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Top 11 Online Tools to Create Awesome Popup and Popover Ads

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Popup and popover ads can be extremely effective at driving engagement, building lists, and getting offers in front of potential customers. The key is to build them in a way that makes them a useful interruption instead of an intrusive annoyance. The more useful you can make your info, the more likely your target visitor is to convert.


Giving relevant information is a huge part of a successful popup ad. However, that’s only half the battle; you must be able to present that ad in a targeted, attractive, and timely format. Here are eleven of the best tools we’ve tracked down to create popup and popover ads and deliver them to your visitor. Prices range from free to super premium, and the features are just as varied. Sit down with your website goals in mind and find the tool that works best for you.



With a focus on ease of use, WisePops has put a lot of research and resources into making popup and popover ads that visitors will interact with, without becoming irritated with the interruptions. Boasting a 5% conversion rate on millions of popup impressions, WisePops also integrates with all the major platforms and applications.

Screen Popper
A great program for beginners, ScreenPopper offers drag-and-drop templates to get you up and running quickly. It offers excellent account flexibility, easy implementation, and integrates with all of the big email and CRM applications. Plus, if you’d rather outsource your popup campaigns, they offer managed solutions as well.

Full-featured and robust, Omniconvert requires more installation time, but delivers fantastic features. Their claim to fame is that they are the only tool that equips you to survey, test, message, and segment in one interface. If you’re dealing with high amounts of traffic, having all the bells and whistles can maximize your results and help you increase conversion rates.

Hello Bar
This popup tool is a little less intrusive than the pop-up types some sites use. It appears as a bar across the top of your page and can scroll with the user, so it stays top of mind. The set up is easy and lets you target specific goals like promotions, phone calls, mailing list growth, Facebook likes, and even custom goals that are easy to tailor.

adPopup Pro
If you’re looking for a plugin option that allows you to control device placement, AdPopup Pro is a jQuery plugin offers browser detection, OS detection, screen size detection, tablet detection, mobile detection, and more — allowing you to get extremely targeted in your pop-up display efforts.

Popup Domination


Full-featured and easy to integrate with any website and email provider, Popup Domination is a powerful tool that gives you a huge amount of control. Countdowns, redirects, email collection, exit popups, responsive popups, and custom features allow you to build whatever you want. If it’s popup related, they can do it.

If you’re a power eCommerce site, AddShoppers takes Popup and Popover ads and places them on steroids. An on-site marketing platform, you’ll be able to create a single view of your user’s activity and, most importantly, the best time to reach out with offers or incentives to push them to a buying decision. It’s got everything, but it’s not cheap, so you’ll want to make sure you can get a good ROI.

Popup Ally
If you just want a popup plugin, PopupAlly is a great no-fluff option. It helps you build your lead list, it’s mobile friendly, and free. What more do you need?



If you want more control and don’t mind a premium solution, OptinMonster offers more features like display rules, targeting, and different types of popup and popover ad options.

If you want to display sliders, animations, videos, and other forms of multimedia, PopupPress is a premium plugin. With the multimedia options, there are some additional layers of analytics that can help keep track of views and video watch time so you can analyze your results.

Ninja Popups


Another premium option, Ninja Popups for WordPress is robust enough for dedicated codeheads but easy enough to install and use for WordPress beginners. Offering a host of features and integrations, it’s currently the best-selling popup plugin on the WordPress market.

One last thought; no matter how you’re implementing popup and popover ads, it’s vital to start with high-quality creative. Some of the tools here have great templates and can help you get started, but to achieve a truly polished look, you’ll want to start with professionally designed creative.

Popup and popover ads can be dynamic elements that add to your website design and conversion process. Once you have great content and a great delivery method, it’s time to get your popups in front of your visitors!

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