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15 Tips to Create Effective Popups for WordPress Sites

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Undoubtedly, User Experience plays a vital role in deciding the success of any website. While the benefits of an attractive web design with excellent and relevant contents are well-known, other key aspects like loading speed and hindrance-free navigation are not to be overlooked.


Use of Pop-ups remains a debatable topic in the web developers’ community. While the pioneers of the industry agree that pop-ups degrade the user experience largely, businesses still cannot refrain themselves from using few of them in their websites. Why? The answer to this is obvious. Pop-ups are a great way to drive more traffic, create larger brand awareness and most importantly make money. So, we have not seen much businesses compromising on this front till now.

Read on to find out few handpicked tips that might help you to hire WordPress developers in creating and maintaining effective pop-ups for WordPress websites.

1. Use it at the right time


Shooting the pop-up at the right time is crucial for any website. It is never a good practice to display a pop-up right when the user logs in or when the user is trying to close the website. Shooting a pop-up in the middle of browsing is also never helpful. So display pop-ups when the user finishes navigating through specific sections or articles. The users seem to be more engaged and receptive to pop-ups at that time.

2. Set appropriate frequency

When you set the perfect time to display your pop-up, you have done the most that you can do to put your offer on the visitor’s table. Once the pop-up is displayed, leave it up to the user to decide the future action. Do not lose out on the chance of a returning visitor by displaying the pop-up again and again.

3. Eye-catching design

Pop-ups do really get thumbs down from the visitors’ perspective. But if you still use them to get more subscribers, try to make your best move possible by giving the pop-up a glitzy look with relevant images and bright colors. A good looking and attractive pop-up can get you more subscribers than an average pop-up can do.

4. Persuasive headline

Users are never motivated enough to read long paragraphs in the pop-ups. You have to hit the bull’s eye in few seconds that visitors are expected to glance through the pop-up. Use crisp and jazzy headlines that kindle an interest in the visitor to click on it and visit your contents.

5. Easy-to-use

It is obvious that very few among the hundreds of users choose to respond to the pop-ups and subscribe to your contents. So do not make the user’s life difficult by making them fill in too many information. This may adversely affect your strategy by making prospective subscribers head out.

6. Offer incentive


It is a common practice of many websites to offer users with sign up bonus in order to get more subscribers. So make sure that you highlight this offer boldly in the pop-up that does not fail to grab the user’s attention at the first glance. You can then credit some bonus points or similar goodies to the user’s account on sign up.

7. Use targeted pop-up

The preferences and interests of visitors vary extensively and irrelevant pop-ups are of no use. So, relevant pop-ups for each section of your website are very helpful in getting you more subscribers. Use of a good pop-up plugin for your WordPress website can serve this purpose of manifesting tailored pop-ups for the audience.

8. Regularly optimize it

Never stop working on the enhancements of your pop-up in terms of design, content and appearance. Even for a well-performing pop-up, continuous optimization can ensure better results. Use pop-up plugins that support A/B testing that can help in future optimization.

9. Use the right pop-up plugin

Choosing the perfect pop-up plugin for your WordPress takes care of most of the other aspects of effective pop-up use. It ensures easy optimization, customization and responsive designs for your pop-ups. Choose from many good plugins available in the market like Optimonster, Bloom, Thrive Leads, and PopupAlly, etc.

10. Don’t make it redundant

While pop-ups are already a hindrance for easy browsing from an end-user’s perspective, using redundant and sticky pop-ups can be very detrimental to the user experience. Many Internet marketers discourage such use. Once the user closes a pop-up, do not shoot the same pop-up again as it is never going to be of any use in changing the user’s mind.

11. Give users the liberty to close it

Pop-ups should always come with easily locatable close buttons. Hire WordPress developers to understand that they should disappear at once when the user chooses to close it. In most of the cases, when users find it difficult to close a pop-up, they usually end up closing the entire website.

12. Offer a gift

This is similar to offering subscription bonus but you should make sure that the bonus, the users are getting are useful to them. Initially, you may get many subscribers through vague bonus promises but in the long-run, it is going to be useless and can have adverse effects. So offer your visitor some freebies or small gifts in lieu of sign up bonuses.

13. Chat pop-ups for support


You can also capitalize on using the pop-ups to have a live conversation with the visitors. This is a great marketing strategy to provide the visitors with some technical support while browsing. Later at the end of your conversation, you can present your offers to the customers and ask them to subscribe.

14. Coupons to returning customers

By using professional pop-up plugins, you can keep track of returning visitors for your website and offer them customized coupons for third party merchant sites in exchange of subscription. This not only helps you get more customers, it also helps you grow your business outside your domain by the third party engagements.

15. Don’t move away from your niche contents

Often it is seen that, pop-ups lead the users to an entirely different webpages upon clicking on it. It has more adverse results than positives. Your original contents of the website get shadowed in this way, which professional marketers and community professionals would not encourage.

By following the above tips, you can ensure effective use of plugins in your WordPress website. It will have your pop-ups perform in an intended way without harming the incoming traffic. Hire WordPress developers who can create great pop-ups by using WordPress pop-up plugins to ensure great results.

Author: Harshal Shah

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of XHTML Junkies, a global IT consulting firm with expertise in magento and wordpress development as well as delivering IT solutions on Web, Mobile and Cloud.

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