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3 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Polls for Your Company

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Want to capture the attention of your audience quickly? You should try Instagram polls. They are more than just a tool to understand what the community wants; it is a way to understand what your business needs to do to make your audience happier. Engaging with target customers is crucial if you want to improve brand reputation, and Instagram polls are a quick way to achieve that goal. There are two options that you can choose from when it comes to these polls:


  • Keep it simple with a classic survey where there are two to four answers that the audience has to choose from.
  • Using the emoji slider to understand the audience sentiment about whether they like Product A or B.

Now that you know how Instagram polls can influence your business, let’s look at some of the creative ways to use these polls:

1. Crowdsourcing Ideas and Feedback


Once you launch a new product, you are anxious to know if your target audience knows about it or not. One way to spread the word is to buy real Instagram likes and asking the followers to share the photos, videos, and links of the new product as much as possible. But what about when you want to introduce something new? You may not be sure if your customers would love that product or service. So, you can conduct a poll to find out the answer. For example, if you sell ladies apparels, you can start a poll with a question, “Would you like to see shorts or skirts this summer?”

2. Learning from the Community


When you want to know something about a product or a brand, what do you do? You usually ask your friends or people who use that product, right? So, why not apply the same technique on Instagram? If you want to know what the customers like about your company, you can ask them in a poll question. For example, you can allow the audience to vote on anything like whether they like your company’s cupcakes or cookies, or even something simple like whether they prefer videos or photo posts from your business page. The objective is to deliver what the customers want, and polls are the best way to understand their preference.

3. Drive the Traffic to Your Website


Back in 2017, Instagram enabled business pages to put website links in their stories and posts if you have a minimum of ten thousand followers. But the trick to driving the traffic back to your website is through a poll. You need to tempt your audience and convince them to answer the poll question that would lead them to your website. For example, you can ask if a jacket of your company will be the coolest outfit this winter or not. The answer will lead them to your company website where the audience can check out other apparels also.

Using Instagram polls correctly can help understand the response of the customers immediately. It is a tool to ensure that the audience visits your profile that can lead to increased sales.

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