error

Updated on by in WordPress

If you’re running a WordPress blog hosted on, then you should pay attention to this article. Due to the growth of traffic, you might upgrade your web hosting plan from Economy or Delux to Windows 4GH Unlimited, with the intention of getting larger space, bandwidth and expecting for better performance. However many users have encountered 500 Internal Server Error after the upgrade. If this is the reason that leads you to this post, here are 3 solutions you can try to address the issue.


Read more…

How to Create a Custom Error 404 Page for WordPress Blog

Updated on by in WordPress

As bloggers, we try our best to ensure that every link we create goes to a specific page on our site. However, in the event that we delete out-of-date posts or pages without removing the links to them, there is a chance that a link clicked will lead to Error 404 page. Instead of displaying your visitors “Sorry, page not found”, you should put more helpful message suggesting them what to do next such as go to homepage, contact administrator, or perform searches.


In today’s post, we will teach you how to customize your Error 404 page so that it’s more helpful to your visitors and consistent with your theme style. Read more…