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15 Ways Graphene Will Completely Change the Tech World

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Thanks to research, modern technology is continuously expanding and once such advancement is the discovery of graphene. Graphene is a thin sheet of carbon, and it is the first-ever created substance that has two-dimensions. The thickness of this sheet is no more than a single carbon atom. When compared to the things that we can see, you will be surprised when you are told about its size. Human hair is one of the smallest things that we can see, but this graphene is one million times thinner than it.


When it comes to the matter of usage of graphene, don’t judge it by its minuscule size. The strength of graphene is 1000 percent more than steel, and its weight is insignificant – thousand times lighter than paper. It is also an outstanding electrical conductor with strong conductivity than silicon. Because of all these properties, it is expected that this substance will completely revolutionize the tech world in near future.

Here is a list of 15 ways graphene will completely change the tech world:

1. Usage in Computer Chips


We use silicon chips on our computers, and as mentioned earlier, graphene is a better conductor than silicon, in future silicon will be completely replaced by graphene, and many institutes worldwide are spending millions of dollars to find out ways to control current in graphene circuits. If this happens, we will get better and efficient technology at very low prices. In one press release, IBM claimed that they have made a major breakthrough in this field, and they are doing some more research in this field.

2. Graphene Light Bulbs


It was reported recently that a team formed by the collaboration of the University of Manchester and Graphene Lighting, a graphene bulb was created which is highly energy efficient and will last 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs. For this purpose, a regular light emitting diode (LED) was taken and was painted with a layer of graphene.

3. Better Oil Spill Mops

Outstanding quality graphene aerogels are being made these days that can absorb up to 900% more oil than ordinary aero-gels. The best thing about graphene aerogels is that the oil can be squeezed from them and they can be used again and again.

4. Better and efficient batteries

One of the promises of graphene is super-fast and efficient batteries. As graphene is a very good conductor, the batteries made of this substance will be highly efficient. It will be extremely easy to charge those batteries, and they will last for days. Imagine your cell phone being charged in seconds instead of hours. These batteries can also revolutionize the transport. Graphene battery can give energy to a car for 500 miles on a single charge.

5. Flexible and Foldable Electronics


The reason why graphene isn’t being used at a very large scale has something to do with its production. The production methods of graphene are costly as well as time-consuming. But, recently, new ways to make graphene are discovered, like mixing graphite – a widely available substance – with other materials. The liquid mixture that we get by mixing graphite with other substances is also known as graphene ink. With the help of this ink, you can make many foldable electronics.

6. Highly Durable Bionics

Losing a limb is really a traumatic experience, and you can only understand this trauma when you lose one. However, electronic bionics are developing more and more, and they offer affected people more mobility than ever. But, it is believed that graphene will revolutionize bionics. As graphene is a good conductor, using the electricity in our body, we will be able to control the artificial limbs with our minds. Since graphene doesn’t react with our body cells, it is extremely safe to use it.

7. End to Water Scarcity

In different parts of the world, no safe drinking water is available, and people are bound to drink salted and contaminated water. But, graphene can put an end to this water scarcity. Scientists have made a sheet that will allow the water molecules to pass but the salt molecules would be trapped in the sheet. Traditionally, it was not possible for water to pass through the graphene sheet, but this is made possible by making punctures in the sheet.

8. Bullet-Proof Vests


In future, graphene will be used to make bullet-proof vests. We know that graphene is a strong material, but let’s find the extent. In a recent experiment, gold bullets were fired with the twice speed than those bullets fired by AK-47, and graphene didn’t disappoint. It is yet unclear that how graphene can be used to make bullet-proof vests, but it has introduced to us new ways and new possibilities.

9. Unbreakable Smartphone Screens

All of us have experienced a mobile with a broken screen in our lives, and it is really annoying to use such mobiles because of the spider-web shaped patterns appeared because of the breakage on it. In future, mobile screens will be made of graphene and it would be nearly impossible to break them.

10. Graphene Condoms


It is a debatable topic that whether one gets as much pleasure from sex by wearing a condom, the way he would get without a condom. Graphene can be used to make super-thin condoms that one won’t even feel wearing it. Besides, being a good conductor, it will absorb heat from the body and will make the sex experience much more enjoyable.

11. Wearable Electronics

Mobile phones are our good companions that accompany us 24 hours in a day, but sometimes, it is really a hassle to carry mobile phones around. Graphene can give us alternatives. Imagine a smartphone in the sleeve of your shirt or on the front of your backpack. Scientists are trying to merge graphene electrodes with the fabrics.

12. Efficient Fuel Cells

In 2014, scientists discovered that graphene can pass protons pretty well, which they are using to revolutionize the fuel cells. If this technology succeeds, we will not only be able to get fuel efficient cars, but we will also be able to make our environment cleaner.

13. De-Icing Air Planes

De-icing airplanes is a very important phenomenon, and it is used to avoid plane crashing during extreme winter conditions. However, the materials that are used for de-icing are very costly as well as harm environment. Graphene can be a better solution for de-icing.

14. 3D Camera Sensors

It is reported that graphene camera lens will be thousand times more efficient than the ordinary camera lens. Multiple graphene sensors will be used in future to create a 3D image of the surroundings.

15. Bike Frames

Graphene can be used to make extremely lightweight bike frames. These frames will be durable as well as the light size will support the higher speed.

Author: Lisa Myers

This post is written by Lisa Myers, She works at Game Period, a gaming website.

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