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10 Best Twitch Tips & Tricks for Streamers to Grow Channel

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Twitch is streaming platform for gamers. Having said that it is not only about watching live streaming of video games instead it encompasses live broadcasts of different artists, chefs and even musicians. Furthermore, you can expect a rerun of classic TV shows.


The interface is pretty straightforward when it comes to Twitch. However, if you are not familiar with it, you can miss out on certain features as well as opportunities to make money.

The idea behind

What is the idea behind Twitch? Well, to put it simply, to earn real money while streaming. However, that’s not all. The idea is also to bring together band of fellow gamers and grow together as a community. So without further ado, let us delve into some tips and tricks to make the most out of your Twitch channel.


1. Create a Schedule

Scheduling your Twitch stream is crucial. It will enable your channel followers to know the exact window of when you are going to be live,and they’d be able to watch the content they so desperately crave. Remember to be available and feed their want.

It may take a while. You will need to try out different timings initially,buteventually, you will know which time suits you the best. Is it the evening or if it’s mornings when you are at your absolute gaming best? You decide and then stick with it.

2. Engage and Communicate Clearly on a Regular Basis

The heading says it all. With a following, you will always need to interact to answer their questions or reply to their comments. Everybody wants to feel valued,and that’s how command influence. Dale Carnegie, anyone?

Viewers would want to know your prowess in the game playing so engage with them where you fill them in on your secrets but with not too much of your secrets. That would be downright silly, no?

Also, take note of the following:

Step 1: Chat window should be on the front
Step 2: See that your microphone is working to be able to communicate clearly, and
Step 3: Set up a face-camera. Be presentable while engaging with your followers. Oh, and if you are camera shy then maybe Twitch isn’t for you.

Additionally, whenever a new viewer subscribes to your channel, make it a practice to send out a welcome note. That way the person gets introduced to your pool of followers and adds to the relationship building (call it an exercise if you will) but little courtesy goes a long way, especially when it comes to scaling your viewership/followers.

3. Streaming Title with a Hook

As with any content, titles are key to attention-grabbing. So follow these steps to make a title appear more lucrative.

Step 1: Choose your streaming language say, if it’s in English, write “The game’s on”!
Step 2: State your rank, say “Level 3 Quake.”
Step 3: Also, write up the duration you will be streaming,e.g., “12-hour stream.”
Step 4: If there are achievements under your belt, then state them too “Reached level 3! want to jump the bandwagon?”
Step 5: If the game you are streaming has notable heroes or characters, display the name of your hero you’re playing with, and so on so forth.

These examples will help you craft the most attractive titles. Furthermore, it is better if you can customize the thumbnail of your video instead of relying on the default thumbnail assigned to you by Twitch.

4. Learn to Moderate

Twitch is known for lots of chatting and busy servers which is why the art of moderation will come in handy. There can be all kinds of trolls in the comments section and those who abusive language.

Learning to moderate chat will help you maintain a lucid streaming experience lest it gets on your nerves.

You can set moderation checks such as for chat rules from Twitch settings. Or you can also employ auto-moderation tools that will block spam comments and the likes thereof.

5. Do You Know You Can Hide the Viewer Count?

If you are starting on Twitch or is someone who’s got a low viewer count on your videos, you can hide that count. Why? It is because a lower count may serve as a huge turnoff for viewers and other potential followers.

On your Twitch dashboard, go to Stats and on Views choose,hide. Voila, your viewer count has gone invisible!

7. Use of Effects

Effects comprise of both video effects and transitions. They make your streams/videos come to life in a way which makes the viewer feels invested. Animations tend to help you transition into a different scene without ever appearing to be abrupt.

Overlays, on the other hand, bring camera and screen to your stream which inadvertently serves as an interface during the viewing duration. You can have a subscriber count, follower number, donators’ names and notifications displayed.

Although, there are no restrictions regarding the number of transitions and overlays which you can use. Still, it’s better not to go overboard with them. You know how Michael Bay gets hate for the Bayhem in his films? Same thing.

8. The Affiliate

We stated in the beginning how Twitch is about earning money during streaming. But hey, why make money online when you can also do so offline? Yes, with the newly announced Twitch Affiliate Program, this can very well become a reality.

To be eligible for the Affiliate Program, as a streamer, you ought to have a minimum of 500 minutes of streaming activity and that too, over a span seven different days in the last month. If that’s anyway near you, keep up,and you will get an email for the list of requirements for climbing aboard as an affiliate.

Additionally, you need to have three simultaneous viewers, on average (at any one point in time) and at the very least, a total of 50 followers to qualify. It may be tough,but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

9. Bank on Pulse (Twitch’s Social Network)

With Pulse, you can post the latest that’s happening in the form of status updates to your Pulse community coupled with images, video links, and emojis. Pulse also supports YouTube, Gfycat, Vimeo and Imgur links.

10. Extensions for Twitch

You can also earn money by using Twitch’s ‘Extensions’ feature. Viewers can unlock different parts of Extensions by spending Bits (Twitch’s virtual currency) out of which 80% revenue is attributed to streamers, given they are the ones driving traffic from their channels.
For developers, Extensions means more customization and the remaining 20% of the revenue.

In conclusion

Twitch is the next gen in technological advancements. The good number of viewers cum followers is 20,000. Anything less than that is not making the most out of Twitch. The listed tips and tricks will enable you to achieve that goal.

Moreover, staying positive, putting in the hard work, and having a great time while on Twitch without overthinking is bound to yield results. Shortcuts are often painful because they backfire almost every time such as buying fake followers or viewers.

Take one day at a time and who knows you might one day become a streaming force such as Netflix VPN to be reckoned with.

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