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Dummies’ Guide to Social Media Marketing – How Get Started

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Understanding the potentiality of Social Media, digital marketers are now pouring in thousands of dollars and hours to take control of it. They recruit finest guys and work with killer resources to mine as many leads from Social Media as possible. So the question is, how a dummy who has never tried out social media marketing is going to compete them?


Answer — by getting started. You never learn something if you don’t start it. And in this article, we will show you how to get started with social media marketing.

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

Social Media networks are now filled with billions of users from all over the world. From a 60-year old mommy to 17-year old teenager, everybody now uses Social Media. If it is not Facebook they use, you will find them on YouTube. Or maybe Instagram is where they flock to.

So if you know how to use Social Media for marketing purpose, you will surely be able to reach your target audience. So let’s have a look at the 5 simple tips to learn how to get started with social media marketing.

#1 Select Your Social Media

There are tons of social media networks available today. And no doubt they all have millions of active users. But here’s the thing.

You should start your journey by joining on a single social media network. If you try out multiple networks, then you have to divide your attention span for each network. And chances are you might lose your attention along the way.

So select only a single network first. And it’s important to select one which is loved by most of your target audience.

If your target audiences are old-folks above 30+ then Facebook and Twitter are your best bets. But if it is youngsters, then you need to choose one between Instagram and Snapshot.

YouTube, however, is a great platform because it is used by everyone. So you can opt for it to reach audience from all different ages and groups.

#2 Allocate Your Time

The second most important thing is to allocate your time. To be succeeded in Social Media marketing, you must be consistent with your activity on Social Media. And therefore, it’s wise to allocate a time at the beginning.
But you need to be strategic here. So find out a time which is preferred by your target audience. It helps you upload your new posts when your target audiences are most active on social media. And it does help you to enjoy a higher engagement rate.

#3 Find a Theme Idea

There are thousands of marketers like you who too are using social media. So to stand out of the crowd, you need to come up with a unique theme idea for your content. For instance, using certain colors when creating photos, an intro for videos, signature mark for branding, and etc.

While these will increase your work load for now, later on they help you enjoy a pleasant authority in your domain.

#4 Build Your Follower Base

Rome was not built in one day, so you too can’t build your follower base in one day either. It will take a couple of months, so be patient and continue posting new contents.

#5 Engage With your Audience

To be successful at social media marketing, you must earn the trust of your audience. And the only way to do so is to be engaging with them.

Your contents, as long as they are awesome, will encourage fans to leave comments and thoughts. And by responding to those comments, you can cement a good relationship with your audience.

These are the 5 important tips to get started with social media marketing. As they say “start somewhere, start small” so be confident to start today even if you lack enough resources. You will collect them along the way.

Part 2. How to Find an Influencer for Your Social Marketing

As mentioned earlier, to be successful with social media marketing, you need a group of loyal fans who trust you and who listen to you.

And it usually takes years to build such loyal fan base. But did you know that you could have access to a loyal fan base in just few minutes?

There are many influencers on Social Media who already built a couple of large fan bases. And you can easily take a ride on their coattails to start marketing your brand without having to build a new follower base from scratch.

Wondering How to Find Such Influencers?

InflueNex is your answer. For finding top YouTube influencers who collaborate with brands, you just need to browse InflueNex for a few minutes.

InflueNex is an Influener Search Engine, so you just type in a search term and InflueNex will find influencers who match your requirements.


InflueNex Features

  • InflueNex has over 2 million YouTube influencer in its database
  • It has handy search bar to locate the best influencers
  • It pulls off raw data about influencers for reviewing them
  • And it allows to invite them to be in collaboration with

How to Use InflueNex to Find Influencers

Step 01

Go to InflueNex and simply create a user account.


Step 02

Now, go to the Search Bar and type in a keyword or niche name you want the influencers to be from. For instance, if you want to market your skin-care line, then search for influencers using keywords like fashion, beauty, and skin care.

InflueNex has handy filters as well, so they will come in handy to search for right influencers using right keywords and filters.


Step 03

When you enter a search term, InflueNex will find relevant influencers who, of course, match your search requirements.

Take a quick look at the search results and use “heart” icon to make a shortlist of prospective influencers. It helps you sort out the best ones from the rest.


Step 04

Now go to the “favorite” window and start analyzing your shortlisted influencers.

InflueNex will share insights on their total number of subscribers, views, average engagement per post, channel growth and so on.

So consider those raw data to analyze an influencer.


Step 05

If you find an influencer who suits your tastes, then simply send him an invitation from “Send Invite” option.



This is how you can find and collaborate with an influencer. And the best part is that an influencer has been working with your target audience for years, so he will definitely know better how to convince your target audience to drive them to your site or brand.

So work with an influencer to gear up your social media marketing. There are many macro influencers who charge only a few bucks for collaborating with new brands, so it will definitely be a great solution to get started with social media marketing.

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